What Size Skateboard Should I Get? – Easy Beginners Guide

You also might be thinking about what size skateboard should I get? Be aware that having a complete understanding of the skateboard size is essential for becoming a skilled skater. You will have to take into account a few criteria to determine the size of the skateboard.

If you are new to starting your skateboard journey, then the size of skateboard could be the first question that will come to your mind. The majority of new skaters have trouble deciding which skateboard size is ideal for them.

Your height, age, and shoe size will also determine the appropriate skateboard size. But there are some other factors too that you need to know before you buy your first skateboard. So, let’s get towards them!

What Size Skateboard Should I Get – Explained

There are a few factors to take into account when choosing the appropriate skateboard model for your height, shoe size, etc. So, it would be beneficial if you consider what size skateboard is best for street skating and what size is best for newbies.

It is a common preference for some people to like large skateboards, while others choose small skateboards. So, keeping in mind the size of the deck is necessary while choosing the correct size skateboard.

Also, choosing the right skateboard size is crucial because if it doesn’t fit your size, you won’t be able to enjoy the ride.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Skateboard

  • Deck size
  • Length and width of the skateboard
  • Shoe Size
  • Body Height & Weight
  • Riding Style
  • Wheel size
  • Skateboard Hardware
  • Skateboarding Truck

Deck Size

Skateboard Deck Size Guide

The board size is a crucial consideration because it provides the rider stability and balance. You can use a wide board if you are a beginner because it provides you with more stability and control. It is simpler to glide on a larger board because it will offer you a better rotation than a small one.

On the other hand, small decks are better if you’re going to pull off tricks and twists. You need to have some skill to get the narrow deck.

When starting to skate or longboard, you can select a deck that is ideal for you and pleasant for you. Thus, with small decks, you will lose balance as a novice user.

Length and Width of the Skateboard

When you start considering the size of the skateboard, you will have to determine the width carefully as length is common in many skateboards. The skateboard’s width varies from 6.5 inches to 10.5 inches.

However, the most common width range in the marketplace is between 7.5 inches and 9.5 inches. Having a skateboard with a board width that is adjustable for a shoe size is a smart idea.

The mini-size skateboard weighs between 6.5 and 7.5 inches. That’s why young riders with shoe sizes between 4 and 6 can choose mini-sized skateboards.

Shoe Size

Choosing the right skateboard length and size also requires to take account the size of your shoe. You can perform a variety of technical stunts when skating if the shoe size matches the board size perfectly.

Thus, excellent skateboard shoes that are made specifically for skating are available in a range of styles and sizes.

Body Height & Weight

The skateboard that perfectly suits your body structure is the one you need to select. The skateboard will ultimately be smaller if you are small. Taller people need to use a full-size board. Thus, when skateboards are the same in length, deck width should also be taken into account.

Riding Style

You will have to consider the skating style while selecting the skateboard size for you that has a significant impact on skating.

You will require a skateboard with more balance and surface area if you skate in playgrounds or near swimming pools. On the other hand, the skateboard should be lighter if you prefer to perform tricks.

  • 00 inches to 7.50 inches:The narrow decks of this size are ideal for young riders.
  • 50 inches to 8.00 inches:These are medium-sized decks that are designed for adults and teenagers. They are perfect for precise tricks, road surfaces, and skating.
  • 00 inches to 8.50 inches:These skateboards can be used on a variety of street and transitory surfaces as well as in parks, swimming pools, railings, and stairs.
  • 50 inches and more:These larger decks are excellent for larger street stunts, drifting, and transitional skating.

Wheel Size

The wheel size is an important consideration when choosing a skateboard for a beginner. You can measure the size in millimeters when determining the size of the wheel.

Many individuals prefer wheel diameters between 50mm and 60mm. It is because they are perfect for street and park skating. Longboards are ideal for larger size wheels, which are 60 mm or greater. On the other hand, a lot of skilled skaters like to use 54 mm wheels.

Skateboard Hardware

When choosing the size of the skateboard, you must consider the skateboard hardware. You will have to make sure that whether the hardware kit is properly placed or not. It includes 8 bolts and 8 nuts that must be in good working order. Also, ensure that their typical 7-8 dimensions are without mounting pads.

