Top 8 Best Skateboards For Girls – Reviewed By Experts in 2024

If you are a girl and are looking for the best skateboards for girls you have to be careful when making a choice. This is because not all skateboards can serve girls the way they want. Of course, being a girl, decision-making is something that all of us quite get confused about.

Here is when you will need a correct guide to help you with the selection of the right skateboards. Feminine skateboards are relatively compact, attractive, lightweight, and comparatively more stable and safer as compared to the skateboard for boys. Since you are not going to purchase skateboards again and again, you have to make sure that they serve you exactly the way you need them.

The skateboards I have reviewed here are selected based on their performance, and construction quality, and they are also tested by multiple skaters. So without further ado, let’s dive right into the reviews of our best picks.

Best Skateboards For Girls: Comparison Table

METROLLER Skateboard For Girls

METROLLER Skateboard For Girls

  • Sturdy & Solid 7 layers of Canadian maple wood deck
  • Smoother ride with High Rebound PU car line wheels
  • Comes with waterproof and high-quality sandpaper
  • Cool Patterns Design
  • This complete skateboard is fully assembled
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BELEEV Skateboard

BELEEV Skateboard

  • Easy to Go fully assembled skateboard
  • Sturdy & Strong 10mm thick Canadian maple wood deck
  • Easy to Control double kick symmetric concave design
  • Smooth & Speedy Ride High-Rebound PU wheels
  • Beautiful & Durable Printing
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ANDRIMAX Complete Skateboard

ANDRIMAX Complete Skateboard

  • A durable deck provides more stability and safety
  • High-Quality smoothly PU wheels
  • Thick aluminum alloy trucks
  • Good present for kids and adults
  • Comes as a completely assembled skateboard
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Punisher Complete Skateboard

Punisher Complete Skateboard

  • Complete High-Quality Double Kickboard Skateboard
  • Mild Concave Skateboard Deck Profile for Superior Control
  • PUNISHER ABEC-7 High-Speed Wheel Bearings.
  • 54x36mm PU Ivory White Wheels
  • Full-Color Attractive Cherry Blossom Graphics
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Scientoy Skateboard for Girls

Scientoy Skateboard for Girls

  • Provides good balance and control
  • Repair tool included with the delivery
  • User-friendly skateboard
  • Comes in a standard shape
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Geelife Pro Complete Skateboard

Geelife Pro Complete Skateboard

  • Super smooth 50mm anti-shock PU wheels
  • Double kick symmetric concave design for easier braking
  • Made of High-Quality Thick Aluminium Trucks and Steel Axle
  • Easy to ride, control and carry arround
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Amrgot Skateboard

Amrgot Skateboard

  • Reliable for beginner and skilled skaters
  • Provides a smooth ride
  • The patterns on the skateboards are bright and unique
  • This is a fully assembled skateboard
  • An ideal gift for teen boys and girls
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JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboard

JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboard

  • Durable & Stable high-density 7-layer maple wood
  • High-quality thick Aluminium Trucks and steel axle
  • Super smooth PU wheels with ABEC-7 precision bearings
  • Suitable for All Level Skaters
  • No assembly is required
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These beginner girls’ skateboards are all those that are known to provide greater safety and stability, in addition to extremely appealing looks, colors, and designs. As a girl, I know how colors, shimmers, and designs appeal to girls. All of these skateboards are selected based on their looks, their reviews, their availability, and how reliable they are.

1. METROLLER Skateboard

Metroller Skateboard for girls


  • Comes with a double concave design
  • Offers better control
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Effortless installation of the trucks

METROLLER Skateboard is made mainly for those girls who are just starting skateboarding. The durable construction with the use of aluminum alloy trucks and a Canadian Maplewood skateboard deck makes it long-lasting, rigid, strong, and safer for girls to ride. This skateboard comes with 220 lbs weight load capacity ensuring you can ride without shaking and feeling any types of unnecessary vibrations.

