4 Best Skateboard Deck Rails – Tested & Reviewed in 2024

Deck rails are an amazing addition to your skateboard. As a beginner, I used to put deck rails on my skateboard deck to learn the sliding tricks. Deck rails are plastic sticks installed on the bottom of a skateboard to protect it from damage. In this article, I’ve reviewed the Best Skateboard Deck Rails that have been tested by the skaters and are available on the market.

Don’t worry if you are struggling with opting for the right brand for deck rails. I have listed down all the major brands that sell quality deck rails along with their specifications. Additionally, if you don’t find much information about the installation process, you will find a complete guide in this article. Stick around to get all your doubts clear about the deck rails.

Best Skateboard Deck Rails | Reviews of Top 4 Picks

Powell-Peralta Rib Bones Rails

Powell-Peralta Rib Bones Rails

  • Designed by professional skaters
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with a warranty
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Pig Neon Yellow Skateboard Rails

Pig Neon Yellow Skateboard Rails

  • (2) 14.25 Inch Skateboard Rails
  • Comes with 10 Wood Screws to attach rails to the deck
  • Great for protecting the graphic on the deck
  • Provides a smooth strong surface to grind with
  • Multiple Colors available
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SANTA CRUZ Skateboard Rails

SANTA CRUZ Skateboard Rails

  • These rails have the best size that fits well
  • Not much heavier 
  • Cool design
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Creature Skateboard Rails Sliders Glow in The Dark Old School

Creature Skateboard Rails Sliders Glow in The Dark Old School

  • Glows the best in the dark
  • These rails have an optimal length
  • Excellent grip
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The brands like Candy Bars, Powell Peralta, and H-Street have the top-quality deck rails that you can get. Surely, I can count them on my fingers. Let me take you to a deeper analysis of these brands.

The real best quality deck rails are made up of Ultra High Molecular Weight Plastic, known as UMHW plastic. Candy Bars, Pig Rails, Powell Peralta, and Creature sell good quality UMHW plastic rails. I personally like Candy Bar Rails. The market demand for Candy Bar has reached higher in recent years.

With the increasing trend of skateboard deck rails, finding the right one has become quite difficult. If you are in search of some perfect deck rails, stay with me. I have summed up some best skateboard deck rails below.

1. Powell Peralta Rib Bones Rails

Powell Peralta Rib Bones Rails

The most famous brand for deck rails! Powell Peralta was the first to copy rails from Schmitt Stix. Hence, they are one of the oldest brands to start selling deck rails. The rails are made of UMHW, which is high-quality plastic. I love how the brand keeps up with its quality.

The most interesting fact about these Peralta rails is that they have wooden screws. These screws have lesser weight than metallic screws. Therefore, it does not add to the weight of your skateboard. Additionally, they have provided 5 holes instead of 4. It is to maintain the grip of the rails on the board.

These Powell Peralta deck rails are the softest ones so far. I cannot compare them to Candy Bar yet. But the elasticity it offers is fabulous. It can be folded into any shape. Though it has sharper edges than other rails, the flexibility is matchless.

  • High quality
  • Wooden screws
  • Light in weigh
  • Gets a slippery and lost grip

A little bit longer than pig rails, means the clearance is less. All the skaters around the world are huge fans of Powell. These are not very expensive and come in vibrant colors as well.  Don’t panic about choosing the right skateboard deck rails, we have provided you with an honest suggestion. I love to match the rails with my skateboard color so that it looks like a part of it.

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2. Pig Skateboard Deck Rails

PIG Skateboard Deck Rails

Pig Rails is one of the few most admirable brands for skateboards and its products. The items can range from $12 to $15, according to the quality you want. Skaters love it for the grip it provides in sliding. It is surely one of the top-quality deck rail sets available on the market.

