Top 13 Anime Grip Tapes for Your Skateboard Decks

In the colorful and dynamic world of skateboarding, enthusiasts are constantly searching for ways to express their individuality and unique interests. Whether you’re a die-hard anime fan or just someone who appreciates the artistry of this captivating genre, there’s a thrilling new trend of anime grip tapes that’s taking the skateboarding community by storm.

Anime Grip Tapes aren’t just a functional accessory; they’re a canvas for your passions, a statement of your love for Japanese animation, and a creative outlet that can set you apart at the skate park. In this article, we’ll delve into the vibrant universe of Anime Grip Tapes, exploring their origin, the creative possibilities they offer, and the unique fusion of two seemingly disparate worlds: skateboarding and anime.

Best Anime Grip Tapes in 2024 – Fans Favorite

1. VIOSUN 9″ x 33″ Anime Grip Tape

Viodun grip tape

As an avid anime enthusiast, one of my favorite series is Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The character featured on the skateboard grip tape I came across is Tanjiro Kamado, the series’s main protagonist. Tanjiro’s journey begins when demons tragically slaughter his family, and his younger sister Nezuko transforms into one herself.

Determined to become a Demon Slayer and save his sister, Tanjiro showcases incredible resilience, kindness, and unwavering determination.

The VIOSUN 9″ x 33″ Grip Tape Skateboard, designed with skateboarders like me in mind, offers exceptional grip and control during rides. Its waterproof and wear-resistant emery texture surface ensures a non-slip grip, even in challenging weather conditions.

The professional-grade adhesion and high-density sand composition guarantee durability and long-lasting performance.

This grip adhesive tape is 9 inches by 33 inches (84 cm x 23 cm) and is suitable for various skateboard types, including scooters, penny boards, and cruiser boards. Its fine quality and grainy texture increase friction, allowing for safer rides and better control.

2. VHIONER Anime Grip Tape

VHIONER grip tape

One of my all-time favorite characters is Saitama from the anime series One-Punch Man. He’s the main protagonist; let me tell you, he’s something else. He can defeat opponents with just one punch, making him the most powerful superhero.

But what’s fascinating about Saitama is his laid-back and easygoing personality. He’s not interested in fame or glory; he only wants to find a worthy opponent to challenge him.

Speaking of anime, I recently came across the VHIONER Anime Grip Tape for skateboards, and it instantly caught my attention. This grip tape ensures a secure grip on your board and showcases your love for anime. The design is simply eye-catching, and the quality is top-notch.

What I appreciate about this grip tape is its strong adhesion. Made from PVC, it stays firmly in place without peeling off, even during intense skateboarding sessions.

3. FYANER Skateboard Grip Tape

FYANER Skateboard Grip Tape

From the popular series Black Clover. Noelle Silva, a member of the Black Bulls, captivated me with her impressive water magic and her kind and caring nature. The grip tape I recently discovered features an incredible illustration of Noelle, bringing her character to life on my skateboard.

Let me tell you about the amazing grip tape I found. The FYANER 9″ x 33″ Skateboard Grip Tape is truly outstanding. Its environmentally-friendly material, made from green silicon carbide, gives it a frosted texture, ensuring a non-slip and waterproof surface. I love the strong glue on the back that firmly adheres to my skateboard, providing excellent grip and control.

The 33 x 9-inch size fits perfectly on most skateboards and scooters, and it’s easily customizable with a simple cut to match individual preferences and board sizes. But what makes this product even better is the additional accessories that come with it.

4. HANZHY Anime Grip Tape

Hanzhy grip tape

Rem from the popular series Re: Zero. Rem is a half-elf maid who serves the Roswaal mansion alongside her twin sister, Ram. I’m captivated by her kind and gentle nature and her unwavering loyalty to Subaru, the main protagonist.

Rem’s strength and combat skills are truly impressive. She often saves Subaru from dangerous situations, using her demon powers to enhance her speed and strength. I admire her complex personality, especially her conflicted feelings for Subaru and Emilia, another key character in the series.

I recently discovered the HANZHY Skateboard Grip Tape Sheets perfectly complement Rem’s strong and capable persona. With its high-density sandpaper and durable construction, this grip tape offers reliable grip and stability for executing complex tricks.

5. Seaweed Anime Grip Tape

Seaweed grip tape

Zero Two from the incredible anime series Darling in the FranXX. Zero Two is a hybrid human-klaxosaur and the co-pilot of the FranXX unit Strelizia alongside Hiro. Her backstory is tragic, having been born in a laboratory and subjected to experimentation and torture. It’s no wonder she struggles with emotional instability and often exhibits anger.

However, Zero Two’s life takes a turn when she meets Hiro. He becomes the first person to show her true kindness; their relationship helps her heal and grow emotionally. Witnessing her transformation from a fiercely independent and loyal girl to a compassionate and caring individual is truly captivating.

