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Gaming equipment comes in different styles and characteristics. For example, a ball doesn’t need to always be of the same size and features. Similarly, a skateboard doesn’t need to be a skateboard always and forever. You can amend it on your own or buy different skateboard products with variations in features and characteristics. I came across a skateboard with a handle and then searched a lot related to it. So I wanted to share my experience and let you know what is a skateboard with a handle called.

A skateboard with a handle is called a scooterboard. Quite different from skateboarding but almost similar in features and characteristics. Make sure to read the article and focus on every explanation as it contains the fundamental differences between skateboards and scooterboards and what are the characteristics and features that are specifically present in scooterboards. You can buy it if you want to have an adventurous scooting experience with an advanced-level skateboard.

What is a Skateboard With Handle Called?

A Skateboard with a handle is called a Scooterboard. This consists of features of both a scooter and an electric skateboard. It means you can get 2-in-1 benefits if you only buy a scooterboard.

What Is a Scooterboard?

A Scooterboard is a type of skateboard that is electrical in functioning and is more advanced than a general skateboard. It consists of the features of scooters and skateboards in it. We can confidently say that it is a combination of an electric scooter and a skateboard and thus named a scooterboard.

The scooterboard is more reliable and safer than casual skateboards and electric scooters. Let us find out what is the structure of a scooterboard and what are the significant differences between a scooterboard and a skateboard. We will also look into the features that make it more in demand and high in popularity.

Structure of the Scooterboard

The scooterboard, as said before, is a combination of a skateboard and an electric scooter. The structure and composition of scooterboards are not different from these two. It consists of a deck, wheels, a battery system, motor wires, and a handle to hold. All of these features, except the battery and motor systems, are also present in the skateboard.

Alternatively, all of these features except the appropriate skateboard deck are also present in electric scooters. If we look into the details, we will know that the scooterboard consists of a larger deck size in the base than the skateboard, a more robust electrical motor system, a longer stem to hold, and a comparatively large weight capacity.

 Chillafish scooterboard

Difference Between Scooterboard And A Skateboard

When we say that a scooterboard consists of electrical scooter features, it is not a skateboard. Similarly, when we say that this electric skateboard contains handles, it means that it’s not an ordinary skateboard. Here I am now introducing you to the fundamental and detailed differences between a scooterboard and a skateboard so you can select the best gadgets for you according to your needs and convenience.

External Force Applied

You are not required to put in strenuous efforts while pushing the scooterboard. It will ride simply with slight pressure and force you to exert as you lean forward. It means having a scooterboard will not make you tired and will not exhaust you even if you are planning to ride a long way or use it for longer route transportation purposes. The Scooterboard consists of a single powerful electric motor that helps you minimize the external force. On the other hand, the skateboard requires all of the power from your side to keep going.


Skateboards are generally manually operated and do not involve any electrical connections. Alternatively, scooterboards consist of an electrical system that involves an electric motor that helps the scooter in moving. This makes the scooter more and more popular and increases demand because it limits the force you put on the board to move it. This feature of electrical functioning in the scooterboard makes it ideal for children and old age people.

Braking System

The braking system of the scooterboard, compared with the skateboard, is faster and safer. It means that when you are riding a scooterboard, you can apply brakes more safely and securely than skateboard braking. These brakes of the scooterboard work quickly and efficiently without any delay. It makes it safer and more protective for children.

Ergonomic in Handling

The scooterboard is designed to make it highly ergonomic and comfortable for the rider. Compared to the skateboard, you can hold the scooterboard with both of your hands which makes it more ergonomic and comfortable throughout the riding. The presence of handles and the availability of the options of holding the scooterboard with one hand or both of your hands distribute the rider’s weight more evenly. This ultimately makes the scooterboard easy and comfortable to ride. It means you can depend on longer routes without tiring your arms and disturbing your posture.

Stability And Balancing

Scooterboards are the most stable and balanced form of transportation and riding compared to the skateboard. Scooterboards consist of holding handles, whereas regular skateboards do not. These scooterboards are easy to move and push compared to the skateboard because of the more even distribution of the weight. The balancing is perfect on a scooterboard because of the presence of a handlebar as a holder, which will help you in balancing while standing and riding.

Turning And Steering

When we look into the depth of using skateboard and scooterboard and compare both of them, we will get to know that riding a scooterboard is easier and more convenient as compared to skateboard. Taking turns is more manageable while you are riding a scooterboard because what you only need to do is to turn the handle slightly, and you have made a turn. Alternatively, if you are riding a skateboard, you need to lean forward or backward in addition to applying the pressure from your feet and toes towards the rail or board to make it take a turn.

Looking For Tricks?

If you are looking for something to master yourself in tricks training, I, with my personal experience, will recommend you select a scooterboard. It will provide you with the opportunity to master professional tricks and those tough and harder ones than skateboard tricks. If you want to perform advanced-level tricks and master them, go with scooterboards rather than skateboards because the presence of more stability, security, and proper balancing offers you a great place to learn tricks in an advanced way. Also, the skateboards lifespan is shorter if you perform tricks with skateboards.


What are regular skateboards called?

Regular skateboards are the two main types of skateboards known as longboard and short-boards. Both are designed in a concave shape which is the necessary shape for a skateboard to make it easier to ride and perform tricks. Moreover, for racing and cruising activities, you should have a longboard with you. On the other hand, for skate park riding and performing tricks, you should have a short skateboard with you.

Are electric scooters safer than skateboards?

Yes, if you’re talking about the comparison between electric scooters and skateboards in terms of safety, then I will suggest you select an electric scooter. These electric scooters are safer and more secure as compared to skateboards. They contain handles to hold, meaning the weight is evenly distributed, making it more ergonomic. Furthermore, the braking system is also quicker and more instant than the regular skateboards.

Is an electric scooter or bike better?

Electric scooters are said to be more effective than bikes nowadays. This is because the bike works and operates at the cost of your energy and effort. Alternatively, an electric scooter is used because of an electrical system. Moreover, when an electric scooter is compared with a bike, it is said to be greater in speed, better in safety features, and more ergonomic in riding. These features make electric scooters more in demand and famous in the market.

What’s more popular: skateboarding or scootering?

There is no particular answer to this question because it depends on the user’s choice. Nowadays, it has been noticed that many skateboarders are switching to their scooterboards. This is because of the functioning and safety features of the rider. Scooterboards are more stable and safer as compared to a skateboard. Moreover, the scooter is ideal for those who cannot put extra effort into pushing the skateboard.


Skateboard with handles is called a Scooterboard. The scooter board is set with a combination and amalgam of skateboards and electric scooters. It consists of the features of both skateboard and electric scooters in it. When we compare both skateboards and scooterboards, we will get to know that scooterboards are more popular and contain more advanced features. It is more stable to ride and is safer than the skateboard. Make sure to read the above article with attention as it will let you know everything about the scooterboard.


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