Pig is a durable and authentic brand of skateboards and their accessories. Pig rails are just as amazing as their boards are. The product comes in two colors, and it is not even that expensive. These Pig rails are wider and lesser in height than Rib Bones. The rails are slightly stiffer than others and thus offer less flexibility. You will observe that these rails have smooth edges and are easier to grab. Pig rails are good to go for any style of skating.

  • Lightweight rails
  • More in length
  • Slides farther
  • Bolts don’t fit the holes sometimes

Pig rails are seen to be the fastest sliding deck rails among all other brands. This can be a suitable selection for your sliding practices. These deck rails come with the usual metallic screws. Therefore, weighs a little more than the Powell Peralta deck rails. However, I would recommend them for a wonderful sliding experience.

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3. Santa Cruz Skateboard Rails

Santa Cruz Skateboard Rails

While searching for the board accessories, Santa Cruz comes at the top. It offers optimum quality at the best possible price. I have seen an increasing trend toward Santa Cruz deck rails.

These rails have a standard length of 5 inches and the weight is about 0.2 pounds. These Santa Cruz deck rails have the conventional 10 metallic screws. Hence, makes the skateboard rails long-lasting. Additionally, the rails come in many colors and are suitable for 7ply boards.

You will be amazed by its texture and design. It has an elegant style, with lesser height and curved edges. I would opt for the Santa Cruz if I want to add glamour to my board at an economical price.

  • Optimal length
  • Economical product
  • Best grabbing ability
  • Slightly heavier than Pig rails

The deck rails are amazing for giving an old-school vibe. In contrast to the Powell and Pig rails, it feels a little heavier. However, a large number of skaters are using Santa Cruz for their rail sliding. The Slim-line deck rail is worth mentioning product of this brand. So don’t wait and get yours too. I promise it’s worth trying.

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4. Creature Skateboard Rails

Creature Skateboard deck rails

I can’t move forward without mentioning these amazing Creature skateboard deck rails. These are perfect for vibing out in the dark. The reason is their amazing glowing feature. The rails have some neon pigment in them, which helps them to shine in the dark. Imagine how wonderful vibes it can give when skating in the dark parking areas.

Youngsters love it because of its marvelous quality and sparkling color. In addition to this, the rails are completely affordable. The price gets up to $14, which is the average price for deck rails.

Moreover, these rails are quite long and heavy. It helps the skateboard to slide longer. You will get the metallic screws along with the rails. The grip is fabulous. I would recommend it for its glowing feature. I love to add glamour to my skateboard.

  • Glows in dark
  • Sufficient length
  • Hard
  • People complain about its weight as it makes the board heavier

Creature works on bringing innovation to skateboard styles. The motivation is amazing. Now the feature has been adopted by many other brands. What matters is the quality. Getting this great quality within the given price is not easy. Therefore, I would suggest my readers give it a go and don’t miss the glam.

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You can opt for any of the brands according to your requirements. If you want flexibility, Powell is your answer. If you want to add grip to the board, get a pair of Pig rails. Santa Cruz will give you old-school vibes in addition to quality. And get Creature skate rails for a glamorous look.

Let’s have a look at the guide to putting rails on the skateboard deck.

How to Put Rails on a Skateboard Deck – Guide

How to Put Rails on a Skateboard Deck

To put rails on the skateboard, you need to get a pair of deck rails, a screwdriver, and your skateboard. Put the skateboard upside down and drill the screws inside. However, it is not that simple. So many simple tricks make the process much easier and more reliable. I have come up with a complete process with all its tips and tricks. Hang around to know how you can put the deck rails on a skateboard yourself.

Tools Required

Here is the list of tools required for installing the deck rails on the skateboard. Gather up the material before starting with this task.

  1. Skateboard deck rails
  2. Screwdriver (Philip’s head) / screw driller
  3. Screws (Don’t worry about the size and type. Screws come with the skate rails.)
  4. Tape (Double/single-sided both can work)
  5. Scale/ ruler
  6. Erasable marker
  7. Sandpaper
  8. And a skateboard of course

Here I have described the necessary details. Once you go through these instructions, you will not need to watch any video and get all your ambiguities resolved. Follow these steps for installing deck rails on a skateboard.