Aside from her complex personality, there are some intriguing facts about Zero Two. Her name translates to “02” in Japanese, and she can transform into a powerful klaxosaur. Being the pilot of the esteemed FranXX unit Strelizia, she’s hailed as one of the world’s most skilled pilots.

Skateboard Grip Tape 48-inch Longboard by Seaweed. This product has revolutionized my skateboarding experience with its exceptional performance and durability. Its easy trimming capability allows for a precise fit on any skateboard or longboard, ensuring optimal grip and control.

6. Yocaher Grip Tape

Yocaher Grip tape

Killua Zoldyck from the thrilling anime series Hunter x Hunter. Killua is a complex character who captured my heart with his fascinating backstory and remarkable growth throughout the series. Coming from the esteemed Zoldyck family of assassins, he possesses incredible skills and a dark past. However, his friendship with Gon Freecss awakened his kind and compassionate side.

I was excited when I discovered the Yocaher Anime 31″ x 7.75″ Pro Skateboard, which features an eye-catching design inspired by Killua and other beloved anime characters. This skateboard is the perfect way to express my love for both skateboarding and anime. The 7-ply Canadian maple deck provides exceptional durability and flexibility, allowing for smooth rides and impressive tricks.

Equipped with 7.675 HD5 Heavy Duty 2 Tone Trucks and 54mm white wheels, this skateboard offers excellent control, stability, and versatility. The included premium grade 80A black grip tape ensures a secure footing, allowing me to perform tricks and maneuvers confidently.

7. Stars Lion Skateboard Grip

Stars Lion Grip Tape

One character that truly captivates me is Stars Lion. She’s a lion-themed magical girl and one of the five main Cures. With her confident and outgoing nature, Stars Lion is always up for any challenge that comes her way. I admire her strength and powerful lion-themed transformation.

Yoru Natsume, known as Stars Lion in her magical form, is not only a high school student but also the president of the baking club. Her love for baking shines through her kind and caring personality. Yoru’s loyalty to her friends and family is truly admirable.

The Stars Lion Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet offers a DIY style, allowing riders to customize their boards and showcase their unique personality. Its exclusive design, featuring a beautiful lion motif, adds a touch of coolness and individuality to any skateboard or scooter.

8. YYZZH 9″ x 33″ Grip Tape

YYZZH grip tape

One character that has always captured my heart is Rem from the anime series Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World. Rem, a half-elf maid serving the Roswaal L Mathers family, symbolizes loyalty, kindness, and unwavering strength. Her fighter skills and prowess with the battleaxe are truly remarkable.

So, when I stumbled upon the YYZZH Pretty Fire Angel Girl Anime Skateboard Grip Tape featuring a stunning image of Rem, I knew I had to have it. The grip tape is a testament to Rem’s character and a stylish addition to my skateboard.

The grip tape measures 33 inches by 9 inches, perfect for various board types such as skateboards, scooters, penny boards, and cruiser boards. It boasts exceptional durability and resilience and is made with top-notch emery and PVC materials. The high-density sand on its surface provides an excellent grainy texture that ensures a solid grip and enhanced control.

One of the standout features of this grip tape is its waterproof and wear-resistant properties, making it ideal for any weather condition. No matter how intense my skateboarding sessions get, I can rely on this grip tape to deliver reliable traction and long-lasting performance.

Installing the grip tape was a breeze, thanks to its strong adhesive surface. It firmly adhered to my skateboard, ensuring it stayed securely in place without worrying about it peeling off during tricks or rides. This level of adhesion significantly improves my overall performance and gives me the confidence to push my limits.

9. Kigai Anime Girl Skateboard Grip Tape

Kigai Anime Girl Skateboard Grip Tape

I can’t help but get excited about the anime girl featured on the Kigai Anime Girl Skateboard Grip Tape. You may recognize her as Rin Tohsaka from the popular anime Fate/stay the Night. Rin is not your average character—she’s a talented mage with a lineage of powerful magicians behind her. Her exceptional skills in close-quarters combat and magic make her a force to be reckoned with.

Now, let’s talk about the Kigai Anime Girl Skateboard Grip Tape. This grip tape is a must-have for skateboarders like me who want to infuse their style into their boards. Crafted from high-density emery, it provides perfect friction, ensuring excellent traction and grip while riding.

What sets this grip tape apart is its remarkable stickiness. It stays securely in place once applied to your skateboard, even during intense skate sessions. You won’t have to worry about it peeling off unexpectedly.

10. HANZHY Anime Girl Skateboard Grip Tape

Hanzhy anime girl skateboard grip tape

Noelle Silva from Black Clover is undeniably a character close to my heart. Her relatability stems from her flaws and unwavering determination to overcome them. As a strong female protagonist, she fearlessly stands up for herself and fights for what she believes in.

Now, let me introduce you to a product that perfectly captures the essence of Noelle and adds a touch of anime-inspired style to your skateboard. The HANZHY Sexy Anime Girl Skateboard Grip Tape is a visual delight that will make heads turn at the skatepark.

