What To Do With Your Old Skateboard Decks? 14 Creative Upcycling Ideas

I am sure that you would like to replace your irreparable skateboard decks because they are unsafe and inconvenient to ride. If you have been skating for a while and have got a good stock of old skateboard decks then you might be wondering What to do with your old skateboard decks without putting much effort.

After changing your skateboard wheels to new, sticky ones, the next step is to figure out what to do with the old ones. Bolts, gripping tape, tires, and axles are examples of these components. Thus, with these newly removed pieces, you must determine whether to discard them or use them. But some of them can’t be reused or resold. Also, you can not just throw them into the dustbin.

Just in case you have time and love doing DIY projects at home, these ideas will surely help you turn your old skateboard decks into something useful. So let’s check out these cool ideas.

What to Do With Your Old Skateboard Decks?

Below are some really cool ideas that you can use to turn your old skateboard decks into something useful;

  • Skate Board Balance
  • Recycled Skateboard Swing
  • Old Skateboard Mirror
  • Skateboard Shelf
  • Skateboard Table
  • Skateboard Bathroom Paper Holder
  • Skateboard Chair
  • Repurposed Skateboard Nest
  • Recycled Skateboard Lights
  • Old Skateboard Bench
  • Old Skateboard Deck Stairs
  • Skateboard Toys
  • Skateboard Coat Racks
  • Wall-Mounted Skate Board Clock

1. Skate Board Balance

It is an excellent way for your child to know how to manage the skateboard deck. For their first effort, you will wish to buy them good-quality and nice skateboards. But their instruments might be slowly degraded.

As a result, you can simply make a balance board in less than an hour using an empty skate deck, PVC tubing, and screws. You will have to remember to tear the gripping tape and put it on the deck. It will indicate where your children should put their feet.

2. Recycled Skateboard Swing

A skateboard swing that is made from recycled roller skates will keep your children entertained for years. You will only need an old convex skateboard deck, a sturdy cable, and some basic hammering abilities.

To protect your children’s safety, inspect the board’s design and sharp corners.

3. Old Skateboard Mirror

You can make magnificent mirrors with your camber-style boards, curved decks, and school swimming decks. You can use most of the skateboard decks in this manner. Before mounting them on the board, paint them once more to maintain the two pieces of wood.

4. Skateboard Shelf

Turning your useless skateboard decks into a bookcase is a fascinating concept. For this DIY project, you will need two school pool boards or standard decks.

If you want to put several books on the rack, keep in mind you first verify the deck’s architecture and load limitation.

5. Skateboard Table

You can construct an attractive table with two cruising skateboard wheels. Longboard cruisers and traditional 7-ply decks can also be recycled. So, you have to purchase a high-quality piece of wood or glass for the surface.

6. Skateboard Bathroom Paper Holder

Another inventive way to reuse your damaged skateboard deck is to use it for something wonderful and new. You have to screw some holes or use sticky wood putty to secure it to the frame.

After that, you will disconnect the wheels and stuff your toilet paper inside the skateboard’s frame.

7. Skateboard Chair

Your children will be delighted by a cool skateboard seat or chair. To preserve the wood surfaces, you will have to repaint the decks using oil-based or water-based paints.

Then you will have to put these fantastic chairs in your child’s room to allow them to relax while doing their favorite activities.

8. Repurposed Skateboard Nest

Instead of purchasing a birds nest, do you wish to save your budget? You will have to take an empty deck and transform it into a lovely nesting box. This strategy will encourage more birds to visit your backyard.

To keep the wooden layers and board structure, paint it with an external color or a waxed-based color. It is the best way to create a new art of work.

9. Recycled Skateboard Lights

You can also use the wasted skateboard decks to make cool lights for your home. When it’s time to go to bed, these lights made using old skateboard decks will illuminate your child’s room while you begin telling them a story.

Next to the tires, you can place some tiny LED lamps. To protect your kids, it is recommended to choose high-quality items.

10. Old Skateboard Bench

If you don’t want to discard your nice decks, try turning them into stunning benches. To prevent serious harm, you will have to remember to smooth the surfaces and sharp corners lightly.

To make the wood pieces beautiful, paint your artwork with water-based paints. This seat can be placed in your backyard for a picnic or other outings with your friends and family.

11. Old Skateboard Deck Stairs

These unique steps will set your space unique from the others. Always make sure that the utilized skateboard framework is robust enough to keep your family secure and safe.

