Can You Carry A Skateboard On A Plane? TSA Rules & Travel Tips

Most airlines will allow you to carry a skateboard if their rules regarding carrying a skateboard are followed. You can take a skateboard in the plane as carry-on baggage, but mostly checked-in baggage is used to carry skateboards. But still, before traveling, you must confirm that Can you carry a skateboard on a plane. or not.

While rules for electric skateboards are apart, they are not permitted to be carried on the plane in any condition, not even after the removal of the battery. Each airline’s rules for the skateboards vary along with their size (length, width, and height); hence, making it very difficult to understand the skateboard plane carrying guide.

Therefore, keeping the skateboard’s size in mind, in this article, I am going to list all the airlines that will allow you to carry a skateboard on their plane. Also, I will discuss the airlines that simply do not allow skateboards, even carry-on baggage.

So without further ado, Let’s get started!

Can You Carry A Skateboard On A Plane? TSA Rules Explained

Can You Carry A Skateboard On A Plane

Although most of the people who usually travel on planes know about carry-on luggage and checked- Luggage, still you should have a clear idea about Transportation Security Administration (TSA) skateboard rules.

Carry-On Luggage

Even though the TSA allows passengers to carry a skateboard on board, they recommend following each airline’s rules.

Most airlines have no issue with carry-on or hand luggage, but skateboard sizes are defined, and limitations are implemented under the internal airline rules that I will discuss later.

Sizes Restrictions in Carry-On Luggage

Most airlines allow not more than 22 x 14 x 9 inches of a skateboard. As you know, skateboards are usually 28-33 inches in length. So, it is clear, there is no way to get your skateboard on the plane.

However, some airlines use the linear inches method. In this, the accumulated value of dimensions is specified by them. Mostly it is below or equal to 45 inches.

Linear Inches = length + width + height

For example, if your skateboard has a 28-inch length, the sum of the other dimensions should not be more than 17 inches.

Checked Luggage

In the case of checked luggage, the restrictions are minimal, but as you know, if you frequently travel with many bags, many risks are involved.

According to my experience, over the past ten years, my checked baggage has been stolen many times, and damage and wrong delivery are typical.

So, I suggest removing the wheels and carrying your skateboard with you on the plane in carry-on luggage, if it is allowed by the airline you are traveling with. However, size restrictions may still be implemented.

Also, checked luggage costs more than carrying luggage. So, if you are unwilling to pay more, shipping is cheaper.

Sizes Restrictions in Checked Luggage

The positive point is that most airlines allow about 62 inches linear in checked luggage. However, keep in mind that electric skateboards should not have batteries inserted.

Airlines Internal Specific Rules Regarding Carrying Skateboards On Plane

In this section, I will guide you through the airlines’ specific rules about carrying skateboards on planes one by one so that you can get your airline’s specific information quickly.

If you are in a hurry, you can get an idea from the table below:

Airlines Carry-on baggage Checked baggage
Air Canada Yes Yes
Southwest Yes Yes
Alaska Airlines No Yes
Delta No Yes
Frontier No Yes
Ryanair No Yes
Jetblue No Yes
United Airlines No Yes
American Airlines No Yes
Virgin America No Yes
Spirit Airlines No Yes
Allegiant No Yes
Hawaiian Airlines No Yes

Air Canada

Air Canada allows for skateboards as carry-on baggage. However, the total weight should not exceed 50 lbs., as well as the 62 linear inches.

In my opinion, Air Canada is more appropriate for you if you want to carry a standard-size skateboard on the plane. However, you need to read the policies carefully.


Southwest is my favorite airline because it allows a skateboard in hand. You must place the skateboard under the seat with the wheel face up, and that’s it. However, if it does not fit under your seat, you can keep it in the cabin with the wheel facing up.

For more specific rules, you can go here.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines also does not allow for carrying baggage. Also, you must pack the skateboard in a specific case for checked baggage.

Moreover, the fee will be decided based on many factors. You can visit Alaska Airlines to see the fee structure for checked baggage.


