How To Wrap A Skateboard? Tips & Tricks to Wrap a Skateboard

Gifting skateboarders a skateboard will be a great idea. But wrapping a skateboard could be tricky and most people don’t know exactly how to wrap a skateboard because of its shape. It would be helpful for many people to have an item like this that reflects their personality and passion.

So, if you plan to give someone a skateboard as a gift, you must know how to wrap it. It is essential to present your recipient with a gift wrap that has been carefully thought out and perhaps even unique. You can always win a rider’s heart with a skateboard, whether custom-made or a pre-designed one of their choice. Are you aware that skateboards can be discreetly wrapped without ruining the surprise?

So without wasting any time let’s get into this and learn how we can wrap a skateboard discretely in just a few simple steps.

How To Wrap A Skateboard?

The shape and weight of skateboards make wrapping them tricky. It has about 30 inches of length plus the wheels and trucks at the bottom. But don’t worry, you won’t have any problems wrapping the skateboard with the help of this guide. Follow the method below to get started.

Things You Need to Wrap a Skateboard

To wrap a skateboard, you will need creativity, a bit of resourcefulness, and some time. You will need the following materials are as follows:

  • Scissors
  • The cutter
  • Using a measuring tape
  • Paper and pencil
  • The clear packaging tape
  • Using clear tape to wrap gifts
  • Large cardboard box
  • Wrapping paper for two gifts
  • Ribbons
  • Card for gifting

You will find these materials to be affordable and easy to find. Their skateboard wrapping ability makes it easy to wrap a skateboard. A large quantity of these items are available at home most of the time. Some are even recyclable for further savings. It won’t disappoint you if you do it yourself instead it will be a fun activity.

Wrapping Process

You can make wrapping the skateboard easier by wrapping it in a custom box. There is a primary objective of creating a flat underside where to mount the trucks and wheels.

Measure The Skateboard

Your measuring tape should be used to determine the skateboard’s height, width, and length. Ensure that your measurements are taken from end to end for the most accurate results. You’ll need the measurements for your reference later, so note them down.

Scale Your Cardboard Box

Make sure the cardboard box you choose has the appropriate depth and length for the skateboard you have. Look over the dimensions you wrote down. Make sure you have enough cardboard to enclose the skateboard completely.

Prepare The Cardboard Box.

The first step is to break the opening tabs on the top and bottom of the box. You can unfold the box by cutting one corner from top to bottom with your cutter. After recycling a box, remove all packaging tape carefully. As a result, you should have a long, straight piece of cardboard.

Put The Skateboard On The Flat Cardboard Box

Skateboards need to go directly on cardboard boxes before flattening. It should be possible to leave plenty of space around the edges for wheels and trucks. Take a look at both sides to ensure both distances are similar. Your box’s cover will come from another section that you measure and cut.

Scale The Cardboard Box

Make a line from the top of the cardboard to the bottom and remove all the excess cardboard. You should ensure the edge is relatively straight as you work your way down. A ruler and a pencil can be used to draw an accurate demarcation line beforehand is possible.

Pack Cardboard Box With Skateboard

You can now position your skateboard inside the cardboard box and fold the sides to cover all sides thoroughly. To close the box, place the second piece of cardboard on top of the box to complete it. You should apply your packaging tape neatly and securely to all sides.

Wrap The Cardboard Box

The cardboard box should appear in the center of your gift wrap. It would help if you allowed ample overlap between the edges of the gift wrapping paper and the edges of the box. Check the space left and right and ensure it’s relatively even.

Cover The Cardboard Box Section By Section

The best way to wrap the package is by beginning with the long sides and working your way down. A smooth finish is possible by folding the gift wrap tightly against the box’s edges. As you tape the gift wrap onto the box, ensure it is secure.

Wrap The Gift With An Additional Sheet of Paper

The top half of the box should have one more sheet of gift-wrapping paper. Make sure the sheet of paper matches the bottom half of the wrappers. It is essential that the sheet completely covers the bottom half. Ensure the ends are neatly folded against the box side and secured with tape.

Make Triangular Flaps On The Sides

You can make a triangular flap by folding one side from top to bottom. You will inch your way across by holding one side and folding it flat. It should be done on the other side in the same way. Tape the flaps down snugly before pressing them against the box.

Decorate The Box

Pull the ribbon over the box by pulling it up and over it. Tie the ribbon securely after holding it tight against the surface. Make the ribbon as fancy and creative as you like! Your card should be placed beside the ribbon at this point.

How Do You Wrap A Skateboard For Christmas?

Skateboards are best wrapped with butcher paper, a thick paper that can quickly be wrapped around the entire board. You will end up with something that looks like a plank of wood with wheels that don’t stand out too much. Additionally, It cannot be done with traditional wrapping paper because it will crinkle, scrunch, and tear. Wrapping the butcher paper closely is essential to prevent it from sinking, ripping, or revealing its actual shape/content.

Suppose You can wrap your paper first and then wrap it with Christmas wrapping paper if it is dull and uninspiring. As a result, the skateboard will look like it has been wrapped only in traditional wrapping paper for Christmas. Moreover, the skateboard will never be guessed as a gift when placed under the tree.

Along with bubble wrap, you can also use it to protect your skateboard. We are creating a tubular board that will be easier to wrap, so a single layer is fine. Also, bubble wrap protects skateboards during storage, which makes it a good option for moving them.


As a result, skateboards are challenging to wrap traditionally and they can be a dead giveaway for the recipient. Aren’t you happy you found an alternative method of wrapping skateboards as a gift discreetly and securely? The experience was great for us and we hope you also enjoyed it! Here’s a tutorial to teach you how to wrap like a pro. It’s fun and easy and you can upcycle your old cardboard boxes into something useful if you want.

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