Are Walmart Skateboards Good? – Unveiling The Truth

Skateboarding is considered an intense sport. So a skateboarder must be physically strong just like the skating equipment. Choosing the right skateboard is also essential as having the right skills for the competition. It plays a vital role in the success or failure of a skateboarder, so one must ensure the quality of all the accessories. No doubt, choosing the right skateboard is the first step when someone starts skateboarding.

We all know that different skateboards are available at various online shopping stores, so Walmart is one of them. Walmart skateboards are available at an affordable price and could be decent for beginners depending on their usage. Like every cheap skateboard, these are also of low quality. Cheap material is used in their build, along with inexpensive accessories. People often ask this question “ Are Walmart skateboards good? “ So, here is a complete guide based on personal research and experience.

Are Walmart Skateboards Good?

No, the Walmart skateboards are not good enough. Low-quality wood or plastic is used in different parts of these skateboards. Usually, their wheels and bearings are too rigid. A smooth ride is almost impossible with such useless boards.

I bought a few skateboards a few months back, but that was the worst experience. Later I checked the reviews about these skateboards at Walmart, and I was shocked. People already condemned it, but my bad, I did not check these before.

So, whenever you buy a skateboard from Walmart, you must check the two or three-star reviews, don’t go for the four or five-stars; those are probably the fake ones.

Why Are Walmart Skateboards Not So Good?

These skateboards get broken quickly because of their cheap material and low-quality trucks. During a ride, their wheels could come flying off, and besides their poor performance, they could be unsafe and cause an injury.

Based on my experience, these could be good for the short term, but is there anything good for a long time by Walmart?

Probably you can save some bucks by shopping through Walmart, but you must keep in mind the cons. It could be a frustrating experience. Don’t believe my words, and check out the statements of different skateboarding enthusiasts about the quality of Walmart skateboards like John Hill and Aaron Kyro.

Which are the Commonly Used Skateboards?

Although skateboards come in two main categories longboards and shortboards, there are many variations within these two categories depending on different body types, styles, and personal preferences.

My Recommendations About Skateboards

If you have any desire to do stunts, I would suggest a real skateboard that seems to be this:

WhiteFang Skateboard

This WhiteFang Skateboard is perfect for stunts and fascinating companions. The tricks don’t accompany the board; it’s all you. Also, this skateboard can be used in skateparks as well.

This is possibly the most open board to journey in and out of town, hang with companions, or go on a decent ride around your area. But not recommended for skateparks.”

They are the notorious Penny sheets, whose reason is just God knows what. Well then, I’ve had awful encounters with Penny Boards, predominantly because they are so little contrasted with my 43-inch longboard. I wouldn’t suggest these for taller individuals, similar to me (5′9.5), because having your legs nearby is abnormal. However, that is simply me.

What Makes a Good Skateboard?

Different parts make up a skateboard. A good set of accessories collectively makes a good skateboard. The main problem with a bad board is that the trucks made of cheap metal will break. The decks built with poor-quality wood can’t deal with much impact. There will be chips and breaks in the wood, and the layers will become loose. No matter whether you purchase an instant skateboard or make your own, you need to consider the entire board, including the deck, trucks, and wheels.
Let’s have an overview of each part.

A Reasonable Skateboard Deck

A modern deck is made of slim layers of maple or bamboo. Usually, the nose of a skateboard is made a bit longer than the tail: the curved nose and tail help the skateboarder to perform tricks like ollies, etc.

Note that the longboards are usually designed in a different style lacking a curved nose and tail. Skateboard decks of top quality are lightweight yet sturdy and give the board “pop.” Top-quality decks combine adaptability and rigidity to respond to ollies and stunts while enabling the board to “pop.”

Must consider how tall you are while picking a board width. Additionally, consider the sort of style you wish to skate. Get a deck size of 7.5 to 8.0 if you plan to ride in the city.

If you need to ride vert, 8.0 and up is probably the best. However, it’s a matter of personal preference. Skateboarders generally use decks over 8.0mm.

Standard Quality Wheels

Usually, good skateboard wheels are made from polyurethane with insignificant added substances. Toy skateboard wheels can be made of plastic or a bad quality poly blend which leads to poor performance in the best-case scenario and, unfortunately, broken wheels are the worst-case scenario. Here memorability and dishonor can become integral factors.
Select wheels for the sort of skateboard that you have and what you,

  1. Long sheets utilize large and delicate wheels.
  2. Road sheets utilize little and rugged wheels.
  3. It doesn’t make any difference what marks your different parts are. Get the best brand for every individual part depending on your requirements.

A “genuine” skateboard wheel will commonly have the producer’s name, the wheel’s breadth (in mm), and the wheel’s durometer (hardness) mentioned on it.

High-Quality Bearings

If you don’t have standard bearings, the quality wheel is of almost no use. Bearings help the wheel to run smoothly and turn properly with minimum friction. If they get dirty, the bearings could be cleaned and lubricated easily. On the other hand, The low-quality bearings degrade the wheel’s performance gradually. During the ride, they produce a horrible sound and if you try to lubricate these bearings you can’t because they are not designed to be cleaned later and the only option is to replace them. The following points should be kept in mind regarding bearings

  1. Keep your bearings clean and all around greased up, they’ll last longer.
  2. Properly lubricate the bearings to avoid corrosion.
  3. If you can afford it, use bearings with ceramic balls rather than steel ones as they will endure longer and won’t be greased up as frequently. ceramic balls additionally will not absorb as much heat as steel balls, and this also increases their life.

Superior Trucks

Trucks are also an important part of skateboards. They work as axles and are responsible for the movement of the boards. A good skateboard should also have high-quality trucks and these should be attached to the deck properly. Some low-quality skateboard brands also use plastic trucks which break during the ride and cause injury to the rider, so please avoid them.

If you are going to choose good quality trucks for your skateboard, they must have the following characteristics.

  1. Make sure that the length is no longer 10 inches.
  2. Its width fits the deck. (7.5 trucks on a 7.5 deck.)
  3. Lightweight and Crushes well.
  4. Made up of solid and Superior quality material.

Fine Grip Tape

Along with all other quality accessories, the quality of a good grip tape must also be considered. It provides support and grip to the skateboarder. If you are building a custom skateboard for yourself then you must consider the top brands for a fine grip tape but unfortunately, you would not be able to have that option if you purchase a complete skateboard. Check out these top anime grip tapes.

Professional Assembly

After purchasing and choosing all the top-quality accessories, the accessories must be assembled in the form of a skateboard by a professional skateboarder. A skateboarder may be more aware than any other person. Along with the deck and trucks, must check that the wheels spin smoothly.

Wrapping Up

After such a brief discussion. I hope the question “Are Walmart skateboards good’’ is clear to you. Walmart skateboards are useless for regular skateboarders depending upon the different factors like build quality and cheap accessories used in these skateboards. I advise you to buy one from any famous skateboard shop in your city as you can check the build and material quality of different skateboards very closely there. Or you can check out the top skateboard brands to buy their skateboards.


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