Top 7 Best Skateboard Helmets For Kids – Tested & Reviewed in 2024

Selecting a suitable skateboard helmet for kids requires careful consideration of the performance and design before making a decision. Some significant factors in this regard include the size of the helmet, impact absorption abilities, adjustability, flexibility, chin straps, and maintenance requirements.

With a huge list of these factors, users often find it difficult to choose the right product for their kids. Worry not as we have got you covered. In this article I’ve reviewed the best skateboard helmets for kids, along with their pros and cons, to provide you with an overview of which products are popular among consumers and are worth using. So without further ado, let’s dive right into the reviews.

7 Best Skateboard Helmets For Kids

1. OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet – Youth Skateboard Helmet

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet features remarkable durability and is not prone to damage due to extreme weather conditions and damage caused as a result of accidental falling. The helmet is specifically designed for improved shock absorption and is constructed using a hard ABS shell which provides additional protection while skating.

In addition to this, the well-cushioned interior ensures enhanced comfort throughout the day and allows you to enjoy your skating experience to the fullest without worrying about injuring yourself. We highly recommend it to those who prefer hassle-free maintenance.

The reason for this is the inclusion of removable liners in the helmet that can be easily removed from the system. This allows you to wash them at your convenience without going through complex steps to clean the inner surface of the helmet. Thus, making it easier to remove sweat and other impurities from the product.

  • Versatile
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Increased flexibility
  • Not suitable for adults

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet is integrated with air vents that allow for sufficient air exchange and keep you cool and dry for a long time. Thus, contributing to the reduction in sweat production. This, coupled with the adjustable chin straps and dial, allows you to modify it according to your requirements for the best results. For those who are new to skating and are learning to skate, this is the best head protector.

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2. Triple Eight LIL 8 Dual Certified Helmet – Toddler Skateboard Helmets

Triple Eight Lil 8 Dual Certified Kids Helmet

Triple Eight LIL 8 Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet is yet another extraordinary product included in the list of the best skateboard helmets for kids. Its durable ABS shell features exceptional shock-absorption abilities and protects you against injuries resulting from falling and losing your balance while skating.

The helmet is certified by the US CPSC Safety Standards and is completely safe for kids to use. Along with this, the extra padding integrated into the interior surface contributes to increased comfort and enables you to wear it for a long time without feeling stuffy or uncomfortable.

Along with this, sufficient air vents are also present in the system that increase breathability and prevent sweat generation, especially during the summer season. Thus, you can use it without worrying about feeling hot and sweaty throughout the day. We highly recommend it for those around the age of 5 or older for best results.

  • Wide applications
  • Remarkable impact absorption
  • Increased flexibility
  • A bit Heavyweight

Triple Eight LIL 8 Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet stands out among the rest of its counterparts and features effortless adjustability. So, you can adjust the chin strap and dial according to your requirements. This will help you achieve perfect fitting and better performance results.

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3. JBM Skateboard Helmet – Kid Skate Helmet

JBM skateboard helmet for kids

JBM Skateboard Helmet is a versatile tool available at an extremely reasonable price across the market. This exceptional helmet features an ergonomic design and is available in multiple sizes that can be chosen depending on the head shape and size of the consumer.

In addition to this, the adjustable chin strap is highly flexible and can be used to achieve the desired fitting. This prevents the helmet from loosening and falling over during skating and other related activities. Thus, offering you thorough protection with minimum chance of error.

The EPS foam and ABS shell combine to improve the shock-absorption abilities of the system and protect you from injuring yourself during accidental falls or other unwanted mishaps. The foam also increases the comfort level, thereby allowing you to wear it throughout the day without feeling any irritation or discomfort.

  • Suitable for kids
  • Increased portability
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Requires maintenance

JBM Skateboard Helmet is a performance-oriented product and is embedded with various air vents that allow for air exchange between the interior surface of the helmet and the outer atmosphere. This is responsible for limited sweat generation and keeps you cool and dry even on the hottest summer days.

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4. JeeFree Adjustable Skateboard Helmet For Youth

JeeFree Skateboard Helmet for kids

Next on the list is the JeeFree Skateboard Bike Helmet which is one of the most inexpensive options on the list. Despite its low price, it offers tough competition to other helmets included in the list, thanks to its unrivaled attributes and exceptional performance.

The ergonomic design coupled with the tough exterior protects you against a variety of factors like harsh weather conditions and injuries that one might sustain as a result of falling. To reduce the impact generated from falling, extra padding is included in the interior surface.

The foam pads offer dual benefits by minimizing the impact and increasing the comfort level. During the trial sessions, we did not feel uncomfortable or any irritation while wearing the helmet. It is also certified by CPSC Safety Standards as a suitable helmet for kids with outstanding head protection.

  • Enhanced versatility
  • Flexible strap
  • Multiple color options
  • Relatively heavy

The JeeFree Skateboard Helmet for kids, similar to its previously mentioned counterpart, contains a lot of air holes for air exchange and improved breathability. Apart from this, it also contains a removable liner that can be removed and washed depending on the requirement. Thus, relieving you from the concerns of complex maintenance procedures.

