Best Skateboards Under $100 That You Must Consider – Reviewed By Experts

For anyone who has just started skating, it makes sense that they don’t want to invest heavily in a skateboard. Here affordable alternatives come into play that have got all the beginners covered and are easily available. Multiple brands have come up with reasonable alternatives between $50 and $100, having all the basic features with the quality intact.

However, it is not quite easy to find the right one and it requires know-how of all the specifications. Here, you need to look into some important things, including deck size, load capacity, construction material, wheels, deck structure, and so on. So, follow this guide on the best skateboards under $100 so that you pick the right one for yourself.

10 Best Skateboards Under $100 – Our Top Picks

When going through the review process of skateboards under a $100 budget, we found the following 10 skateboards that are by far the best to grab. Let’s check these out.

1. Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard

I am here with this Powell Peralta Dragon board at the top of my list, all credit to its intelligent design. At this price, the fact that it has wide dimensions and high-quality construction makes it worth the money. Similarly, the dragon graphics certainly adds to its visual appeal.

The first thing I would like to appreciate here is the elevated concave design that makes it effortless to ride. It is further covered with a grip tape that makes sure you have perfect traction. Speaking of the dimensions, I found the 7.65 inches width quite comfortable to maneuver freely.

In addition, another feature worth mentioning is the PU wheels. They are 54mm with a 99 A durometer that feels quite hard and rolls smoothly over rough terrains. I also found them quite responsive with better rebound value. Hence, the reason I experience no issues over bumpy grounds.

  • Offers incredible stability
  • Light and compact
  • Great for bumpy surfaces
  • Easy to control
  • Not the most durable

Wrapping up, this Powell Golden skateboard is undoubtedly a great choice for cruisers. This is all thanks to its elevated design and rugged wheels that roll smoothly over rough and uneven terrains. In addition, the high-rebound value of the wheels makes it one of my favorite budget skateboards.

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2. Magneto SUV Skateboard | Fully Assembled

Magneto SUV Skateboard

The runner-up on my list of the best skateboards under $100 is this Magneto SUV with incredible load capacity and construction quality. I have used them for street and downhill skating and the experience was amazing. Also, it has a minimal learning curve.

Speaking of the deck, this one is made up of high-quality Canadian maple. Hence, you won’t face issues with any scratches or physical damage. It further has an elevated design that immediately makes it easy to balance and stabilize, even on rough surfaces.

Finally, when it comes to the wheels, they have PU ones with a 78A durometer. At this price, I would say it is more than enough to roll over fairly curved surfaces. I experienced no vibrations over a few bumps. The wheels are also larger, which adds to the overall experience.

  • Feels soft, responsive
  • Durable and hard
  • Rolls quite smoothly
  • Looks quite appealing
  • Not for speed

Final thoughts, this Magneto skateboard is my favorite for cruising, all thanks to the quality of the construction. It has a sturdy and responsive deck accompanied by hard wheels that deliver well. Similarly, the natural wood look adds to its appeal.

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3. Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

Enjoi Whitey Panda Skateboard

If you are a teenager who has just started riding, definitely go for this skateboard. It has a wide deck with unique panda graphics that makes it a fair deal at this price. Likewise, I like the fact that it is quite easy to control and take charge of, even over a few bumps.

The first thing that impressed me about this board is that the deck is made up of Canadian wood, despite the price. The seven layers combined feel responsive and prevent any chances of damage. Here, the 7.75-wide deck design offers enough space for riders to maneuver.

Lastly, for the wheels setup, the manufacturers have added 52mm urethane wheels with shielded bearings. So, you don’t have to worry about dust getting in the way of your movements. I also really like the addition of Philips hardware, as it helps riders in repair work.

  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Wide, responsive deck
  • Dust-free wheels
  • Easy to balance
  • It can be a bit noisy

Final thoughts, this Enjoi skateboard complete set is a perfect gift for your teens, all thanks to their scope for practice. I have used them in the past and would say this is the easiest one to balance. It also rolls smoothly over a few bumps, which is always a plus.

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4. SANTA CRUZ Skateboard Complete

Santa Cruz Skateboard

Santa Cruz is a leading brand when it comes to skateboards because of its intelligent designs. This one from them is a budget-friendly option for beginners to learn tricks. Similarly, if you are having issues with control, do give this skateboard a try.

First of all, it is popular for its durability, all credit goes to the seven-layer maple wood deck. This also helps riders with stability. Also, the concave shape is deep, making it easy for skaters to perform tricks. Overall, the 31 x 8 inches dimensions provide riders with ample space to practice flip tricks.

Speaking of stability, the wheels are 52mm with a base of 13 inches and a 95A durometer. This combination is hard enough for riders to roll over bumpy surfaces. Similarly, the fact that the wheels are shorter made it easy for me to handle the board.

  • Superior construction quality
  • Large, wide deck
  • It is slightly curve
  • Easy to control
  • It doesn’t work with speed

Wrapping up, it can be a worthy investment for beginners who want to learn some serious skills. It is quite ideal for riders to handle and control their movements well. I found it quite convenient on a few bumps. However, this might not work with speed.

