How Much Do Good Skateboards Cost? The True Cost of Quality Rides

If you’re an avid skateboarder or someone considering delving into the thrilling world of skateboarding, one of the first questions that likely crosses your mind is, How much do good skateboards cost? The price of a skateboard can vary significantly based on several factors, ranging from the quality of materials to the brand reputation.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the intricacies of skateboard pricing, shedding light on the elements that contribute to the cost and helping you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect skateboard for your needs. So let’s explore the skateboard economics and break down the components that contribute to the price tag of a quality skateboard, ensuring you roll away with both value and performance.

How Much Do Good Skateboards Cost?

A good skateboard may cost you around $50-$160. However, the price depends on many other factors as well. These factors can be the category, the quality, the usage, etc. Before buying a skateboard, you must be very precise about your needs. The quality is what most people are looking at. In reality, the cost also depends on how you skate it. Let us figure out the price of skateboards according to your type.

Different Types of Skateboards and Their Price

With the rising trend of skateboards, the variety has gone wild. There are several different types of skateboards out there in the market. I am going to mention some of them along with their prices.

The Cruiser

Cruisers are different from conventional skateboards. Cruisers are specifically built for skateboarding a small distance. The length lies between 28-30 inches, which is smaller than longboards. Cruisers are great for riding on the streets and flat areas. There is a kicktail in the back. Not necessarily in all the skateboards, but in a majority of them.

Generally, the price ranges from $50-$80. It is a reasonable price range for a cruiser. As far as I know, the best-selling Tony Hawk cruiser skateboards are for $50 max. The cruisers are usually for beginners. Spending this much amount on learning is fine.

The Longboards

The longboards are far more comfortable for long-time skating. The wheels are usually wider and softer. Softer wheels are more sustainable to shocks than harder wheels. The length of the longboard is generally 36-42 inches long. People use it for skating down the hill. Wider in length, and easier to carve, longboards are the best fit for freestyle riding.

The range of the longboard lies from $150 to $400. The price is very brand-specific. However, you can go as cheap as $150 and as expensive as $400. You must try the longboard ranging from $150-$250 if you are a beginner. Let me go through some brands’ prices in particular. The below prices are for regular-sized longboards.

  • The Arbor longboard ranges from $150-$210
  • Landyachtz’s longboards are $170-$250 in price
  • Loaded starts from $290 to $360, excluding the chubby slayer category
  • Rayne longboards are $200-$250 expensive
  • Globe longboards are $10 to $230 in general

The Mini-Board

Mini boards are also called penny boards. These are best for kids practicing on skateboards. The size is so compact that you can carry it anywhere. The tail carved upward gives a good grip to the rider. The length ranges from 22inch-32inch. The width is somewhere between 6 to 9.5 inches.

Penny board usually starts from $40 and can go up to $100. Hence, an average mini-board is $70. The price may exceed $100 for expensive brands. If you are a beginner, spending $65 to buy a mini-board is fine. lower-priced mini boards are good to go for kids.

Mini Cruiser

Mini cruiser is the subgroup of cruiser boards. Just a little smaller in length, mini cruisers are great for riding around the town. These skateboards have hard wheels, a little less wide. These are good for kids, and harder for someone with a heavy weight to ride. these are usually 27inches in length, and 7inches in width.

The average price of a mini cruiser is $40. It can go as expensive as $200 in the most expensive brands and can be as low as $30. The price generally depends on the quality. People love it for its mini size. A good quality mini cruiser ranges between $100-$150. Above it, I would say overpriced. Below this will compromise the quality.

Similarly, I also want to introduce you to some other types based on the skill you have. It will clear your vision about buying the right skateboard for yourself. Let us see in detail:

Beginners Skateboard

Without risking the damage, beginners can opt for skateboards that lie within the range of $40-$70. This is an optimal price for anyone who wants to join skateboarding.

Classic Skateboard

The skateboard is a perfect choice for every type of skateboarding. Those who want to do freestyle skateboarding, and enjoy the tricks as well should buy classic-style skateboards. The range is $60 to $400. In this range, you will buy a good skateboard for the classic style of skateboarding.

Professional Skateboard

Skateboards used in competitions are categorized in this section. You should buy a professional skateboard in the given range. You will get these skateboards for $150 to $250.

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Factors Affecting the Skateboard Cost

In addition to the types and styles of skateboard, the cost varies with quality parts too. You must also give it a check before buying yourself a skateboard. Maybe you want to buy the skateboard parts separately, and then assemble them. It is a great way of skateboarding. Many people optimize their skateboards by buying spare products. For beginners, it is really important to know how much a good skateboard is for beginners so that they can select the right skateboard within their budget. Here are the factors that affect the cost of a skateboard:

  • The Deck

The quality of the deck tells so much about the cost. The cost depends on the brand and quality used to build that board. Usually, the deck ranges from $30 to $90. If you select a spare deck, this will add to the cost of your skateboard.