Get the Suitable Deck Rails

Make sure you purchase the right deck rails for your skateboard. The only thing to keep in mind is the size of the wheelbase. If the length exceeds the wheelbase, the rails will be of no use. Rails do come in all colors and varieties, so get your favorite one out of it.

To get rid of changing rails repeatedly, you must pay heed to the right quality. We have discussed the best brands of rails. You can select from any one of them since all are reliable brands.

Place the Skateboard Rightly

Put the skate upside down in a stable place. A wheelbase wide table can be very useful, as it will support the skateboard fully. This is an extremely important trick to perfect rail installment. You may skip the step initially, but it may lead to disaster in the end. The right support can save your skateboard from slipping around when drilling. You would not like to drill holes in your skateboard unnecessarily. The level should be around your elbow height. Indeed a bad posture is the last thing you would want. It can be very tiring otherwise.

Mark the Positions

Take out the erasable marker and the ruler/scale. This is the time to mark the place where rails are to be placed. The most crucial part of this procedure. Do the following steps to mark accurately.

  • Mark the wheels. The rails should not touch the wheels. Otherwise, it would disturb the smooth ride.
  • Mark 1-1.5 inches from the outer edges toward the center. You should not put the rails on the border. 1 inch from the border is advised. You can increase the width according to the concave shape of your skateboard.
  • Mark on both sides of the skateboard. Make L-shaped lines; one for the length and one for the width. The rails should be straight so take care of the alignment.

Clean the Holes

Before drilling/screwing the rails on the skateboard, the holes should be clear. Drill out the extra material from the holes on the rails. This will help your rail to sit smoothly on the surface of the board. The screws will not tighten up neatly if the holes have that bit of material in them. This will cause hustle.

Place the Sticky Tape

Put the rails in the marketplace.  Double-check the position using a ruler/scale. You would like your rails to stay at the place. Here is when the tape comes into play. Does tape work for you? Here are two ways of putting the tape. Both double and single-sided tape can work.

For a single-sided tape, you will need to put it in transversely or diagonally. The tape should not come on the top of the holes. Stick it in at least two places on the rail. Do the same for the other rail.

The double-sided tape, on the other hand, should be placed on the side of the rail that is going to attach to the board. Put the tape on that side. Make sure it sticks properly on the rail. You would end up covering the holes this way. don’t worry, there is a solution to that too. Drill the holes at a slow speed again, and remove the tape from the holes. If you don’t do so, the screws will create a mess. Finally, Remove the covering of tape, and place the rail carefully on the marketplace.

Drill the Holes

We are just a step away from completing the task. There are two ways of attaching the rails. To drill or screw it down manually. Both techniques work. I have personally watched several videos where both drilling and manually tightening up the screws alternatively. The tip for this step is you should not start with the middle screw. Start with one extreme side first, go along the line, and screw up the rail cautiously. This will save your skateboard from rattling. Additionally, this keeps the rail in its position, and no air gap is left.

There’s just one difference with tapes. When you use double-sided tape, it’s hard for you to remove a rail and readjust it. So, do that step carefully. However, on the positive side, if the screws get loose while skating, the double tape will protect the rails from flapping around the board.

If you are using a drill machine. Make sure to put a little pressure while screwing. Otherwise, you may break the skateboard as well. Once you are done tightening up the screws. Take the ruler out and check whether it is done correctly or not.

In case not, unscrew the deck rail and tighten it up again in the right position. This will surely create a mess. Therefore, do this step with extreme care.

Remove the Dust

Until now, we have used everything except for the sandpaper. This is the time to introduce sandpaper. In this step, you have to unscrew the rails again. You will find out the sawdust on the board due to drilling/screwing. Take the sandpaper and rub that surface. Clean out that nasty sawdust with sandpaper. Don’t worry if the paint is removed, it is going to be covered with the rails again. Now screw up the rails again carefully.

