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Longboarding or skateboarding is a concern of every new rider these days. Both of these are a subpart of skateboards but are completely different sports. All of this knowledge leads us to today’s crucial question is longboarding easier than skateboarding?

After doing an in-depth survey on skateboarding and longboarding, I have observed people’s anguish over their decision. The reason is that they don’t do proper research before selecting the boarding style. It may seem to be very similar, but the activities are quite different. Let us discover how to make the right choice out of it.

Is Longboarding Easier Than Skateboarding?

The quick and short answer is Yes, Longboarding is easier than skateboarding. For most people, longboarding is easier than skateboarding, while others have the opposite perspective. Generally, I would say it depends on how you aim to ride it. Another important consideration can be the level of expertness.

Longboarding and skateboarding are totally personal choices. Many new riders are stuck in making the decision. Before you make a choice, you must have a clear understanding of what you want to do with it. So let us inquire what the right option is. First, I would start with supporting the longboards. Because personally, I think that longboarding is easier than skateboarding.

Facts to Support Longboarding

Here are a few possible reasons that anyone would say longboarding is easier than skateboarding.

  1. Longboards are longer and relatively flat than a skateboard. This provides more room for a rider to move on. You have more space to step on the board while jumping over it.
  2. Beginners sometimes feel more confident on longboards. Because the longboard has a longer wheelbase, it distributes the weight over the board and brings stability to the ride.
  3. Soft wheels of longboards act like a kind of shock absorber. Therefore, a rider can maintain his balance well. The fact that it has soft wheels makes the ride more comfortable.
  4. Longboards are for cruising out in the city. Those who want to ride it around the town and are not a big fan of doing tricks can opt for a longboard. The reason is they would find it so much more comfortable.

Weight and height are also some considerable factors. Heavyweight and tall people find longboarding much more straightforward.

Facts to Support Skateboarding

Those who say skateboarding is easier support their argument with the following facts.

  1. Skateboards are compact and smaller than a longboards. Therefore, skateboards are more manageable, and maneuverable.
  2. The skateboards have a lifted nose and tail. This helps in doing basic tricks such as power slides. These moves help in doing clean skateboarding. So learning these basic tricks is easier on skateboards than on longboards.
  3. Skateboards are more stable at slow speeds than longboards. The reason is the short wheelbase. This provides an extra grip while at a slow speed. Many people prefer to skate in small areas where speed is not necessary. Skateboards are bliss.
  4. Riding on the college campus is an increasing trend. Those who are more likely to be riding in parks would not prefer carrying a longboard along with them. In other words, it means that skateboards are better for short distances.

Skateboards were invented for doing flips and tricks. Don’t choose longboards if you want to learn the slides and Ollie.

That was the general knowledge about skateboarding and longboarding. Till now, a fresh starter must have got a clear idea about what can be easier for him. What about the experts? Let us find out which one is more comfortable for experts.

Switching from Longboarding to Skateboarding

  • As an expert, if you are used to riding longboards, then you may find skateboarding slightly challenging. The reason is its compact size and rising style. Skateboards have a length of a maximum of 35 inches, while longboards start from 36 inches. You know how to ride and balance on a board, but practicing tricks may take time. Of course lesser than a beginner, but a few tries more than you can expect.
  • One more thing you will find annoying about skateboarding is pushing it repeatedly. Skateboarding is not like longboarding in this aspect. On a longboard, you were used to doing fewer pushes and skating longer. That is not the case with skateboarding. You will have to push yourself repeatedly, making it harder to balance.

Switching from Skateboarding to Longboarding

  • Being a skateboarder won’t take much from you to learn longboarding. Rather, you would find it much smoother and more comfortable. The longboards for their larger size and softer wheels make longboarding quite simple. Skateboarders can easily switch to longboarding later to enjoy cruising down the hills.
  • However, you will not be able to do tricks with longboards as you do with skateboards. Therefore, switching to longboarding requires compromising the tricks. Not that you cannot do it at all, but it will be difficult to some extent. Longboarding is for dancing and cruising style. You will eventually be able to ride at a high speed.

Longboarding is generally easier than skateboarding for a fact that it offers more shoe space. Longboards are wider, longer, and relatively flat. On the other hand, skateboarding is a little tough for beginners because it allows for doing some hard tricks. It would be not wrong to say that the level of easiness depends on how you aim to ride it. The difference also relies on your level of expertise, and some physical factors.


Should I learn to skateboard or longboard first?

The reason I am supporting longboards is that they will help you in learning balance. Once you master the balancing, you can switch to skateboards for practicing the tricks. Otherwise, staying on longboards and enjoying cruising around the town can be a heavenly choice.

Is a longboard good for a beginner?

Longboards are easier for beginners because they are wide and long. Maintaining balance on a wide deck is easy. This is the reason that beginners are suggested longboards. You can also opt for a cruiser longboard for optimal width.

Can you Ollie on a longboard?

You can do Ollie on a longboard. But I would suggest you choose a skateboard for doing tricks. Skateboards are built for doing tricks. Therefore, skateboarding allows one to perform Ollie effortlessly.

Final Words

In this article, we have covered how longboarding and skateboarding are supported by different people. As a beginner, you can choose from the knowledge you gained from the facts given above. Otherwise, if you want to switch to longboarding or skateboarding, I have warned you about the challenges you will face.

Beginners are suggested with longboards first because it is convenient to balance on a longboard. Tricks and flips are simpler on skateboards. Let’s summarize the answer to “Is longboarding easier than skateboarding?” For beginners, Yes! For experts who want to learn advanced skating, it doesn’t matter. Because experts already know how to balance, they should not waste their time on longboards.


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