METROLLER is made up of a double kickboard concave design that makes sure you can put your feet in a better and more stable way on the board. This means you can control the movements of the skateboard with ease and confidence. Additionally, the anti-slip sandpaper on the top of the skateboard deck and waterproof construction make it more in demand and reliable for young girls.

Furthermore, one of the unique things about this skateboard, and the reason why I have placed it in the top position is the presence of a carrying bag and a T-tool. The T-tool makes assembling easy and quick and carrying a bag allows you to carry the board from one place to another easily and conveniently, making it the top choice for most girls.

  • Durable construction
  • 220 lbs weight load capacity
  • Anti-slip sandpaper
  • Safer for beginners
  • Not for stunts and tricks

METROLLER Skateboard comes with a carrying bag making it portable and easy to shift. This is a skateboard that is made by keeping in mind high durability and strength. It not only is easy to install but also effortless to use because of the safety and stability it offers the users.

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2. Beleev Skateboard for Beginner Girls

 BELEEV Skateboards


  • 220 lbs weight load capacity
  • Made up of 7 layers of Canadian Maplewood
  • Longer-lasting printing on the top
  • Shock absorbent characteristics

One of the best skateboards for girls beginners who are just starting their skateboard experiences. The most durable and one of the most professionally recommended skateboards is the Beleev Skateboard. The reason why I selected this skateboard as the best product for girls skateboarding is its composition.

The construction with the use of Canadian Maplewood in 7 layers not only makes the board strong and sturdy but also makes it lightweight and portable. So if you are a girl who is looking for a lightweight and portable skateboard, in addition to strong construction, going with this skateboard would be something worth spending money on.

Moreover, it comes with 220 lbs weight load capacity making sure it can hold up to 220 lbs of weight without tearing and wearing off in any way. Plus, the presence trucks built in it are made up of aluminum alloy construction material making sure you can move the board with smoothness and uninterrupted sliding.

The aluminum construction of the trucks also adds to the durability of the overall board. Moreover, the combination of cool graphic design and attractive color scheme makes it one of the top choices for girls. This is because most of the girls look for appealing designs for skateboard decks.

  • Lightweight construction
  • Smooth movements
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Waterproof designing
  • Customer service issues

Beleev Skateboard is one of the best-known and very cool skateboards that are made specifically for girls, with the use of Maplewood and aluminum alloy deck and trucks, making it durable, long-lasting, and rigid to tolerate the surrounding impacts. Moreover, because of its graphics, it is one of the popular choices among young girls.

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3. Andrimax Complete Skateboard for Girls

Andrimax Skateboard for girl


  • Construction provides wide space for the placement of feet
  • Stable performance
  • Compatible with wide surfaces
  • Comes with urethane high rebound wheels

Andrimax Complete Skateboard is the third-best skateboard deck for girls that is one of the strongest skateboards that can tolerate rough and tough movements. This skateboard comes with strong nails that hold the components together tightly ensuring they do not loosen up in any way.

Moreover, the length of 31 inches of the deck in combination with 8 inches of width makes sure to provide a wide, roomy base so that girls can easily put their feet on the deck and move comfortably. This ultimately enhances the stability and makes it possible for the user to control the movements with more power and balance.

Regardless of your age and your skill level, I think that this is one of the most recommended girl’s skateboards for you to serve you with a stable skateboarding experience. Moreover, one of the reasons for its placement as the third best place is that it comes fully assembled and ready to use, meaning you can use it right out of the box as soon as it arrives.

  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Ideal for girls of all ages
  • Urethane high rebound wheels
  • Top design sometimes chips off quickly

Andrimax Complete Skateboard comes with high-strength construction and tightening of the components together making it strong and durable. This skateboard is made up of 31 inches in length and 8 inches in width of the deck, making it spacious and roomy for girls to place their feet on. Moreover, since the skateboard comes pre-assembled you don’t have to worry about its assembling.