Do not over-tight the screws otherwise, they will lose strength.

You are finally done with installing the skateboard deck rails. This was all you need to know about how to put rails on a skateboard. It was not a big deal at all. Now let us move on to the positives and negatives of using deck rails.

Benefits of Using Rails on Skateboard

If you love sliding through the rails, grinding along the flat bars, and locking in and holding slides, the rails are perfect for you. There are many positive sides to board rails. If you are not a conventional rider, you will love using rails on your skateboard. Let us discover some amazing features of skateboard rails.

Slide Farther

The first and foremost purpose of board rails is that you can slide so much farther, without wax. Using a lot of wax on the board makes it smooth, and reduces friction. Hence, you can slide more distance without damaging the board. However, many people hate wax because it makes the rails so slippery and they lose their grip. You have to avoid using extra wax because people simply don’t like it much.

With deck rails, you can slide as far as you want whether it’s lipslide or board slide. The board rails are good for both types of movements.

Sliding the Rusty Rails

With rails on your board, you can slide the driest, crustiest ledges. Yet you are good to go to another slide without any problem. You don’t have to worry about the rusty rails, the board won’t be affected.

The plastic rails have no problem with whatever dust or debris is on the rail. It will slide your board through that surface without resistance. The crustiest paths can easily be covered with these plastic rails. If you are trying to do sloppy board rides, make sure to protect your board with the deck rails. You can practice the lipslides without worrying about the dirty edges.

Rails as a Support

Rails are helpful to grab your skateboard. It gives a lavish look to your grabbing styles. Having deck rails, it is going to be easier to grab the skateboard. Whether it’s the indie grab, melon grab, or fish stale grab, all of the methods are going to be so easy with rails. Rail acts like a little hook on your board, it provides a lot more grip while holding the board.

Hence, deck rails are not just for those who like board slide or lipslide, it is also for those who like jumps and grabbing the skateboard. The deck rails can be very helpful in this aspect.

Protecting the Graphics

Skateboard rails serve as a protector of your graphics as well. In truth, using deck rails is the only modest way of protecting your expensive boards. Make sure you do not put the rails on the extreme borders, but rather in a little center. The rails should be placed such that the board doesn’t touch the surface while sliding. That depends on the curve of your skateboard. You will find the details in the section on how to put rails on a skateboard. If you don’t follow this useful tip, you will end up ruining your deck graphics.

The paint stays intact no matter how much you practice. Therefore, if you are a beginner and want to roll on metallic rails, go on and grab yourself a pair of deck rails. The rails are going to protect your board and promote your learning.

Saves from Snapping

You might have noticed that cracking a skateboard is common while practicing a new skill. The tension of snapping your skateboard shouldn’t stop you from trying new things. Therefore, don’t worry and keep going. Because failure means growth. The rails can help with this problem again.

Rails provide support to the structure of the board. This saves the board from snapping. Deck rails almost provide another layer of reinforcement. Especially if you are overweight and worried about cracking the skateboard down while sliding, deck rails keep you going. It will not save the board from completely cracking, but it will keep it intact.

Due to the gap from the rails to the outside of the board, you can lift the board, put your heels down, and move into hurricane position. You would have experienced how rails assist in the movements like a little feeble or Bennett grind. These positions would not have been this much easier without deck rails.

Cons of Using Deck Rails

Everything positive thing comes with its negative. To keep this real, I would introduce you to some cons of using deck rails as well. I have noticed that not everyone is completely happy with the deck rails. Many people complain about hurdles in some movements, their weight, etc. Let’s discuss this in detail:

Hurdle in Doing Rock the Fakies and Disasters

If you are in the training phase, you will not like to slip out and get injured. When people are trying to learn to rock the fakies or disasters, they are not into participating in the slides. They usually find deck rails as a hurdle because they are inconsistent. If you are in your learning phase of Rock the Fakies, don’t put the rails on initially. The same goes for the switch rocks and back disasters. You need to be delicate while trying these moves.

