How To Hang Skateboards On Wall? 4 Easy To Follow Methods

Are you living in a compact size house or a low-spaced apartment? Or do you want to keep your skateboards mounted on the wall for a passionate-looking room? You indeed are looking for an answer to the question of how to hang skateboards on wall? Or how to hang a skateboard on wall without nails? Don’t go away because you are at a place you are looking for.

A skateboard lover can never stop loving their skateboard, even at the time of its retirement. We don’t recommend it either, because having a brightly spent time with a skateboard never lets you down even in the future. So, if your skateboard has got old, shattered, beaten, and weaker enough, you need a new skateboard and have to retire it.

However, the question must tickle your mind what to do with these retired skateboards? Well, everyone thinks according to his approach, but in my opinion, the skateboards are similar to your trophies. There was a time when the skateboard provided priceless tricks and a thrilling experience. Now, it’s your turn to honor the skateboard by preserving it.

Additionally, throwing the board in the garbage is not justice to the skateboard that possesses so many memories. The best thing I would suggest is to hang it in your living room or the guest room wall. You can enjoy the wall-mounted skateboard not by just because the look but in the discussions about skating with friends. You can also paste a chart or shield with the best memories associated with the board.

Multiple methods help you hang the skateboard deck or skateboard itself on the wall. However, most methods are messy and don’t reflect the best practice in simple terms. We present you with three methods to achieve your goal: consuming less energy and bucks in a simple time frame.

Mounting A Skateboards On The Wall

We will discuss four methods for mounting the skateboard on the wall. The first one is hanging them through wall mounts. The second is hanging with a fishing line, and the third uses a rope to hang the complete skateboard on the wall. The last one doesn’t use the nail; the method is to hang the skateboard through a wall by sticking plastic hooks.

Our expert team won’t only guide you through the process but will elaborate on them in terms of the pros and cons for each of them.

Hanging Through Wall Mounts

You need at least two wall mounts and some other supplies to hang your skateboard deck on the wall. The method is one of the best and durable enough that it isn’t much difficult either. You remove the trucks and other accessories to get the proper position. You install the two to three bolts in the wall, pass the deck through the holes and then get them tight by using nuts.

Tools & Accessories You May Need:

  • Drill machine
  • At least two bolts
  • T-nuts
  • Wall mount plate
  • T-tool
  • Pointing pen
  • Screwdriver
  • Water level (Optional)

Once you acquire these tools and accessories, you may start your work. Usually, the wall mount kit includes all the required tools and accessories for the project. But wait! How will you do it? Well, below are given some steps to perform the process.

Steps to Follow

  • Remove the trucks from the deck and get the deck clean.
  • Select a suitable place on the wall and use a pointing pen to mark two parallel points according to the truck’s marks. You can use the level to get the perfect parallel position for the bolts.
  • Drill the holes on the marked points by using a drill machine. Don’t drill too deep; just drill according to the length of the bolts.
  • Insert wall anchors in the drilled holes. It will enhance the efficiency of holding more weight.
  • Place the bolts into the wall mount plate to the marked area. However, position the bolts and the plate perfectly because the board will hang on this setup. Use a screwdriver to tighten the wall mount plate.
  • Twisting the bolts towards the wall is the next step we recommend. Ensure to provide some leverage so the deck won’t get stuck with the wall.
  • Pass the bolts through the deck’s holes and get the board into the right position.
  • Twist the T nuts towards the deck so that the deck adjusts to the perfect position. Tight the t-nuts as long as they go, and then tighten the other bolts behind the deck.
  • Bolts hold the deck very firmly and strongly.
  • Durability is very high because of the strong mechanism.
  • No additional equipment is required in the deck, but it still provides high durability.
  • You can adjust the deck position by adjusting the bolts’ position.
  • If you protect the walls from nails, the method can create a disbelief solution to the method.