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5. Yocaher Pro Skateboard Blank

 Yocaher Pro Skateboard under 100

This Yocaher skateboard is popular for its low budget and versatile design. Despite the price, it is loaded with features and withstands momentum well. Apart from this, the deck is wide and responsive enough to keep the experience pleasant for you.

First of all, the deck is made up of maple wood that feels durable and stable. Also, I found the size of the deck appropriate for moving freely on the field. The deck concave also feels really light. Hence, the reason it can be used for downhill skating, cruising, and even flip tricks.

Lastly, these wheels are 55m polyurethane, making it easy to maintain balance. Here, the 99A durometer is hard enough to handle rough surfaces and speed. Finally, the fact that the entire board is covered with grip tape contributes to the overall traction.

  • Strong built quality
  • Better grip and control
  • Easy to balance
  • It can be a bit noisy

In conclusion, irrespective of the skill set, this skateboard can help you practice stability and practice. This is all thanks to its rugged construction and deep concave structure. I have used this board for quite some time and really like that it has a minimal learning curve.

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6. Powell Peralta Ripper One Off Complete Skateboard

Powell Peralta Ripper One off skateboard

If you have always been concerned about the looks of your board, this Power Peralta is certainly an option out there. With this, its performance is fairly decent for the price. Similarly, the fact that it has a small and light design makes it great for newbies.

The highlight of this board is the skull-printed deck that immediately attracts the eyes on the streets and in pools. The wood used might not be the best, but is durable enough to resist scratches. It has a 7.5 inches width that helps you in balancing the board quite easily, with minimal effort.

Finally, another good thing about this board is that it comes pre-assembled. So, you don’t have to put in any effort. Speaking of wheels, this one has a 101A durometer that rolls smoothly over rough surfaces. This also handles the impact well and keeps the ride stable.

  • Hard, responsive wheels
  • Stable and responsive
  • Incredibly appealing graphics
  • It comes pre-assembled
  • Bushings are quite loose

In essence, this Power Peralta complete skateboard package is undoubtedly the best choice for newbies who have just started riding skateboards. This has a wide deck and high durometer that certainly delivers well. Finally, the fact that it is pre-assembled adds to its value.

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7. WhiteFang Complete Skateboard for Beginners

WhiteFang Skateboard

Here comes yet another best skateboard under $100 for any entry-level riders who are in the practicing stages. This one has a sandpaper finish with a waterproof finish that certainly adds to the ease. Moreover, the cool triangle graphics makes this board visually appealing.

The highlight of this skateboard is its asymmetrical design. This has a deep concave and provides ample space for the riders for flip tricks. The wood used in the deck is equally light and durable, so you can handle it easily. Also, it can handle loads up to 330 pounds, which is a plus.

Likewise, for stability, the manufacturers have added PU wheels with a 95A durometer. At this price, the hardness is quite justified and keeps the riders in charge of the board. It is further accompanied by ABEC bearings that handle heavy impact quite ideally.

  • Easy to handle
  • Light and compact
  • It has an attractive design
  • Offers better control
  • The bearings need tightening

In conclusion, this WhiteFang skateboard is yet another great choice for beginners who want to learn how to take control of the board. This is all thanks to its light and compact design. Similarly, the visually appealing graphics and attractive color combinations add to the aesthetic value.

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8. BELEEV Skateboards for Beginners

Beelve Skateboard

At this price, the fact that you are getting a versatile skateboard from Believe sounds just right. This board works for almost all riding styles, including transition, flip tricks, and street skating. After using them for quite some time, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it feels quite flexible.

Speaking of the deck, it is made up of maple wood that measures around 8 x 31 inches. Now, this is wide enough for riders to maneuver freely across the field. Similarly, it is further accompanied by a double-kick concave structure that is quite responsive and easy to control.

Lastly, when it comes to the wheels, this one comes with a 78A durometer and aluminum trucks. This combination provides riders with a better rebound value, making the board great for fairly rough terrains. However, the only drawback is that the grip tape loses its strength and fades away over time.

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Symmetric, wide deck
  • Feels really comfortable
  • Light and compact
  • The grip tape loses its strength

In conclusion, this Believe skateboard is my all-time favorite for casual skating. The highlight of this board is its intelligent symmetric shape that works for the majority of tricks. In addition, the hard wheels and waterproof deck surfaces make it worth every penny.

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9. Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard

Minority Maple Skateboard

This Minority maple skateboard is one of my favorites, partly because it handles speed well, even on rough surfaces. It is best known for its hard wheels which are quite impressive, given the price. In addition, the wide deck further helped me a lot in mastering some of the really difficult moves.

First of all, the deck is made up of maple wood which is durable and resists damage. This one further has a deep concave shape that is elevated and helps you with incredible response. It is also preferred for agile flip tricks. However, I would say it feels a bit heavier than usual.