Skateboard Trucks

Along with the skateboard deck dimensions, you should also check the skateboard truck elevation while choosing a good size skateboard.

Skateboard truck dimensions are divided into three categories based on skating manner:

  • Low

They are suitable for skateboards with small wheels and allow more stability while spinning.

  • Medium

These are all-rounder skateboarding trucks that can do all types of skating. They are street skating-friendly.

  • High

These are suitable for skateboards with big wheels. They are excellent for performing all stunts.

You can pick any skateboard among all according to your preferences. You can place elevation pads between the deck and the trucks of a board. It will help to prevent your board from breaking and wheel bites. Also, it will be helpful to raise the elevation of the skateboard.

What are the Different Types of Skateboards?

Skateboards are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Each type of skateboard focuses on a particular riding technique. So, understanding the many sorts of skateboards can help you select the right size for you.

There are four primary categories for skateboards:

  1. Mini Skateboard
  2. Longboard
  3. Classic Skateboard
  4. Cruiser

Mini Skateboard

Small or mini skateboards that are also named Penny skateboards are skateboards with small board sizes. They are portable and useful for stunts and flips. Thus, investing in a mini-deck skateboard would be great if you would like to start commercial skating.


Skateboards having a large board size are known as longboards. Due to their increased deck length, they are very flexible and stable. Also, they are perfect for long-distance and high-speed traveling.

Investing in a longboard with a big board surface is perfect if you want to concentrate more on transporting and fast skating.

Classic Skateboard

The standard deck size of a conventional skateboard is 31 to 33 inches. It makes them ideal for performing tricks and stunts. You can do all sorts of tricks with them because of their snout and kicking tail.

Skateboards from the ’70s and ’80s are boards that you will find in skateparks and swimming pools.


The cruiser is a cross between a longboard and a traditional skateboard. It includes flexible wheels and a mid-length board size that is ideal for cruising. You can perform tricks on some cruisers because they have a nose or a kicktail.

However, they are best suited for traveling to different locations. It is because they have smooth tires and a significantly longer deck area.

Now you can select your board size based on your requirements as you are aware of the various types of skateboards.

What size of the Skateboard is Good for Girls?

How to Choose a Skateboard for Girls

When you talk about getting the right skateboard size for a girl, there are many different types of skateboards available on the market.

Everybody knows that a skateboard designed for boys would not suit a girl. The cause is that their feet are smaller than average, and a skateboard’s dimension is unique. The shoe size, height, and deck width should all be taken into account while selecting a skateboard for females.

For girls, the width is typically between 7.5 and 8.5 inches. Many girls choose the 7.5-inch deck width because they feel this size is more comfortable and pleasant.

Remember that if you choose a broader size deck, it will help you ride more steadily. On the other hand, depending on your height and shoe size, it will be challenging for you to maintain stability if you want to choose a wide skateboard.

Thus, you can purchase a proper-sized skateboard in the shades and designs of your preference. It should also fit properly in the bag.

Different Types of Skateboard Decks

Skateboard decks come in a variety of styles. Some skateboards are constructed of plastic or bamboo, while some are made of wood. But I am going to talk about the various skateboard deck sizes in this part.

Skateboard decks are available in a range of deck widths with 0.25-inch variations. The sizes are typically as follows: 7; 7.25; 7.5; 7.75; 8; 8.5; and more. You can see that there is a 0.25-inch gap between these.

Although it can appear insignificant it has a significant impact on how well your board will manage and convert.

There is a long discussion about whether a 7.75-inch or 8-inch deck width is preferable, so I am going to present a thorough comparison to provide a clearer view of the variations.

7.75 vs 8-inch Deck

Well, it all depends on your personal choice that which skateboard you choose. Just 25 inches size variation distinguishes an 8 skateboard from a 7.75 skateboard.

The change makes the 7.75 skateboards slightly lightweight and offers smooth spinning. Also, this enables you to easily perform stunts like kickflips and 180-degree flips.

But some people might feel that an 8-inch-wide skateboard is sturdier. These skateboards are a little larger and broader, so, they give taller people more control.

Still, the choice is all yours. Some people find it easier to manage smaller skateboards and some people prefer bigger boards. If you don’t use the same footwear every day, the 25-inch variation might not be visible.