Using a Fishing Line

It is an old but effective method to hang the skateboard on the wall. Due to its easily adaptable feature and low-cost practice, the method is worldwide accepted for hanging the skateboard. The method indicates that you need to use a string or fishing line. You must pass it through the truck’s previous position, tie the knot behind the board, and hang it with a nail.

Tools & Accessories You May Need:

  • Fishing line or String 0.5 foot.
  • Scissors
  • One nail
  • Hammer
  • Drill Machine (Optional)
  • Wall hanger (Optional
  • Screwdriver

Hanging your skateboard through a fishing line or string is amongst the easiest and cheapest methods. You can reuse the materials and bring your board to the best position. However, the durability of the method is a bit questionable against the wall mount method. The skateboard’s weight is vital in determining the fishing line’s strength.

Steps to Follow

  • Detach the trucks and other equipment from the deck and save them for later use.
  • Determine the right wall and place for the skateboard. The living room or staircase is the right place to hang the skateboard. Or you can even mount it in the guest room because the board will reflect your glory and golden past.
  • After determining the right place and height for the board, place a nail on the wall and punch it with a hammer to the required depth.
  • You can also use a drill machine and plastic wall anchors to place the nail or the wall hanger.
  • Now, take the fishing line and insert it through the screw holes which come at the top. Insert the string or fishing line behind and remove it from the parallel screw hole.
  • According to the height, tie the strong knots on lines two to three. Ensure the knot is strong enough so that these shouldn’t get untied.
  • After that, hang the deck on the nail punched on the wall before this step.
  • Easy to complete
  • Inexpensive method and you don’t need to spend too many bucks
  • You utilize the reused materials
  • The method consumes little time
  • Less durable than the wall mount method

Hanging the Skateboard on a Rope

It may seem awkward but hanging your skateboard on a single rope is an attractive, simple, and useful method to save your skateboard on the wall. What makes the method unique from the others is that, unlike the other methods, you hang a full skateboard on the wall. You punch two parallel nails on the wall and tie a long, slightly lengthy rope on both sides. In the end, you cross the rope through the wheels and trucks, and boom!

Tools & Accessories You May Need:

  • Quarter Inch Strong Rope (Choose the aesthetic color)
  • Scissors
  • Nails
  • Level
  • Hammer or drill machine
  • Measuring tape/scale
  • Plastic anchors (optional)
  • Lighter to fire

The reason for having a lighter method is that strong or thick ropes are made by combining countless fibers. To ensure that no fiber will create a mess in the future, we recommend burning up both corners of the rope. Additionally, the method is pretty simple, useful, and aesthetic.

Steps to Follow

  • Use a quarter-inch strong rope and cut it to 1.5 – 2 feet. We recommend you to utilize a cutter or scissors for the purpose.
  • Turn on the fire lighter and burn the corners of the rope to stabilize the ropes. It should consume few seconds to burn the ends.
  • Measuring tape ensures your chance to mark two parallel points with proper distance. If you take two feet long rope, we recommend marking 14 inches with a central point mark.
  • Use the water level to get the points in perfect balance. The step may not seem outstanding, but hanging at the wrong angle can create a deviation in skateboards after hanging.
  • Punch screws with a hammer to the marked points but don’t forget to pass the nails through the knots. You can also use a drill machine and plastic anchors to insert the nails or screws in the wall.
  • After tying the knots and punching the nails, hang the full skateboard through one truck. You can roll the rope around the trucks and wheels for a better grip.
  • One of the easiest installation
  • Time-saving method against other methods
  • It may look easy but is attractive
  • The skateboard completely hangs on the wall, and you can imagine the method’s strength.
  • You have to put nails in the walls

How to Hang a Skateboard on the Wall Without Nails?

Hanging the skateboard deck on the wall needs less messed up, and you can do it while wasting less energy and time. You don’t need to drill bolts or nails in the wall. As a result, you end up with an easy solution to hang your skateboard on the wall. One method we consider best is hanging the skateboard deck through the wall by sticking plastic hooks.