What makes this grip tape exceptional is its anti-slip properties. The high-density sand composition ensures superior traction, granting better control and stability during rides. Its exceptional stickiness guarantees it will stay firmly in place without worrying about peeling off prematurely.

11. Hupery Anime Grip Tape

Hupery Sexy Girl Grip Tape

Zero Two from Darling in the FranXX anime series are characters to feature on my skateboard grip tape. She is a captivating character—a hybrid human-klaxosaur and a member of the 13th Plantation. Zero Two possesses incredible fighting abilities yet maintains a caring and compassionate nature.

Speaking of skateboard grip tape, I recently came across the Hupery Skateboard Grip Tape, and it’s a game-changer for skaters like me who value style and functionality. This grip tape provides an excellent grip, ensuring maximum control and stability during rides and trick execution.

Crafted with emery and PVC, this grip tape boasts durability and longevity, ensuring it can withstand the demands of skateboarding. Applying it to my skateboard is a breeze, thanks to the super sticky adhesive on the back. Just peel, stick, and cut to achieve the perfect fit.

12. YYZZH Skull Skeleton Grip Tape

YYZZH Skull Skeleton Grip Tape

Noelle is a remarkable member of the Black Bulls, a group of courageous magic knights dedicated to protecting the Clover Kingdom. With her incredible water magic abilities, Noelle showcases both power and compassion. She is a formidable force on the battlefield and a genuinely kind and caring individual.

Speaking of impressive finds, let me tell you about the YYZZH skull skeleton grip tape. This product is an absolute standout for skateboarders like me who value both style and functionality. Its captivating design featuring a striking black and red sexy tattoo woman motif adds an edgy and unique touch to any skateboard setup.

Noelle Silva’s indomitable spirit and the YYZZH skull skeleton grip tape’s exceptional quality truly elevate my skateboarding experience. So, if you want to add a touch of anime-inspired style to your skateboard while enjoying enhanced grip and durability, this grip tape is an absolute must-have.

13. Kigai Anime Boy Skateboard Grip Tape

Kigai Anime Boy Skateboard Grip Tape

I stumbled upon the Kigai Anime Boy Skateboard Grip Tape featuring Saitama from the incredible anime series One-Punch Man. Let me tell you, this grip tape is an absolute must-have for any skateboarder who shares my love for anime.

Saitama, the bald superhero known for his unmatched strength, takes center stage on this grip tape. He can defeat any opponent with a single punch, making him the ultimate powerhouse. But what sets Saitama apart is his laid-back and apathetic nature. Despite his immense power, he often finds himself bored with the lack of challenge in his fights. Nevertheless, his kind and compassionate spirit always shines through as he helps those in need.

Let me share some fascinating details about Saitama. His name, derived from Japanese, means “calm, peaceful,” perfectly encapsulates his demeanor. At 25 years old and 5’9″, Saitama boasts a muscular physique, although his exact weight remains unknown. His dedication to training is unparalleled, as he constantly seeks to push his limits and become even stronger. And when it comes to food, his favorite is “The Strongest Soup,” a hotpot that matches his insatiable appetite.

Saitama’s popularity has led to various merchandise, and this skateboard grip tape is a prime example. The Kigai Anime Boy Skateboard Grip Tape provides exceptional functionality with its high-density emery material, ensuring a non-slip, wear-resistant, and waterproof grip. Still, it also showcases Saitama’s iconic image.


In the world of skateboarding, Anime Grip Tapes are the bridge between two passions—skateboarding and anime. They’re not merely decorative; they’re a statement of identity and a testament to creative individuality. Our exploration of the top Anime Grip Tapes in 2024 has revealed their power to infuse the world of skateboarding with the magic and emotion of beloved anime series.

In essence, Anime Grip Tapes are a dynamic fusion of two vibrant subcultures. They’re a canvas for your passions and a symbol of your love for Japanese animation. So, the next time you step onto your deck adorned with these captivating grip tapes, remember that you’re not just skateboarding; you’re telling your story, sharing your favorite characters, and making a bold statement in the skateboarding world. Anime Grip Tapes are more than a trend; they’re a celebration of individuality and the enchanting connection between skateboarding and anime.


What is a grip tape and why is it famous among skateboarders?

Grip tape is a textured adhesive material affixed to the skateboard deck’s upper surface. It provides traction and friction, enabling skateboarders to have greater control over their boards and safely execute tricks.

How do I choose the right size of grip tape for my skateboard?

Skateboard grip tape is available in a wide range of sizes to match deck sizes. Take the measurements of your skateboard’s deck to ensure you get grip tape that is the proper size. For maximum performance and grip, the grip tape should completely cover the top of the deck.

Are anime-based grip tapes suitable for regular skateboarding?

Most grip tapes with anime designs are constructed of high-quality materials that withstand daily skating. They go through the same manufacturing procedure as other grip tapes to provide a secure hold and extended life. To be sure the grip tape you buy will last as long as you need it to, read reviews and study product specifications.


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