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The best skateboarders of all time are those who devoted themselves to bringing their passion into reality. Skateboarding has always been an amazing sport, and those who pursued it made it famous around the globe. It was not long ago when skating was just a hobby but then people like Tony Hawk, Alva, Alan, and Mullen arrived. They took skateboarding to the next level and made it a game that was played worldwide.

Skateboarders brought diversity to skateboarding. You will see some skateboarders are efficient at street skateboarding, others are best at park skateboarding and few have having technical touch in their skating skills. Therefore, mentioning the best skateboarder can get a little harder. Let’s not be harsh and list down the best skateboarders with a pinch of salt.

Best Skateboarders of All Times

Are you curious to find the name of your favorite skateboarder in the list given below? Don’t lose heart if it appears at the end. I had to have strong control over my nerves to write down the most famous skateboarders because there were many I couldn’t talk about. Here are some well-known skateboarders of all time.

1. Tony Alva

Tony Alva Best Skateboarder

Born in Santa Monica, California, Tony Alva became the first owner of a Skate Company and was himself a skateboarder. He was a team member of the Zephyr Competition, known as Z-Boys. Skateboarders and skateboarding companies owe a lot to Tony Alva for his wonderful addition of a maple wood skateboard deck to the skateboarding industry.

He was the first one to successfully pull the front-side air move. He opened the doors of vert skating when he along with his Z boys started skating in the dried water pool.

He developed the first very specific skateboarding shoes in collaboration with Vans. He loves skating and he still enjoys doing it. He performed in several films, was featured in eminent magazines, and got his name in the Guinness World Record as well. Tony Alva is truly a motivation for skateboarding peers.

2. Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen

How can we miss the legend when talking about the greatest skateboarders. If you love freestyle skateboarding, you should be thankful to Mullen. Mullen introduced freestyle skateboarding for the first time. You might be doing kickflips, Ollie, dark slides, 360 flips, heel flips, etc without even thinking about their inventor. The reality is Rodney Mullen enjoyed trying various tricks when he discovered these steps.

He began various skateboarding companies for example Tensor Trucks etc. He got a hip problem at a young age, so he had to spend the rest of his skating life carefully.

It won’t be wrong to say that skateboarding would be boring without Rodney Mullen. I love to watch his TED talks on YouTube, and I suggest you do too. And yes, he invented flat ground, Ollie. Despite all his health problems, he did not give up on skateboarding. That is evidence of how truly he loved skateboarding.

3. Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk skateboarder

One of the most eminent figures in the history of skateboarding, Tony’s career in skateboarding has spanned over 30 years. He has done the highest number of concerts, ranging over 70. Tony is the most influential personality to me. I love his devotion and work for the welfare and promotion of skateboarding.

He has done an enormous number of films, acted in several video games, and participated in countless TV shows. Without Tony Hawk, skateboarding would have been so different then what it is now. Some people don’t do skating for themselves, but they do it for others as well. Tony is no doubt the most selfless man.

He landed a 900 and performed in many skateboarding competitions. Now that he has retired from skating, he is still performing in so many hearts.

4. Mark Gonzales

Mark Gonzales

With his name, modern street skating hits the mind instantly. The skateboarder has done a lot to promote modern styles of skateboarding. He introduced big gaps and stair sets. He is famous for his superb grinding and gapping tricks.

Gonz is one of the most impactful skateboarders of all time. His tricks may seem basic in front of today’s skateboarding style. However, he is the founder of skating. Mark Gonzales has an entertaining vibe in his skateboarding style. He is the Godfather of modern street skateboarding and he has written a book named after his name which is one of the Best Skateboarding Books. Gonzales was also the founder of the company “Blind”.

5. Stacy Peralta

Stacy Peralta Best Skateboarder

Don’t tell me you are a skateboarding fan if you don’t know this personality. He is the founder of Powell Peralta along with George Powell, which is one of the most powerful brands of skateboards and stuff.

He was only 19 when recognized as the number-one skateboarder. It all happened because of his keen interest in skateboarding. Those were different days when Stacy Peralta had a huge impact on the skateboarding industry.

Stacy was passionate about skateboarding talent, and not about fame. I want his name to be in the top five because he has changed the course of skateboarding history.