However there is still a positive side, the wheel is higher up off the copping, and this helps in slides. The higher wheels provide more clearance for the slides.

Increasing the Weight

People complain a lot about the weight it adds to the skateboard. They find it uneasy and heavier. Some people have trouble flipping the board due to this particular reason. However, this is not a big deal for others. If you have good practice, you can do Ollie or flip with rails on your board. The fact is that you are ultimately going to get used to it. Therefore, it is not a big deal for everyone out there. Owing to its advantages, this is a little factor to be noticed.

Less Clearance

While doing the slips, your board will not provide much grip in feeble and smith grind positions. This is due to the deck rails. The board doesn’t go much deeper since there’s a layer of rails on it. You might feel a little difficulty in stabilizing yourself. Nevertheless, it has a positive side as well. People like to have more clearance on the board.

Looseness of Screws

The last problem seen with the deck rails is the screws getting loose. This is the most common and annoying issue with deck rails. Looseness can occur at any time and you can’t do anything about it. The rail will start flapping around the board. This is extremely irritating when doing rolls.

Well, it is not much of a problem. You can use double tape to avoid such flapping.

This was all about the pros and cons of using deck rails. Reading this, you would have observed that although it has some negatives, using them is not harmful at all. I know that rails can make some movements difficult, but does not make them impossible.

With a little practice, you can be in good shape. All you need to do is to be a bit more careful. I would say that board rails are a life cheat for your skateboard. It not only protects the graphics but also provides another layer of support. This is essentially good for fat people. You can use rails as support against your overweight. Now let’s check out what type of boards the rails fit.

Purpose of Using Skateboard Deck Rails

If you have a hard time sliding the rails, putting rails on the board can be a great idea. Deck rails serve enormous advantages. It facilitates lip-sliding and board-sliding, protects your graphics, and helps in grips. You will find more details in the ‘positives of deck rail’ section given ahead. The rails would be a little bit inconvenient at the start. The slightly raised edges may feel a bit uncomfortable but you will get used to it.

As I have said earlier, it does make some moves difficult. For example, if you are practicing Rock the Fakies, or Rock the Disasters, the grip will be slightly difficult in the beginning. If you are a pro-skater then it will not take much of your time to get used to it. But yes! You need to be careful otherwise you may get pretty much hurt.

On the other hand, the deck rails support the board in sliding. You can practice sliding without using wax. The deck rails can save your board from rusty rails. People love how deck rails help in grabbing boards. Many people use rails to get that vintage look of old school skateboard.

Summarizing the facts, the use of deck rail depends on your need. Some people use it for styling, others for learning slides. If you haven’t used deck rails yet, I would recommend you try them once. I am pretty sure that you will love the concept of deck rails.


Are skateboard deck rails good?

Rails are best for sliding and grabbing. The way it protects the board’s graphics is phenomenal.

Do you need rails on a skateboard?

Having them on your skateboard isn’t a must. However, it protects the skateboard graphics and makes the sliding trick smoother.

What are skate rails made of?

Skate rails are made of plastic usually. Good-quality deck rails are made of UMHW material.

Final Words

Deck rails are an amazing addition to your skateboards. For a while, people thought that deck rails were only for the old-school skateboard look. But the way it serves for sliding is unconditionally amazing. Now you can see deck rails everywhere. It protects the board from snapping and cracking and provides extra support. We saw various brands that offer the best skateboard deck rails, and we learned the procedure of how to put rails on a skateboard. Then I introduced you to some positive and negative sides of using deck rails. Overall, Even if you feel a little uncomfortable with them in the beginning, you are not going to regret it. Therefore, don’t wait a moment and give it a go!


Hi, I'm Mazahir. I love traveling, sports and adventure. I’m constantly trying to learn new skills and specifically skateboarding skills. And reviewing skateboarding products is one of my favorite hobbies. You can follow me to get connected and if you have any questions.