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4. Punisher Girls Complete Skateboard

Punisher Girls Skateboard


  • Ideal for tricks and cruising
  • Polyurethane construction of the wheels
  • Offers superior control and balance
  • Makes taking the turns quick and easy

The Punisher Girls Skateboard is another best skateboards for girls due to its mild concave design and double kicktail construction. If you are looking for a skateboard that offers you great control while skateboarding, this would be the best choice that you can make. Well, this is one of the most versatile types of skateboard that offers you wide types of riding including cruising, tricking, stunting, and casual riding from one place to another.

The skateboard offers uninterruptedly smooth and easy gliding ensuring your feet are positioned at the best safest angle. Moreover, the presence of a grip surface on the top makes the skateboard ideal when it comes to the safety of the girls riding.

Furthermore, the sheet of grip tape provides ample control and traction to offer a safe skating experience. This construction, with the use of 7 high-speed wheel bearings and polyurethane material, makes the overall skateboard ideal for speed skating and fast movements.

  • Comes with ABEC 7
  • High-speed bearings
  • Safer for girls
  • Mild concave deck
  • The design comes in double kick tails
  • Bolt holes are not tight

Punisher Girls Complete Skateboard comes with 50 mm × 30 mm size and 7 high-speed bearings made up of ABEC construction. This skateboard deck is mildly concave in design and comes with a double kick tail offering great control and space for placement of the feet. The presence of heavy-duty construction ensures your feet can hold the deck easily with high traction and control while skating.

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5. Scientoy Skateboard

Scientoy Skateboard


  • Provides adequate balance and control
  • Comes with a repair tool
  • User-friendly skateboard
  • Comes in a standard shape

Scientoy Skateboard is one of the most unique skateboards that comes with a different composition of the deck. This skateboard deck is the best skateboard deck that is known for its quality and construction with the use of 9 layers of Canadian Maple wood.

The 9 layers, unlike other decks in this list, offer superb toughness, strength, and durability so that they can be with you for many upcoming staking rides. Moreover, it comes with 220 lbs weight load capacity and a pair of extremely durable 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks to add balance and stability in riding. The double kick concave design makes it eligible for most of the riders, regardless of their age and skill level.

Furthermore, the skateboard comes with a tool that is used for its repair in case it gets broken. This makes it handy when it comes to maintenance. You can repair screws, you can tighten the wheels, and can adjust the trucks and nuts to make your ride better.

  • 9 layers of Canadian Maplewood
  • Double kick concave design
  • Ideal for girls of all skill levels
  • Can get patches in some portions

Scientoy Skateboard is made with superb toughness due to the presence of 9 layers of Canadian Maplewood construction. The presence of a double kick concave design and five inches of aluminum alloy construction of the trucks make the skateboard more reliable when it comes to longer-lasting performance. Moreover, the presence of repair tools makes maintenance easy and quick. Well, this skateboard is known to be one of the most user-friendly skateboards available in this list.

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6. Geelife Skateboard

Geelife Pro Skateboar


  • Smooth gliding of the wheels
  • Comes with a double kick tail concave design
  • Makes skating easy and under control
  • High-density waterproof grip sheet

Introducing you to one of my favorite skateboards for girls that comes with the name Geelife Skateboard for Beginners girls. This skateboard is known to be one of the best-known skateboards because of its quality construction of the wheelset and smooth bearings.

This skateboard deck offers great control to the user meaning you can ride and skate anywhere you want, regardless of the surface. Moreover, due to the presence of a double kick tail, the concave design helps the skater to cross the obstacles simply by performing some simple tricks and movements. This makes it easier for beginners to ride the skateboard even on rough surfaces.

Moreover, the construction with the use of 5 inches of aluminum alloy trucks and 7 layers of Maplewood deck makes the overall product long-lasting. I like the high-density waterproof grip sheet that is present in the top layer of the deck. This grip sheet not only increases traction and control but also makes it possible for the user to control the deck easily.