6. Natas Kaupas

Natas Kaupas

Natas was never in the mainstream. However, he became famous because of his name. People showed offense to his name because when spelled backward, it becomes ‘Satan’. That was the reason his brand was banned. Ridiculously, the banning made him popular.

Kaupas has played a vital role in promoting street skating. He was featured in Thrashers Magazine for his wall ride. To this date, no one is ever going to take his place. He was a phenomenal rider who reproduced the fire hydrant trick. I never get tired of watching it.

Skateboarding would be a lot different if Kaupas disappeared from its history. Due to his contribution to the Powell Peralta brand, I wanted his name to be on the list. I love to use Peralta skateboards. Skateboarders who work for others’ welfare are my favorite.


7. Chris Haslam

Chris Haslam best skateboarder

The skateboarder started at a local park and a local trainer. He soon became famous among them because of his extraordinary skills at skating. He was a kind, passionate, and hardworking skateboarder. It took him not long to find his name in the world’s best skateboarders.

He was the winner of the Reader Choice Award in 2005, at the Annual Transworld Skateboarding. He also won Vs 411VM competition the following year. He not only participated in the competition, but he also promoted his friends’ brands of grip tapes skating parks, etc.

As I said, Haslam was a kind person who wanted to work for humanity. He never gets tired of helping others. During his early days, he spent a lot to provide the skateboarding basics to the local kids. He also owned a deck brand and spent a substantial part of his revenue on the foundations. Those foundations work for mental health and suicide prevention.


8. Chris Cole

Chris Cole

Chris Cole has won some of the most difficult competitions, and those were the reasons he got famous. He is the most daring personality in skateboarding. His style and performance have not only won medals but also the hearts of many.

Awarded as the Thrasher Magazine’s “Skater of the Year”, two times in a row has benefit to his profile. No one in history has won this award twice in a row. Not mentioning his three consecutive Gold Medals in Thrasher’s Magazine contest for “King of the Road” makes him stand out in the list.

There are several other awards in his profile as well. In addition to skateboarding, he has other hobbies as well that make him multi-tasking as a person. He co-owns Cult and is an avid BMX rider. Cole has won two Gold Medals consecutively at X-Games, and two at the street league contests as well.


9. Bob Burnquist

Bob Burnquist

Bob Burnquist became famous for his marvelous performance at the Vert contest at the X-Games, in 2001. He went to the final round and was just behind the previous champion Lasek. He won the audience’s and the judges’ hearts by securing the Gold Medal and the second-highest score ever in the X Games. He did some phenomenal tricks that nobody did before and got 98/100 marks.

After that, he built a Mega Ramp in his own house and started practicing on it. He also opened it for the pros to come and practice on it. He worked on the advancement of Mega Ramp tricks. Many famous skateboarders regularly used that ramp to polish their skills.


10. Alan “Ollie” Gelfand

Alan “Ollie” Gelfand

Alan Galfand is famous for his Ollie trick. He generated the term Ollie Pop by an accidental air flip. His skateboarding became famous when he met the pro skaters, Powell and Peralta when both hired him as their first team member for their brand.

From that time, the team became even stronger than other famous skateboarders such as McGill and Bones. Gelfand gave rise to three skating styles, vert, freestyle, and street tricks. His skills include the touch of Ollie.

Alan is also known for founding the Ollie in skateboarding. from that time, Ollie has been considered a substantial part of skateboarding.  Skateboarding owes a lot to Alan Gelfand.

11. Rob Boyce

Rob Boyce

Rob Boyce has a different style of skateboarding. He has done different skateboarding contests throughout his career. He owns the biggest skateboarding distribution along with some of his friends, named “RDS Skate Supply Co.”

Rob, also known as “Sluggo” created his style of backflip to fakie, which made him prominent in the skating industry. He is known for doing stunts in films such as Blade Trinity, Power Rangers, Man of Steel, Star Trek Beyond, etc. He also enjoys doing breakdance and is pretty much a pro at it. I like his free lifestyle as if he doesn’t owe anyone anything.


12. Stevie Williams

Stevie Williams best skateboarder

What I have observed so far is that Steve William is not much spoken about skateboarder. But I would mention his name in the best skateboarders of all time list. He seems to be so effortless skater because he is so smooth at catching up with the tricks.

