Can Fat People Skateboard? Breaking the Weight Barrier

Skateboarding is truly an amazing experience. It is getting popular for its art and tricks. It is becoming a great exercise as well. Many people avoid skateboarding because they think it is not suitable for them. It is natural to ask am I too heavy for skateboards? Can fat people skateboard? Are skateboards designed for fat people too? The short answer is yes! Skateboards can bear a weight of 200 pounds on average.

Skateboards are for every age and type. Regardless of your body shape, you can enjoy skateboarding to the fullest. The only thing skateboards require is practice and skill. I have personally seen overweight people skateboards quite often. Even people are cruising over skateboards for weight loss. Therefore, without any second thought, you can get yourself a skateboard even if you are fat. Hold on with us to clear all ambiguities regarding skateboarding for fat people.

Can Fat People Skateboard?

can fat people skateboard?

Yes, fat people can skateboard. In fact, nothing can stop overweight from skateboarding. So stop worrying about being fat. Obese people face several hurdles when joining sports. Nevertheless, bringing fat does not stop you from being a good skater. Even people with a weight of around 200 pounds or more can skateboard.

Beginners usually ask what type of skateboards are the most suitable for them. Do fat people skateboard too? What type is best for heavy people? Do overweight skaters experience more injuries? Will skateboarding help me to lose weight? All these queries are answered below:

Does Being Overweight Affect Skateboarding?

The answer is yes. Weight does affect skateboarding but to some extent. Contrary to that, a lack of practice can be much riskier. If you learn to skateboard safely first, you are not going to hurt yourself, even if you are fat. Fat people are seen to be skateboarding more skillfully than skinny people. However, it is advisable to follow all the necessary protection measures before skateboarding.

Your fat body can be a hindrance to worry-free skateboarding, but it doesn’t stop you from being one. Of course, some tricks are going to be more challenging for fat people, but they are not completely impossible.

One more factor that needs attention is stamina. Fat people tend to have less stamina than thin people do. In other words, they get tired soon. You have to be powerful to start skateboarding if you are fat. This is worth noting for fat people that you won’t enjoy skateboarding if you have less endurance. So the answer to Can fat people skateboard is an absolute yes!

Tips for Overweight Beginner Skaters

Before starting, clear your mind of any fear. Being overweight cannot stop you from being a perfect skater. Throw out all the negative energy and begin with a positive mindset. Here are some little tricks you need to learn before starting a skateboard. A good beginner-level skateboard will help you learn faster.

  • Start Building the Stamina

Before skating, make sure to warm up yourself. Do a little exercise every time. This will increase your strength and you can skateboard for a longer time.

  • Don’t Rush

If you are a beginner, make sure to take small starts. Practice it in the garage, or in parks. Overweight people should practice skateboarding slowly near their homes or local areas.

  • Follow Safety Measures

For fat beginners, it is important to follow all the safety measures. Wear the right equipment to save yourself from injuries. Wear elbow pads, knee pads, and helmets.

  • Ask an Expert/ Friend for Help

If you are learning skateboarding from scratch, whether fat or not, asking a friend for help is the best way of learning. Call a friend for support and learn the necessary tips for skateboarding. You can also learn some useful techniques to skateboard from videos on the internet.

How Much Risky Skateboards Can Be for Fat People?

Skateboarding is a little riskier for fat people than for thin people. It is commonly said that fat people are more likely to get injured than thin people. Here you will be looking for the question, can fat people skateboard without risk? The truth is that the risk factor includes so many more things than just weight. It includes flexibility, balance, control, and speed.

Risk of Injury

The risk factor increases with the speed. In a report, obese children were found 2.5 times more injury rate than thin children. For fat people, it is hard to maintain momentum. This increases the injury rate. Therefore, fat people tend to fall more often. That’s why it is recommended to wear knee pads to keep your knee safe.

Not only do fat people have the risk of falling from their skateboards, but they also get injured by getting pressed under their body weight. Fat people are often seen breaking their bones for getting under the weight of their bodies. Therefore protective gear and supports are a must for fat skaters.