  • Trucks

Trucks are a substantial part of a skateboard. If you choose to buy trucks separately, the skateboard may cost you a little higher than usual. Trucks are of different types. The cost depends on the style as well. Generally, a genuine truck will cost you around $30 to $50.

  • Wheels

Wheels tell the smoothness of the ride. Depending upon the type of skateboarding, you can get separate pairs of wheels as well. Harder wheels are suitable for tricks and softer for long rides. The wheels can cost up to $50.

  • Bearings

Bearings are important for the good performance of wheels. Bearings may be a small part but you will find them much more expensive sometimes. The range can go up to $100. The simplest of a bearing pair can be for $10 as well.

  • Grip Tape

You may need to get grip tapes more often if the skateboard isn’t cooperating. Mostly the grip tapes stop working after a few months. Don’t worry! The grip tapes are cheap. This should not cost you more than $10. Grip tapes help increase the lifespan of a skateboard.

  • Protective Gears

Maybe the skateboard itself doesn’t cost you much, skateboarding will surely do. Yes! The skateboards are easier to get, but the accessories may be costly. Protection is foremost necessary while learning a new skill. The protective gears for skateboards can be extremely costly sometimes. Including the knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, it may be as costly as $200.

The increasing trend of skateboarding isn’t bound to conventional skateboards only. You can see a rising interest of new skateboarders toward electric skateboards too. The increasing technology is shockingly amazing. Let’s find out how much an electric skateboard costs.

How Much Does an Electric Skateboard Cost?

How much do electric skateboards cost

Electric skateboards can be expensive. Being very straightforward, a good electric skateboard can charge you from $150 to $2000. To be specific about the price, we will have to consider so many aspects. Generally, there are numerous types of electric skateboards. there are electric skateboards for beginners as well as for professionals. Just like traditional skateboards, electric skateboards have different styles, shapes, and qualities. Let me give you some examples of brands and their prices.

  • Razor-X priced their electric skateboards at $150
  • Blitzart Hurricane Electric skateboards can take almost $290
  • Meepo-V3 sells their electric skateboard for as much as $410
  • Maxfind Max 4 is generally $530
  • Skateboard Tornado Pro is the best skateboard which is around $600

Factors Affecting the Electric Skateboard Price

To buy an affordable and quality electric skateboard, keep in mind the following aspects. Don’t just rush to buy an electric skateboard. Remember, a good electric skateboard requires a lot more research than buying a conventional skateboard.

  • Top speed

Top speed varies in all the e-board. Make sure you get the one you can ride. The fastest e-boards can speed up to 15 miles/hour. Great for cruising around the town. You can get the fastest e-boards for around $1000 to $5000 if you can ride without being caught.

  • Battery Life

On average, you can get a battery for $100-$500. Usually, we recommend a battery with a 10-hour charge. Additionally, removable batteries are better than permanent ones. You can change them and charge them anytime anywhere.

  • Charging Time

This factor is much more important than you can think. It is not just a one-time cost, rather it is a cost throughout the skateboard life. Depending on how many hours a battery takes to recharge defines the price of electric skateboards as well.

The amount of time a battery takes to recharge adds to the cost of the electric bill as well. The electricity cost varies with the region. A 250-watt-hour battery capacity will cost you around $35 annually. It can be cheaper in some regions and expensive in others. Therefore, keep in mind the charging time cost while purchasing an e-board as well.

  • Weight and Size

Electric boards have various sizes and shapes. With the battery and other accessories, the weight also increases. The fastest e-board can weigh up to 4 pounds. Make sure to check the weight and size of the skateboard too.

Now you can get your e-board as you are very clear about how much an electric skateboard costs. Stay with us to learn more!


Is it worth getting an electric skateboard?

Electric boards are worth trying. It can reduce the usage of cars. Ultimately, reducing the carbon footprint. Additionally, it is a healthy addition to your life routine. You can cover good distances with e-boards.

How far can an electric skateboard go?

This depends on the model of the skateboard. Generally, a good e-board can travel about 20 miles without charging.

How much is a beginner skateboard?

A beginner skateboard is usually between $60 to $150 depending upon the brand and quality.

Final Words

We saw that a skateboard’s price depends upon several factors other than the model. Considering those factors is an important part of buying a perfect skateboard. It is absurd to spend the price of a professional skateboard as a beginner. Similarly, getting a longboard for doing flip tricks will also cost you a lot more than needed. On the same side, e-boards have also different features that are worth considering. Otherwise, you will end up buying the wrong skateboard.

I guess that’s enough to know how much do good skateboards cost. It is time to make the right choice. Good luck with the shopping!


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