I love how he upholds the grip while doing some most difficult stunts tirelessly. Stevie has not only competed in several skateboarding competitions but he is also a founder of DGK skateboards. He has been featured in several important video games that became a part of his career in skateboarding. He has also got his name among the top 30 most influential personalities in skateboarding in the Transworld.


13. Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez

While talking about the best skateboarders, Paul Rodriguez is worth mentioning. He has been awarded several medals, and he even slept with his first street league trophy too. Shortly called P-Rod, the young guy has 3 SLS awards, and 8 X-Games Medals.

He features the most prominent skateboarding brands including 8 shoes from Nike SB. He has worked a lot for reaching to this position and he truly deserves it. The young skateboarder with a lot of enthusiasm brought the best out of him. He showed the world what it is like to follow a dream. I am amazed by his matchless energy.


14. Nyjah Huston

Nyjah Huston

Nyjah is a champion of skateboarding. His life throughout is an example of wonderful achievements. He never gets tired of competing in the most difficult challenges. He has ranked first in almost 12 X-Games competitions and has remained an SLS champion for 5 seasons.

His story of victories doesn’t end here. He has been the World Skateboarding Champion by winning 5 medals there, along with scoring 5 Tampa Pro as well. All these accomplishments have made him the highest-paid skateboarder.  No doubt Nyjah has worked hard to reach this position.

Nyjah’s childhood is the most fascinating thing to me. He started skating at the age of 4, at his parent’s owned skatepark. He practiced around 5 hours a day to master a skill before moving on to the next one. Nyjah grew up to be a hardworking person. He has performed in some videos as well. Element has been sponsored by Nyjah since the age of 7. The hardship he has been through to achieve all this is inspiring.


15. Mike Vallely

Mike Vallely

Mike Vallely is a wholesome guy who is known for old-school skating. Hardcore would be the right word to use for his skating style. He is a chill, creative, and non-bothered dude who loves what he is doing. His interview at the nine clubs showed how he grew up from a tough childhood to the place he is now.

His skateboarding career was his self-made decision. He was once skating on a broken board when Lance got him a new one. It didn’t take him long to become a pro at the age of 16. He skated in the open street, parking lots, and empty areas. He can do some amazing tricks like a pro such as foot plant, hand plant, fast grabs, etc. He is a true classic skateboarder. His moves pour out the expression of finest practice.


16. Lance Mountain

Lance Mountain

Lance has had a great impact on the history of skateboarding. He has done a lot to promote skateboarding to young people. He is the original skateboarder of Bones Brigade. He has worked for several brands.

Lance has a very good heart. He not only did skateboarding for his profession but also encouraged young skateboards to join the league and become pros. Maybe he isn’t a fine skateboarder himself, but owing to his contribution, he deserves to be on the list.

He has also worked for Powell Peralta and in the Veriflex team before Bones. Lance has a great impact skateboarding industry.


17. Guy Mariano

Guy Mariano

Doing great skateboarding is one thing. Promoting good skateboarding is a different thing. Those who do both are relatively less. Guy Mariano is among those great skateboarders who showed the world his talent through videos. He has done impressive skateboarding videos for over 30 years. He became a pro at the age of 14 when he did Bind’s “Video Days”. That was awesome content, which motivated the young generation to never give up.

His style of skateboarding has a technical touch. The guy has done the impossible trick of 360 flip nose-grinds. The stunt took him to the heights of popularity. He is the co-founder of Royal Trucks. Winning the “Best Video Part”, “Best Street Choice” and “Best Reader Choice” is on his list of achievements.


18. Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler is the youngest Gold Medal winner at the X Games. He became a pro at the ripening age of 13 when he participated in the X Games for the first time and was lucky enough to secure the gold medal at his very first game. Ryan started his career early and started competing in the California Amateur Skateboard League.

Till this year, no one has broken his target of getting a gold medal at an age younger than him. Sheckler continued to secure 7 more Medals in the X-Games, participating in a total of 17 games.

Ryan kept on going with the skateboarding videos that made him popular. His shows were among the most-rated shows ever. His “Life of Ryan” reality show was well-known among skateboarders. He is quite known for his “True” videos from Plan B. Ryan has such a beautiful soul, who is sincere in himself. I love watching him skating and collecting useful tips.