Delta only permits checked baggage. However, more than 45-inch linear skateboards as checked baggage are not allowed.

Even if you think your skateboard is qualified, you should look at the Delta airline baggage policies.


Frontier does not provide specific information about skateboards. However, according to my experience, you will be allowed checked baggage and a fee.

Even if you packed the skateboard nicely, it would not be allowed as carry-on luggage.


Ryanair does not allow skateboards as carry-on baggage. However, it permits a skateboard as checked baggage with a specific fee.


Jetblue does allow skateboards but only mini skateboards. If you have a skateboard less than or equal to 22 inches it will be allowed as carry-on baggage.

So, if you heard Jetblue permits a skateboard as carry-on baggage, that was a joke because standard skateboards are around 28-33 inches in length, as I mentioned earlier.

United Airlines

United Airlines allows for a skateboard as carry-on baggage. However, there are some dimensions rules you have to follow.

Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 9 inches or 45 linear inches, including wheels and handles.

Also, remember that electric skateboards are not allowed in any case.

I recommend seeing the other related United Airlines policies here.

American Airlines

There is no way of carrying a skateboard of any type on the plane as carry-on luggage if you are traveling through American Airlines. Checked baggage is the only possibility.

Furthermore, even in the case of checked baggage, the weight should not exceed to 50lbs., as well as the linear inches should not be more than 62 inches, as mentioned earlier.

However, the fee will be the same as your carry-on baggage, which is a positive.

For other related policies, you should visit American Airlines official website.

Virgin America

Virgin America works under American Airlines, so the rules are the same. However, sometimes you can carry your skateboard as carry-on baggage, and usually, you have to prepare checked luggage for a fee.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines allows the skateboard as checked baggage with a predefined fee. Also, you have to fill out a form, and you can give your skateboard unpacked as checked baggage.

In my view, Spirit Airlines is not appropriate for you if you do not want to damage your skateboard.

You can ship the skateboard. It is way cheaper.


Allegiant allows for a skateboard as carry-on luggage, but it should be in the specific case according to the specified rules by the airlines. Also, the negative point is that they do not allow standard-size skateboards – Pennyboards are only allowed.

You can see the Allegiant policies if you have a Penny board.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines also allows carrying a skateboard as carry-on baggage. However, the rules are not good. The skateboard should be less or equal to 45 linear inches. As well as the weight should be no more than 25 pounds.

So, it is obvious to hand over your skateboard as check baggage. Also, a fee is applied.

Precautions and Suggestions

Connecting Flights

If you need to take connecting flights, I recommend shipping out your skateboard because carrying it with you will be a headache.

The reason is that you have to go outside, and if the next flight allows you to take the skateboard as checked baggage, you can hand it over, but if not, you will be in great trouble. Also, you may miss the flight in that scenario.

Electric Skateboards

Almost all airlines do not allow electric skateboards. However, you can disassemble the skateboard and keep the batteries in your carry-on baggage, but it is against the rules.

No matter what TSA says, every airline is independent. So, again shipping is the most appropriate method for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which airlines allow skateboards onboard?

Southwest is the ideal airline to carry the skateboard as carry-on baggage. However, some rules are still applied, so you must check their site.

What are linear inches?

Many airlines use the linear inches method to calculate baggage size. In this, they take the dimensions of the object length, width, and height and take the sum. You can carry your luggage in the plane if the sum is less than or equal to the specified linear inches.

Do wheels count in checked baggage measurement?

Yes, wheels count in the checked baggage. Therefore, it is recommended to disassemble them and keep them in the carry-on baggage if they are bothering and increase the dimension.

How can you measure the luggage?

Take all the bag dimensions, the length, width, and height, and add them together to get the total. Now, you can match the sum value with the inches defined by the airlines you will travel in.


Overall, most airlines do not allow you to carry a skateboard as carry-on baggage. However, all the airlines allow checked baggage, but the fees and other rules and regulations are implemented. If you are not in a hurry, you can ship your skateboard to avoid any issues.


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