  • Smooth gliding
  • Effortless to maintain
  • Comes with riser pads
  • Sometimes comes damage

Geelife Skateboard is one of the best-known skateboards for girls that is made up of a double kick tail concave design. This skateboard deck is made up of 5 inches of aluminum trucks and 7 layers of Maple wood deck that comes with a high-density waterproof grip sheet on top of it. Moreover, since the deck is easy to maintain it is reliable for girls looking forward to less maintenance and user-friendly skateboarding.

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7. WiiSHAM Skateboard Pro

 Amrgot Skateboard


  • Comes with high-quality construction
  • Ideal for professional skateboarders
  • Urethane support pads
  • Waterproof grip

WiiSHAM Skateboard Pro is one of the pro-level skateboards made for professional girls who are skateboarding and are looking for the best skateboard to offer them professional skating. The comfort this skateboard offers is unmatchable to any other product. Moreover, this is because of the presence of polyurethane support pads on the deck that minimize the shocks and vibrations.

This noticeable reduction in the shocks makes overall skating comfortable and easy. Moreover, the presence of ABEC 9 bearings in the wheels makes sure that the wheels are gliding smoothly at high speed. This adds to the performance, durability, and quality of the overall skateboard. Moreover, the waterproof grip tape on the top of the deck increases the friction and grip of the feet on the deck making sure you can use and ride the skateboard easily and safely.

Moreover, if you are looking for affordability in the girl’s skateboard, I will recommend you go with this without confusing yourself with other options in this list. Because this not only offers you quality component construction but also efficient performance and budget-friendly price.

  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Affordable price
  • 5 inches aluminum trucks
  • With few scratches at times

WiiSHAM Skateboard Pro is another best budget-friendly skateboards that is made for professional skateboarders who are looking for a skateboard to offer them efficient skateboarding every time they skate. Moreover, the presence of an affordable price, makes it one of the top choices for most professional female skateboarders.

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8. JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboards

JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboards


  • Ideal for both professional and beginners
  • Offers great balance
  • Belongs to the reliable brand
  • Comes with sandpaper on the top

JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboards is the last girls’ skateboard on our list. This is one of those boards that is known for its versatility and appealing design. Because of is versatile, you can easily skate via this skateboard on skating rinks, rams, pools, and other platforms.

Moreover, the uninterrupted smooth gliding of the wheels in the presence of a shock-absorbent feel makes it one of the most comfortable skateboards to offer an uninterrupted skating experience. Plus, the presence of stability is another feature that is responsible for making this skateboard deck stand in our top 8 positions.

Furthermore, a double kick de-symmetric concave shape construction makes the skateboard not only ideal for newcomers but also for professional skater girls to offer them safety and stability. Additionally to this, the concave design offers better control and smooth performance making it the best choice for females.

  • Highly versatile
  • Comes with easy control
  • Double kick asymmetric shape
  • Ideal when it comes to safety
  • Can get scratches on the deck

JECOLOS Pro Complete Skateboards is one of the most versatile and highly reliable skateboard decks that is made mainly for girls, regardless of their skill level and experience. If you are a girl and are looking for the best stable skateboard to offer you safe skateboarding you can rely on this model. Moreover, because of its asymmetric double kick concave shape design, this is one of the top choices for pro-level and beginner girls when it comes to the best skateboard for girls.

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Guide to Pick the Best Skateboard For Girls

The following details tell you about the features that you have to focus on when you are purchasing a skateboard for girls. You have to make sure that the skateboard you’re spending money on is worth spending money on and is compatible with the requirements of the girls. Let us look at the features that you have to keep in mind when shopping for girls skateboarding.

Board Style

All of the skateboards are not composed of the same skateboard structure. Numerous types of structures, frames, and construction depict the movement of the skateboard. When it comes to skateboarding for girls, you often will come across types of decks. You have to make sure that the deck you are selecting is adequate according to the needs of the girls. This is why keeping in mind the board style is an important thing that you have to focus on when purchasing the skateboard.