Lastly, speaking of the wheels, this board is equipped with 78A PU bushings. This is accompanied by trucks that have carbon kingpin that has better rebound value and takes impact ideally. In the end, they are equally hard enough to roll smoothly over a few bumps.

  • Great for speedy tricks
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Better rebound value
  • Great for practice
  • Grip tape is not quality

Final thoughts, this Minority skateboard is the best-suited option for riders who are fond of agile movements. The deep concave structure and hard wheels help you feel safe and withstand impact well. Overall, the cool blue tones and graphics make it worth the money.

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10. KPC Complete Skateboard – Pro Style

KPC Complete Skateboard under 100

For anyone in search of response and stability, I have this KPC board on my list of the best skateboards under $100. I have used them in the initial days of my skating and would recommend this to any entry-level rider. Moreover, despite the price, it works well with speed.

Speaking of the design, the manufacturers have used 7-ply Canadian maple wood. It is really durable and takes loads well. The deck is further coated with grip tape that adds to the stability. I found it flexible enough to practice flip tricks, with minimal issues of control.

Finally, they are equipped with 52mm PU wheels and a 90A durometer. This combination is hard enough to roll smoothly over rough surfaces and a few bumps. Here, the ABEC-7 bearings helped me a lot in gaining momentum across the streets. However, it took me a great deal of time.

  • It comes pre-assembled
  • Responsive and stable
  • Durable and strong
  • Offers better traction
  • You need to tighten the bearings

In conclusion, this KPC skateboard is often known as the pro-style budget alternative, owing to the fact that it takes speed well. While using this, I find it quite stable and responsive on the streets. Not only this, but the fact that it comes pre-assembled makes it quite easy.

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What to Look for While Buying the Best Skateboards under $100: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a newbie and just started skateboarding, you are probably looking for a budget-friendly skateboard. But it can be challenging to find one under 100 dollars. To save you from the struggle of research, I am here to share some important tips and tricks.

Material Construction

The first and foremost thing you need to look into when buying a skateboard is its material. Most commonly, aluminum and maple wood are popular, because of their incredible quality. Also, at this price, you can easily find these materials. So, never compromise on durability as choosing a quality material will be beneficial for long-term use.

Skill level

It is very easy to find a good skateboard for newbies for just 100 dollars. But you still should consider individual skills before buying one. Not all skateboards are made for you. For instance, if you are good at flip tricks and want to skate on ramps, you should go for a light alternative. Likewise, if you want to do downhill skating, definitely go for a hard deck structure.


Similarly, the deck is another important factor when buying a skateboard. They come in different sizes which makes it tricky to find the perfect match. The rule of thumb is that if you are a beginner, a smaller yet wide deck will be easy for you to handle and vice versa. On the contrary, for professionals, you need a long and deep concave deck structure.


I know it is difficult to find a skateboard with these many features for just $100. But you should never compromise on wheels and bearings, as it highly affects your performance. Here, wheels come in different sizes from 50mm to 60 mm. The basic rule is that for newbies who are not a big fan of speed, smaller wheels work well. Also, make sure the durometer is between 85 and 99A, as it determines their ability to get rid of bumps and rough surfaces.

Finally, I hope you will soon be able to find the best skateboard under $100.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Is a $100 skateboard good?

Yes, skateboards between $50 and $100 are great for beginners. This is because it is not really low for newbies. However, this doesn’t mean that they are readily available in the market. Hence, you must know the features that match your skill set and what differentiates a quality board from others.

  • Is a 7.0-inch skateboard good for a 12-year-old?

Yes, anything between a 7 and 7.5 inches deck is good for teenagers who have just started skating. However, it also depends on the weight and height of the rider. For instance, if you are a little on the bulkier side, go for medium decks (between 7.5 and 8 inches) to make sure there are no stability issues.

  • Are cheap skateboards worth it?

Yes, to some extent. Cheap skateboards are marketed toward riders who have just started skating and are not ready to invest heavily in a board. However, you will have to do the research to make sure you have your hands on the right product. Here, I would recommend going for high-end products.

Final Thoughts

In the end, affordable skateboards are a perfect solution for beginners who have just started practicing flip tricks or cruising. However, to find the right one, you need to look into everything, including size, load capacity, construction material, wheels, deck structure, and so on. Finally, here are some of my favorites from the list;

  • Magneto SUV Skateboard | Fully Assembled looks quite appealing and has hard wheels that roll over bumpy terrains.
  • Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard is light and compact for riders to practice their control and stability.
  • Powell Peralta Ripper One Off Complete Skateboard comes pre-assembled and has a responsive structure for street skating.

Finally, I hope, after reading this guide, you will be able to find the perfect match of the skateboard for your individual skill set.


Hi, I'm Mazahir. I love traveling, sports and adventure. I’m constantly trying to learn new skills and specifically skateboarding skills. And reviewing skateboarding products is one of my favorite hobbies. You can follow me to get connected and if you have any questions.