19. Eric Koston

Eric Koston Best Skateboarder

I enjoy Koston’s video because it gives me so much courage and strength. The man is not only a skateboarder but also a businessperson. That is a true example of struggle and consistency. He dropped out of school at an early age, but he kept his morale high. He practiced skateboarding with consistency and motivation until he became a pro at the young age of 18.

He is a clean, technical, and professional street skateboarder. He has a professional touch to his skating skills from the start. He struggled hard to take his skills to perfection. Koston is a source of motivation for young skateboard riders. His friends used to call him the Michael Jordan of skateboarding.


20. Bucky Lasek

Bucky Lasek

Bucky Lasek is a fearless, consistent, and fun-loving guy who became famous after performing in the Amateur Competition in 1990. He had gone through years of practice with Powell. He has competed in several competitions including 10 X-Games challenges.

His life has been a series of struggles and hard work. He stayed consistent and dealt with the bad health issues with a big heart. He is a man of never-give-up quality. That is what makes him different from others.

I love Bucky’s faith in himself. He worked on his weaknesses and continued to be a better performer every time. Despite his unfortunate injuries, he never loses heart. Those injuries were a great hurdle in his path to success. However, he worked hard until the end of his career.


21. Bam Margera

Bam Margera best skateboarder

Ban Margera has marvelous control over his moves. He does the most frightening tricks most easily. He shows his love for skating by doing the skating in the scariest way possible. The stunts he uses in his skateboarding make him a perfect personality for TV shows.

His net worth is $45 Million. He worked with CKY on the prank videos, and his videos got the most views. He had unique abilities in sports. He appeared in MTV’s Jackass Crew as well. His skateboarding career is more of a thrill. He has not actively participated in many of the competitions but he is a prominent figure in skateboarding.


22. Richie Jackson

Richie Jackson

Richie is not only famous for his wonderful skating but also for his looks. Richie has adopted a prominent “hippie look” and he owns the look so well. Everyone can recognize him by his looks. The dude is a creative and controlled skateboarder.

People say that Jackson has a circus style in his skateboarding. No matter what, skateboarding itself requires a lot of skill and aptitude. Jackson is an expert in doing some very famous tricks such as stalls onto moving carts, covering huge stair sets, sliding the heels over obstacles, etc.

Even though he has not much participated in skateboarding competitions, he has a better sense of skateboarding than many others. He does it for the sake of his profession and love, and he is undoubtedly good at it.


23. Sean Malto

Sean Malto skateboarder

Sean Malto has made some fantastic videos. His cool, laid-back style can be easily seen in his skateboarding. He has a consistent and clean style of skateboarding. Malto has performed quite well in several SLS and X-Games competitions. He is a complete package in himself. Chill style and not bothering anyone he loves what he is doing.

He has been in the Transworld Skateboarding Magazine with the title of Rookie of the Year in 2009. He is amazing at street skating. He showed his skills at the Street League Skateboarding Championship by winning the competition. He has also played in several videos and Tony Hawk’s Shred video. An amazing rider inside and out. Sean Malto is an inspiration to young skateboarders. He keeps his legendary style along with skateboarding.

Here is a picture of skateboarding legends in one frame:

Famous Skateboarders


Who is the greatest skateboarder of all time?

Rodney Mullen is the most prominent name in skateboarding. He is known as the “GodFather of street skateboarding” since he invented some of the most iconic street skating tricks. However, others such as Tony Hawk and Eric Koston are also famous for their skating skills and promoting them to the next level.

Who is the GOAT skateboarder?

Greatest of all Time are Kelly Slater and Tony Hawk for their incredible amount of work for skateboarding and its promotion around the world. There are others as well who have a good hand in street skating, and park skating.

Who invented the Ollie?

Alan “Ollie” Gelfand invented it in the late 1970s. Until then it became a fundamental of skateboarding. He did the air flip accidentally and then it was named Ollie.


If I had to tell who my favorite skateboarder is, I would definitely come up with a list of them. However, it is difficult to generally rank skateboarders as the best skateboarders of all time. Skateboarding has gone so wide that I might enlist 30 more skateboarders. Here I have just covered the most prominent ones.

Skateboarding started at a very small level, and now it is played in the Olympics. Without any second thought, these legends have a great hand in promoting skateboarding around the world. Not only the trend is eminent in males, but females have also won the ground and shown their skills in noticeable competitions. I hope you are motivated enough.

So, Who is your favorite skater? Let me know in the comment section below 🙂


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