These hooks provide a good solution to the issue with their enhanced technology. Like any other technological advancement, the adhesive paste is strong enough nowadays to hold multiple kg weight. Similarly, these sticking hooks are developed to increase household weight-carrying capacity. You can use them to mount your best skateboards on the wall.

Wall Sticking Plastic Hook

Modern technologies are so advanced these days that they confuse many people living with a simple lifestyle. In hanging the skateboard, you may take notice of the sticking plastic hooks that stick to the wall and can support carrying more weight. You don’t need extra accessories or tools to install these strips.

These hooks and some adhesive strips don’t require a nail, plastic anchor, or bolt. You just need to remove the strip and stick it to the wall in your chosen position on the wall. If used properly, these strips and sticking hooks don’t create a mess and stay long with you as soon as you want them. Moreover, it is the easiest method for you to mount the board deck.

Tools & Accessories You May Need:

  • Wall Sticking hook or adhesive Strip
  • Scissors
  • Fishing line or string
  • T-tool for detaching the trucks and accessories

The good thing about this method is that you don’t need extra tools or accessories, and you don’t need to be messed up with excessive tools. The method should take 3-5 minutes to install the sticking hook and hang the board on the wall. The time includes detaching the trucks as well.

Steps to Follow

  • You should select the wall before mounting. Ensure your selection for the height and the right position.
  • Open the adhesive sides of the wall strip and place it on the right point of the wall. Take a flat thing and press well to the wall. Ensure that you press well against the ball.
  • Remove the adhesive Strip from the hook and attach it to the wall strip. Make sure that you place the hook with the right placement. Otherwise, the setup can lose durability a bit.
  • Press them with a decent force for a while to place them in the right position.
  • Now, take a fishing line or a string with a decent length. Passing through the screw area as discussed is the previous method.
  • Tie the knot behind the skateboard deck with some leverage.
  • The setup is ready, and you can hang your skateboard on the hook. You can do the same with many skateboard decks and have a skateboard deck collection in your living room.
  • It takes a very short time.
  • Easiest among the methods discussed in the article.
  • No need to punch the nail in the wall.
  • No need for excessive tools or accessories
  • Less durable for houses at more humidity
  • It isn’t the solution forever

Why Should You Use the Method?

Well, every skateboard hanging method has pros and cons. However, you need to adopt the method for many reasons, which involve hanging a skateboard without using a nail. Despite being slightly less durable, the method is proven to be less messy and clean. You should consider some reasons for the method.

  • No Hammering

Hanging without nails is an easy way, and you don’t need to hammer the nails or bolts in the wall. It sometimes happens that hammering the nail may damage the wall also. Or, sometimes, you may hurt your hand by mistakenly hitting your figure. Hanging the skateboard with the help of a wall-sticking hook may save you from hammering the nail or bolt.

  • No Need for Excessive Accessories

Unlike the other methods, you don’t need to carry multiple tools or accessories to mount the skateboard deck on the wall. Needing more accessories may irritate you due to the non-availability of necessary tools and supplies. The wall-sticking method needs not much accessories or tools to install the equipment on the wall.

  • Simple Method

The method is very simple, and you don’t need to take the necessary guidance from anyone else. You can get the work done by yourself without consulting someone else. All you need is to remove the adhesive Strip, paste it on the wall, and then attach the hook after removing the adhesive Strip, and that’s done with the method.

  • Less Time

The method takes very less time than the other ones. You just need to remove the strips and install the skateboard deck. We suggest that it should take around 3-5 minutes against the other methods take 10-15 minutes on average.


It is better to preserve your best-performing skateboards with you when they get to retire. The best way to give them respect is to mount the skateboards on your house’s wall or the gallery. However, there comes a question of how to hang skateboards on wall? Well, the answer is simple and approachable. For a successful experience, we recommend you follow the methods we presented in this article. Good Luck!


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