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5. OutdoorMaster Kids Skateboarding / Cycling Helmet

OutdoorMaster Adjustable Youth & Kids Skateboarding Helmet

OutdoorMaster Kids Skateboard Cycling Helmet is another outstanding product developed by OutdoorMaster and is incorporated with extraordinary attributes. The reinforced ABS shell coupled with the shock-absorbing EPS core ensures exceptional performance efficiency and protection against injuries in the long term.

This also increases its suitability for a variety of activities like skating, rollerblading, cycling, etc. Another advantage offered by the thick padding is the enhanced comfort that makes it suitable for long-term use, especially for young kids. Thus, making it our top choice for those aged around five and above.

Apart from the above-mentioned characteristics, another prominent attribute of the system is the inclusion of a removable liner that relieves you from going through complex steps to clean the interior of the helmet. Instead, using this tool, you can just remove the liner, wash it, and insert it back to achieve the desired results.

  • Double adjustment
  • Enhanced protection
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Might feel tight

OutdoorMaster Kids Skateboard Cycling Helmet stands out among the rest of its counterparts and never fails to amaze us with its remarkable features and unrivaled performance. The user-friendly chin strap incorporated in the system can be adjusted to achieve the desired fitting. Thus, preventing it from falling when riding at a fast speed.

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6. 80Six Dual Certified Kids Skateboard Helmet

80Six Dual Certified Kids Skateboarding Helmet

80Six Dual Certified Kids Skateboard Helmet is another outstanding product designed especially for kids and young adults. This lightweight gear features ergonomic construction and is not prone to damage due to external factors. In addition to this, its outer shell is made up of ABS plastic and is highly durable.

This, when combined with the soft EPS interior, protects you against injuries that might result from falling. The extra foam included on the inner surface increases the shock absorption abilities of the helmet and provides a comfortable experience throughout the day.

We assure you will not feel irritation or discomfort while wearing this 80Six skateboard helmet. It also complies with US CPSC safety standards and is safe for use for kids at the age of 5 or older. Last, but not least, it is lightweight and thus, can be carried around with ease, thereby contributing to effortless portability.

  • Portable
  • Multipurpose tool
  • Flexible and compact
  • Requires regular maintenance

80Six Dual Certified Kids Skateboard Helmet is also breathable and contains several air vents that allow for sufficient air exchange. This keeps the interior dry and cool and prevents you from sweating while skating. Thus, you are relieved from the concerns of feeling hot and stuffy during long skating sessions.

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7. INNAMOTO Skateboard Helmet for Kids

innamoto kids skateboarding helmet

INNAMOTO Skateboard Helmet for Kids also complies with the US CPSC Safety Standards and is one of the best skateboard helmets for kids in 2021. This is attributed to the durable ABS hardshell and EPS padding that improve its impact absorption abilities and make it stand out among the rest of its counterparts.

It also protects you against severe injuries sustained as a result of falling from a bicycle and while skating at a faster-than-usual speed. Additionally, an adjustment dial is also integrated into the system that can be used to adjust the internal size and other features according to your head shape and size.

This, alongside the adjustable chin strap, allows you to achieve the desired fitting while skating and prevents the helmet from loosening or falling off when riding at a fast speed. Finally, it is versatile and can be used for a variety of activities apart from skating like cycling, rollerblading, longboarding, etc.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Budget-friendly
  • Breathable
  • Might be larger for some

INNAMOTO Skateboard Helmet for Kids is portable and is available with a carry bag that can be used to store and carry the helmet from one place to another. Moreover, it contains several air vents and is breathable. Therefore, it’s highly recommended for the summer season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a skateboard and a bike helmet?

Although both skateboard and bike helmets are mostly similar in construction and function; however, there are some major differences as well. Bike helmets are more generalized and can offer protection against only one type of impact at a time. In contrast, skateboard helmets are versatile and are capable of offering protection against more than one type of impact at the same time. Furthermore, the majority of skateboard helmets are dual-certified as opposed to bike helmets which are generally certified for only one type of activity.

How do you choose a helmet for a toddler?

There are a variety of factors that should be taken into account when choosing a helmet for a toddler. They include choosing the right size and fit, breathability, impact absorption, durability, comfort level, and flexibility. In addition to this, you should also pay attention to the visor, which is responsible for eye and face protection in case of dangerous accidents.

Is a dual-certified helmet the same as a dual-sport or multi-sport helmet?

No, dual-certified helmets are those that comply with more than one safety standard certification like US CPSC Safety Standard Certification and ASTM certification. In contrast, the other skating helmets that are only certified by CPSC are often labeled as multi-sport or dual-sport helmets as opposed to dual-certified helmets.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best skateboard helmet for kids might be challenging and time-consuming. However, not anymore. With our comprehensive review included above, you can choose the perfect skating helmet for your kid without any inconvenience or difficulty. Based on the detailed analysis of the above-mentioned products, the following are our top recommendations.

  • OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet due to its high flexibility, enhanced versatility, lightweight, proper ventilation, and hassle-free maintenance.
  • Triple Eight LIL 8 Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet for its exceptional impact absorption, increased flexibility, well-padded interior, sufficient airflow, wide applications, and minimum sweat production.
  • JBM Skateboard Helmet for its increased portability, budget-friendliness, ergonomic design, high flexibility, enhanced protection, and better impact absorption.

Thus, they are highly recommended for toddlers and young kids.


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