If you have any questions about its structure, you can contact the manufacturer or a local recycling center.

12. Skateboard Toys

Catapults or slingshots are the favorites among boys, and your old deck convex is ideal for them. You can build the bag with scrap leather, which gives the user a smooth fit while playing.

13. Skateboard Coat Racks

This brilliant idea will allow you to neatly put your jackets, clothes, and hats on it. You will have to attach the curved deck to the side with some hooks, and here you are ready to go.

14. Wall-Mounted Skateboard Clock

This stylish wall clock will add style to your living room. You can use any colors you like to decorate your skateboard. Then, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you will add clockwork components.

Attach picture frames to the product’s top and connect the hooks using a tire wire. Now mount it on the wall.

How can I make cabinet handles with a skateboard deck?

Would you like to turn your room into a skateboard-themed room? You can do this with items of furniture, such as your cabinet. All you will need are some screws and nuts, as well as your old wheels.

  • You can begin by drilling in the exact location where you wish to replace the old wheel.
  • Inside the cupboard or drawer, fasten a screw.
  • Place the wheel on the bolt’s diameter and tighten it with the screw.

Thus, it is the equivalent method of repairing your vehicles on the deck. So, this is the best way to make a cabinet with a skateboard deck.

Upcycled Skateboard Ideas

Aside from the wheels, you will have to change certain skateboard components when the time comes. In case your skateboard makes squeaky noise or is not useable you can go with these creative ideas. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can build out of skateboard components.

1. Using old decks

  • Skateboard hangers
  • Wall shelves
  • Chairs
  • Benches
  • Park swings
  • Grill tables
  • Aesthetic room decorations

2. Using old trucks

  • Door handles
  • Lazy Susan tables

3. User-Friendly Tips

  • Keep your old tires tidy if you want them to appear beautiful as decor
  • When repurposing recycled skateboards, use the right tools and accessories
  • Clean your skateboard on a routine basis to extend its life

How to make Rollers of Trolleys with Skateboard Wheels?

Having a trolley is among the quickest methods to transfer items from one room to another at the house. And there is no better way to save money than by reusing outdated items. When beginners buy their first skateboard, they often ruin it within no time and the deck of their skateboard can be reused easily.

This type of DIY project is attainable easily. For this, your old wheels, trucks, hardwood crate, and mounting bracket are all needed.

  • You will start by marking your vehicle bolt holes on the container’s bottom side.
  • You will have to check to see if they are sufficiently placed in the center or angled. Also, design them straight so that the tires roll in a straight line.
  • Now drill a hole in your hardwood carton to start.
  • To ensure a comfortable fit between the trucks and wheels, make sure your carbide inserts and accessories are of the same size.
  • Then, using your reused wheels, install your old trucks. It is optional to provide a handle as you will do this for ease and convenience.

Discard Old Wheels

This will be the very last thing you can do with your damaged skate wheels. Thus, this does not necessarily require that you will have to throw them away.

Numerous eco-friendly projects now place a bonus on reusing skateboard pieces such as Satori Wheels. So, you can recycle your old skates there. Their organization will work on these elements.

Here are 10 more ideas to do with your old skateboards:



Are you done reading this article thoroughly? I hope that after reading these creative ideas, you won’t be asking yourself, “What to do with old skateboard decks”. So, when you will have old and useless skateboards, you can utilize them easily for you.

Always remember to paint your deck within a few weeks to maintain the wood surfaces. Before attempting these creative ideas, it is also necessary to inspect the architecture.

So, did you find these ideas informative or not? Let me know in the comment box!


  1. Can I recycle skateboard decks and trucks?

Skateboard decks and trucks can be recycled in a variety of creative ways. You can use the pieces as a bench, chair, rack, table, and many other things as they become damaged.

  1. What can I make with skateboard wood?

Skateboard wooden rings that have been sanded can be used for jewelry and woodwork. Although this idea does not include a step-by-step explanation, it is still a valuable concept for experts.

  1. Can I sell old deck boards?

Of course, if you have invested too much cash in your skateboard deck, you can try to sell it. Also, good-quality deck components are made to endure a long period, so you can easily sell them to someone else.

  1. Can I burn an old skateboard deck?

Burning undesirable objects becomes a fast and simple way for people to get rid of the stuff they don’t need. And wood fits into that category as well. So, it is not recommended to burn the skateboard deck.


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