How To Hold A Skateboard – 7 Most Convenient Ways To Hold A Skateboard

Just as you are the chooser of your skating style, grabbing the skateboard is also your personal choice. Unlike other activities, skateboarding allows you to grab your equipment the way you like. How to hold a skateboard is not a necessary question to ask unless you are searching for a better style to hold it for yourself.

You would want people to look at your expensive graphics when you have spent so much on them. At the same time, you don’t want your clothes to rip off with that irritating but useful grip tape. I know carrying the skateboard is a lot of hustle. To come up with an optimal way of carrying the skateboard, I have carved a very useful article for you on various styles of holding a skateboard.

How to Hold a Skateboard: Easiest Way To Hold A Skateboard

Owing to different personalities, the styles of holding a skateboard vary. It’s someone’s personal choice how they want to grasp their skateboard. The way you grab the skateboard reflects your style of skateboarding as well. In addition to style and personality, comfort also plays a potential part.

Hence, ask yourself what style you want to opt for holding your skateboard. Let’s kill the curiosity and discover the famous ways of holding a skateboard. Below given are the most common styles of grabbing the skateboard.

Holding with Grip Tape Inward

The most seen method of holding a skateboard is with grip tape facing inwards. That means you are holding the skateboard sideways with your arms crossing over the width of the skateboard. The graphics face outward, and grabbing the board with the palm on the deck and fingers curled over the grip tape.

People use both hands to hold the board in the front as well as using a single hand and holding the board sideways. Both are feasible styles of carrying the board.


  • The conventional way of holding the skateboard
  • A great way to show-off the graphics and scratches of your skateboard
  • Comfortable to carry


  • The grip tape rips away the clothes
  • All weight on arms so the joint may get locked

Holding with Grip Tape Outward

It is similar to the one given above with a slight modification. People conscious about their clothing are more likely to follow this pattern of holding their skateboards.

In this method, you hold the skateboard by clutching your hand at the center of the board. Lying horizontally with the ground and the arms over the grip tape. The graphics face inward and make. Single or both hands, all up to you.


  • The clothes are safe from rubbing with the grip tape
  • Convenient and easy to grab
  • Wheels inward give more support


  • The grip tape scratches the skin resulting in irritation
  • Sometimes uncomfortable with the trucks touching your body

Holding with the Trucks (Mall grip)

You will find every skateboarder talking about the mall grip. I’m pretty sure that at least for once everyone has tried this style. Mall grip or gripping with the trucks is considered the oldest method of holding the skateboard.

Skateboarders grab the truck’s hanger. Leaving the skateboard hanging vertically. Sometimes, even the tail touches the ground. No matter how cool it looks, the style has been abandoned in this century.

People usually don’t use this style to carry the board somewhere, but rather just to hold it in a stationary position. Here are some common views about the positives and negatives of mall grip.


  • Provides a good grip on the hand
  • Gives a cool look and pro skateboarder vibes


  • The truck gets loose when grabbed for a longer time
  • The fashion is outdated

Holding from Nose

Toast to those who hold their skateboards from their nose. People with good height hold their skateboards this way. Or it can be those who are good at the gym. At least not me.

The style is about grabbing the nose of the skateboard in freestyle without letting the tail touch the ground. The style is common and widely used. Still, some people avoid holding their skateboard from its nose. Here’s why


  • Great grab if you are walking through some shot distance
  • Keep your clothes clean
  • The hands and arms are also safe


  • Requires a lot of strength and strain on muscles
  • Not a good option to grab a longboard, especially if you have a short height

Holding on the Shoulders

How can we eliminate the role of shoulders for holding something? Yeah, people do hold their skateboards on their shoulders as well. A quite common and efficient way of holding the skateboard.

I feel like this method of holding your skateboard is showy to some extent. However, some people love to do it. You fold your arms around the skateboard while fixing it over your shoulder. Grip tape facing toward your neck and arms extended through the board. Both hands one on each side are also used to keep the board in place.


  • Convenient and common to hold for sometime
  • Stretched the shoulders and divide the weight among shoulders and arms
  • Looks cool


  • You may get tired while holding the skateboard like this for a longer period
  • The grip tape may irritate your skin

Pinching the Board from the Center

If you are a rocky person and want to show that you don’t care about anything, this is going to suit your style. I have always loved this style but sadly never tried to grab my skateboard like this.

The reason is obvious. It requires a lot of muscular strength in your arms and hands. Pinching means grabbing the skateboard merely with the fingers and thumb. A little toward the tail, pinching the deck of your skateboard with the graphics outward is called pinching. The skateboarders who are used to skating grab their gadgets this way. not much comfortable but astonishing.


  • Keeps the grip tape away from your clothes and arms
  • Only the pro handles their skateboard in this manner
  • Great to show the graphics to the world


  • A lot of strength and grip is necessary else it may fall and collapse
  • Difficult to hold long bulky skateboards

Using a Backpack

To me, it is the most appropriate way of holding your skateboard. Except for having any other bag to carry on your shoulders. The market is full of such fabulous skateboard-holding bags that come in every size and shape to hold the skateboard.

There is a bag to put your skateboard inside, a griping mechanism to keep it in its place, and shoulder straps to wear. It is an awesome invention for skateboarders.


  • Keep your hands free from holding the skateboard
  • Extremely comfortable and convenient to carry anywhere
  • Comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors
  • Extra space to keep accessories along


  • An additional expense to your skateboarding activity

These are all the available styles for holding a skateboard. Don’t worry I will update you if there comes a new way of grabbing it. Let’s not end the discussion here and move on to my favorite part of this article. I mean the tips. These may be a few lines but can be useful. So don’t miss a chance to be a perfect skateboard holder.

Tips for Holding the Skateboard

  • Try to keep the skateboard close to you while taking it somewhere. This will keep the skateboard safe as well as the people passing by.
  • Try the first six methods to cover a small distance because it is a continuous stretching of some of your muscles.
  • For longer distances, try to use a skateboard carrier. For the skate of safety and integrity, skateboard bags are the most optimal way of carrying a skateboard.
  • Last but not least, make sure that the skateboard doesn’t rub through the ground while walking around. Therefore, longboards shouldn’t be carried through the nose or pinched sideways.


How to pick up and carry your skateboard?

There are several ways to carry your skateboard. It includes holding the skateboard sideways with graphics inward or outward, grabbing through the nose, or using a carrier. Picking up depends on your convenience.

How do you carry a skateboard while riding a bike?

A Skateboard bag is a reliable option for carrying a skateboard on the bike. It is convenient and safe eventually. Another possible way is to use bungee robes to hold it with the bike or use a bike rack. Try not to bend it perpendicular to the bike.

What is mall grabbing a skateboard?

Mall grabbing is a particular way of holding your skateboard. Holding with the trucks is known as mall grabbing. It is an aesthetic yet outdated way of grabbing the skateboard. However, there’s nothing wrong with holding a skateboard this way.

Final Words

The final verdict on how to hold a skateboard is that it should be a comfortable and sturdy way of holding your skateboard. There’s nothing wrong with holding a skateboard with graphics inward and not being able to show it to others as long as you have saved your clothes. Similarly, grabbing the skateboard on the shoulder isn’t a good idea if your shoulders are hurting.

I would suggest you stay honest and kind to yourself. Opt for the way you feel most comfortable. That’s it for the day. Don’t hesitate to poke me with your views.


Hi, I'm Mazahir. I love traveling, sports and adventure. I’m constantly trying to learn new skills and specifically skateboarding skills. And reviewing skateboarding products is one of my favorite hobbies. You can follow me to get connected and if you have any questions.