The four types of skateboard decks mainly for girls include U-shaped, convex, asymmetrical, and flat shapes.

  • U-shaped skateboard decks are mainly for firm control and proper balance.
  • The convex shape decks are made for downhill riding.
  • Flat decks are mainly created for extra spacing for the placement of feet and for performing tricks and stunts.

The asymmetrical shape skateboard decks are for smooth and flawless turns.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is another important thing that you have to pay attention to specifically when you are looking for skateboards for girls. You have to make sure that the weight load capacity of the skateboard supports your weight. I will recommend you go with the skateboard that comes with up to 250 lbs weight.

Types of Ride

You also have to keep in mind the type of ride the user will ride on the skateboard. This is because different skateboards are compatible with different styles of riding. For example, if you are looking for a skateboard for girls to perform stunts, tricks, and other movements, you have to go with easy designs that come in double-kick tails. Similarly, if the girl is a beginner and a newcomer to skateboarding, then a skateboard with a comfortable and roomy stepping surface is more recommended as compared to a narrow and small one.


What is the best affordable skateboard for girls available?

WiiSHAM Skateboard Pro is one of the most budget-friendly skateboards that comes with high-quality construction and is made mainly for professional girls. The presence of urethane support pads ensures a safer and more stable skating experience, regardless of your skill level and age.

What do you look for when purchasing the best skateboard for girls?

Putting your focus mainly on the style of riding, the weight capacity, and the shape of the skateboard deck is important when you are looking for skateboards for girls. You have to make sure that the skateboard you are purchasing will serve you exactly as you want. Moreover, the weight load capacity should be above the weight of the girls who are going to use the skateboard. Similarly, the style of construction of the deck should be compatible with the style of riding.

What type of Skateboard is good for girls, lightweight or heavier?

The selection between heavyweight skateboards and lightweight skateboards depends totally upon the personal choice and style of riding. If you are looking for stability and safety, going with heavier skateboards is worth spending money on. On the other hand, if you are looking to perform stunt tricks and uninterrupted movements, then I will recommend you to go with the lightweight construction of the skateboards. Moreover, it also depends upon the personal choice of the skateboarder.

Final Thoughts

Skateboarding is not only relaxing, adventurous, and a challenge but also is something that involves the movement of your whole body ultimately making itself a great exercise and workout. I think this is the reason why girls nowadays are more into skateboarding. I have seen most girls searching for the best skateboard for girls because there are few options for skateboards in the industry of skateboarding for women.

Keeping it in mind and as a girl skateboarder myself, I have come up with the 8 best skateboards for girls to give you a new challenge and a new way to train yourself. I have tried my best to tell you about everything related to these top-selected skateboards including their drawbacks and what advantages they can provide you. What you have to do is to read the details with all of your attention so that the skateboard you purchase serves you exactly as you want.

Moreover, if you ask about my recommendation as a professional skateboarder and an instructor in skateboarding school, I will recommend you to go with,

  • WiiSHAM Skateboard Pro is an affordable and budget-friendly Skateboard that is made up of high-quality construction material and is made mainly for professional skaters. This skateboard offers a stable and safer skating experience, mainly for girls.
  • Andrimax Complete Skateboard comes with extremely strong construction and the ideal size of the deck that provides enough space for the girls to put their feet comfortably and easily. This skateboard deck comes pre-assembled making it ready to use right out of the box.
  • METROLLER Skateboard comes with a carrying bag and lbs weight load capacity. The board is made up of 7 layers of Maple Canadian wood and 5 inches of aluminum trucks ensuring durability and rigidity.

Hi, I'm Mazahir. I love traveling, sports and adventure. I’m constantly trying to learn new skills and specifically skateboarding skills. And reviewing skateboarding products is one of my favorite hobbies. You can follow me to get connected and if you have any questions.