Risk of Breaking Skateboard

You might be asking about how easily the skateboard can break. This is the greatest concern of any buyer of the skateboard. People don’t research before buying a skateboard therefore they end up asking such questions.

The answer depends on the type of skateboard. There are various types available including wooden and glass fiber. Both have their specifications. Skateboards also have a weight limit. You should buy the one greater than your weight limit. Otherwise, you will end up breaking your skateboard quite early.

Skateboards have different shapes as well. Fat people should buy wider skateboards to cover their body mass and keep the center of gravity low. This increases balance and there is less risk of snapping a skateboard as well as bones.

Can Skateboards Reduce Fat?

Skateboards are great for fat people concerning weight loss. You will be surprised to know the benefits of skateboarding. Reading this, you will be convinced to start skateboarding.

  • Skateboard includes strenuous activity that improves cardiovascular health.
  • Skateboarding burns calories. On average, 500 calories are burnt in one hour of skateboarding. This is equivalent to 5 miles of running or 10 miles of cycling.
  • Your body gets in shape by skating. Skateboarding includes working of quadriceps, calves, and glutes, and that stress brings your body in shape.
  • When you skateboard, your mind is continuously doing calculations and making decisions. This is a great exercise for your mind as well. Therefore, skateboarding reduces a lot of mental stress.

In the start, you were very concerned about whether a fat person can skateboard or not. Now you might be convinced that skateboarding is healthy and beneficial for overweight people.

Next, we will see, what should be your concerns as a fat person, when buying a skateboard.

What Type of Skateboard is Best for Overweight People?

Buying the right skateboard requires a lot of research. Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Check out the Best Skateboards for Heavy Riders and Keep reading to find accurate information about skateboards.

For a skateboard to be good, it needs to be durable, strong, and stable. How can we forget flexibility? Skateboards should be flexible to absorb shocks while riding. The price range is also a concern for a lot of people. I would recommend you not compromise quality for money. The reason is a strong and good quality skateboard can last much longer than a lighter one, and a quality product can be expensive.

Check for the following details before buying yourself a skateboard if you are a beginner or overweight.

The Wheelbase

The distance between two wheels of skateboards is called wheelbase. The longer the wheelbase, the more stable it is going to be. Commonly, skateboards have a 26-30 inch long wheelbase. If you are overweight, make sure you get a 32+ inch wheelbase. Lesser than this range can be risky.

Bearings of Skateboard

Bearings are an essential part of skateboards. its strength and durability matter a lot. Bearing helps you to move, roll, and turn around on skateboards. If it gives sound while riding, that means the quality is low. You must check the smoothness of the bearings before buying a skateboard.

Trucks of Skateboard

The truck is part of the skateboard that joins the wheels and the board together. This part enables the turning ability of skateboards. If you want to try powerful moves and tricks on your board, make sure to check the stability and reliability of the truck.

There are two types of trucks available mostly. The traditional ones, and the reverse kingpin. Read some reviews on both before selecting one for you.

The Deck

The deck is the board itself. You have to look for two things in a deck:

  • Length

The longer the deck, the more stable it is. If you are a beginner, and especially fat, get a longer deck. This will also increase the wheelbase. Longer skateboards are great for cruising. However, a longer deck can be a problem for doing tricks and turning corners.

  • Stiffness and strength

Stiff decks are good for long and speedy runs. They are made of hard materials such as bamboo, carbon fibers, Canadian maples, etc.

Flexible decks are particularly good for doing flips. If you are not a conventional skater, then you should get a flexible skateboard. however, flexible skateboards tend to break earlier than stiff ones. So make a clever choice according to your type.


Can fat people skateboard? Of course yes! Being fat should not stop you from skateboarding at all. Fat people indeed need to be a little more careful. However, they should not refrain from skateboarding. Skateboarding can be extremely healthy for overweight people. Make sure you choose the right skateboard for yourself and you are ready to go.


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