You must check both widths when buying a skateboard to determine which one makes flips simpler for you. If you are taller than average, you should consider purchasing an 8″ skateboard because it will enable you to skate larger boards in the future. Additionally, if you have a medium height, you should choose the 7.75″ skateboard.

How does the style of riding and terrain affect the size of the skateboard?

The size of a skateboard is determined by your riding technique and the surface on which you will be skating.

A skateboard that is designed with a wider deck size of 8-inch or greater is used for cruising and tricks that require less effort. These types of boards are sturdier as you will have ample space under your feet. They are excellent for traveling and are perfect for rocky roads.

On the other hand, deck dimensions 7.75″ and lower are great if you enjoy tricks or street skateboarding. This is an outcome of the decreased weight of these boards. They are simpler to turn over and pull off the surface.

Therefore, when choosing the appropriate skateboard size for you, you will have to consider the use case of your skateboard.

How to Choose a Skateboard for a Child?

How to Choose a Skateboard for Kids

Although there is no ideal age for children to begin skating. You will shock to know that some 6-year-olds children are excellent skateboarders. Manufacturing companies build simple skateboards for children of various ages.

Any skateboard that is smaller than 7.5 inches wide and less than 31 inches long is regarded as a kid’s skateboard. In the end, the skateboard’s width and length are used to determine the truck and wheel dimensions. Also, it will make the board shorter and more lightweight.

How to Choose a Skateboard for an Adult?

Adult skateboard size selection can be challenging sometimes. The reason is that adults come in a variety of sizes and forms just like skateboards. You will have to remember that choosing the right skateboard for you relates to your physical structure.

The common adult-sized skateboards are roughly 7.5 inches taller. On the other hand, the adult skateboard’s width spans from 7.5 inches to 28.5 inches.

When measuring a skateboard for an adult, the size typically runs from 28 to 32 inches. On the other hand, the skateboard’s width can change based on the user’s size.

According to the research, the Ten Toes Longboard offers all the characteristics and attributes that are ideal for an adult. But don’t neglect to choose the deck length that works best for you.

Although it is one of the best moving longboards, you must utilize gliding gloves and other safety protocols.

Why it is Important to Consider the Size of the Skateboard?

When choosing the right deck for a beginner, the size of the skateboard is among the most essential considerations that you should remember. When you skate, you skate on the deck that is called the longboard. It is the skateboard’s foundation.

Thus, skateboard boards come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The dimensions and design of the deck change depending on the user’s height and body composition.

Do you know how much hard your skateboarding adventure can be if you choose the wrong deck size? It has the power to destroy your ambition of becoming a skating professionally. Yes, it is true! You can begin skating properly and accurately if the skateboard board has the proper size.

But there are a few things you should consider before purchasing a skateboard.


Having the proper size skateboard will make skating much simpler for beginners. So, choosing the proper skateboard size is crucial since it will provide you with the finest stability and control when skating.

That is the reason, in this article I have thoroughly answered the question of what size skateboard should I get? This can allow you to have the best skating experience in your life whether you are a beginner or a professional skater.

What else should I explain? Let me know in the comment section!


Are bamboo decks stronger than wooden decks?

Bamboo decks are more durable than wooden ones. They rank among the best components for skateboard deck construction. It is also a better choice for the environment. Bamboo grows more quickly and is much more durable than wood. That’s why bamboo decks are superior to wooden decks.

Should I use a 9-inch skateboard?

9-inch skateboards are not the best option for most people. The size of your deck will be based on your height and foot size. Only if you are taller than 6 feet 6 inches or have a large shoe size then you should think about purchasing 9-inch skateboards. If not, it will be difficult for you to handle and control a 9-inch skateboard.

Will water damage my skateboard?

Your skateboard won’t be damaged if it is lightly touched with water. Some skateboards have some level of water resistance. The gripping patch or covering on your skateboard deck will shield the surface from moisture. Thus, when using your skateboard, stay away from ponds and, muddy roadways.

What skateboard size should I get for toddlers?

You must make sure that your child is having all the necessary protection gear while choosing a skateboard for them. Therefore, the skateboard size for toddlers should be between 6.5 and 7 inches.


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