6 Best Skateboards For Heavy Riders – Reviewed by Experts in 2024

Don’t let your weight stop you from skating, skate with the best skateboards for heavy riders that can hold more than 200 pounds. These skateboards are made of a 7-ply sturdy wooden deck, aluminum trucks, PU wheels, and carbon kingpins to give a stable ride no matter the weight of the rider. Choosing one is not quick to decide; you have to see a couple of features that will be discussed in this blog.

When buying a skateboard, you have to be specific about the kind of skating like freestyle skating, street boarding, park skating, hill skating, and more. Also, your expertise matters like a single skateboard is not best for both noobs and professionals. So, it will take time for you to understand all the science behind it, but if you don’t want to get into major details, just read these quick options that are recommended based on my personal experience.

Best Skateboards For Heavy Riders – Top Picks

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CSS Skateboard[CSS] Skateboard⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

1. WhiteFang Skateboard

WhiteFang Skateboard for heavy riders

The WhiteFang skateboard is the number one recommendation from my side for the best skateboards for heavy riders because of its exceptionally great build quality. This skateboard is made of multiple layers of Canadian maple wood that are sandwiched together in a way that provides excellent strength and stability throughout the ride. The deck is capable of holding more than 220 pounds at a time which makes it a great choice for big guys.

When buying a skateboard, it is important to consider how it is constructed and aligned together. The skateboard has multiple components like a deck, wheels, trucks, and more, and all of these parts are equally important and considerable. The WhiteFang skateboard will not disappoint you in any way; it has a super strong deck as I discussed above, comes with highly rebound polyurethane wheels that smoothly run, and high-quality alloy trucks that join the wheels and deck precisely.

Alongside the build quality, the design of the skateboard is user-friendly which is why it is recommended for beginners or learners. That doesn’t mean any restrictions as the WhiteFang skateboard can be used for commuting, ramps, flips and tricks, street skating, park skating, and so forth. It is a wholesome product that brings an abundance of stability, traction, freedom of mobility, and whatnot. However, I feel like the finishing needs a bit of improvement because I have seen better-looking products.

  • Solid construction
  • Durable
  • Highly stable
  • Finishing needs improvement

The WhiteFang skateboard is best suited for beginners who weigh above 200 pounds. It is made of high-quality materials, is assembled precisely, and thus delivers the best boarding experience. The thing that makes the WhiteFang skateboard multipurpose is that it is suitable for many types of skateboarding like street skating, park skating, commuting, flips, tricks, and more.

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2. [CCS] Skateboard

CSS Skateboard

The [CCS] skateboard is the second most perfect option for heavy riders because of its wide weight holding capacity—all thanks to its premium construction. This skateboard is made of seven-ply Canadian maple wood that nicely withstands external impact factors and makes this board the best option for various environments like streets, parks, hills, and more.

The deck is connected with 100 durometer hard wheels that provide smooth and comfortable rides, and both of the components are interconnected via high-quality white trucks. Overall the assemblage is pretty reliable, and the final look of the skateboard is symmetrical. It is a great option for cruising, flips, and tricks because of many reasons including hard wheels, classic shape, lightweight, easy handling, and maneuverability.

Putting the components of the skateboard together is hassling especially for beginners, right? In this sequence, you should get a fully assembled product like [CCS] skateboard that saves you extra time and effort. Also, you don’t have to spend money on skate tools and wrenches. It would be right to say that [CCS] skateboard is an all-in-one product that is suitable for kids, teenagers, as well as adults.

As I said earlier, the WhiteFang skateboard was not up to mark in the context of looks, so to fill the gap, I added the [CCS] skateboard that is flawless. This skateboard features excellent finishing, looks aesthetic and decent, and is available in multiple colors. You can choose any of the variants based on your choice and preference. However, the packaging of [CCS] skateboard is something the brand needs to work on.

  • Available in many colors
  • Versatile
  • Nicely built
  • Poor packaging

The [CCS] skateboard is best suited for big guys as well as kids; it has no boundaries. It is available in many colors, has a promising weight-carrying capacity, looks flawless, lasts for a long time, and whatnot.

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3. BELEEV Skateboard

BELEEV Skateboards for heavy riders

The BELEEV skateboard is another easygoing option that comes assembled, so you don’t need to put any effort and time into arranging the components. That’s something like a treat; you will second me only if you have assembled a skateboard before. It’s my advice to never opt for a non-assembled skateboard, especially if you’re a newbie.

In addition to that, the BELEEV skateboard is built with high-quality materials. It comes with a 10mm thick deck that is composed of seven-ply maple wood, which is the only reason why I added this product to the list of best skateboards for heavy riders. The thing that makes the BELEEV skateboard different from standard decks is its width as it is quite wide and roomy and gives you plenty of space to stand in a comfortable position.

The trucks of the BELEEV skateboard are of aluminum metal that is lightweight and rustproof. Overall, the construction is quite reliable for all-level skateboarders and different boarding styles like cruising, straight skating, street commuting, and more. I love doing freestyle skating with the BELEEV skateboard because it is easy to go with.

The BELEEV skateboard comes with a special concave design that makes it suitable for beginners or learners. This is because the concave deck makes braking easier and will not require an ample amount of energy to run. The base of this skateboard is supported by smooth and fast-running PU wheels that last for a really long time. Overall, it would be right to say that you don’t have to worry about anything with this amazing skateboard.

  • Easy going
  • Strongly built
  • Fully assembled
  • Looks funky

The BELEEV skateboard is an easygoing product that is made of strong and sturdy materials. It comes with a wooden deck, PU wheels, and metal trucks which together make the perfect skateboard to ride. It can hold more than 220 lbs. weight easily which is why it is best suited for big riders.

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4. White Wave Skateboard

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

When buying skateboards, the material choice is something you can not skip. This is because it determines stability, durability, resilience, speed, and other relatable factors. Likewise, the White Wave skateboard is made of bamboo, which is a lightweight natural material that stands stiff against external fluctuations and weather conditions like rain, dust, mud, and so forth. While that doesn’t mean you’re all set to use this skateboard, you have to take good care of it and store it in a nice and dry place.

The White Wave skateboard is super lightweight and maneuverable, which makes it most suitable for flips and tricks and freestyle skaters. This is because it is easier to carry or flip this skateboard high in the air in comparison to bulky or heavyweight decks. Don’t get this wrong! The reduced weight of the White Wave skateboard doesn’t mean any flimsiness; it is built with strong quality materials that last for a long and are capable of holding ample weight.

The skateboard should be selected based on your skating style and preference; for example, a single board is not meant for both professionals and beginners. In this sequence, if you’re a speed-lover, there is no better choice than the White Wave skateboard all thanks to the special Hooligan wheels attached to the deck. These are basically metallic wheels that are super durable, resilient, and lively.

  • Multipurpose
  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Not for rough use

The White Wave skateboard is best suited for heavy riders primarily because of the special Hooligan wheels attached to it. These metallic wheels make the skateboard capable of carrying heavy weight and riding fast and smooth on different kinds of surfaces.

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5. Retrospec Alameda Skateboard

Retrospec Alameda skateboard for heavy riders

Not all riders have the same preferences, for example, your friend is a speed lover while you’re not more into it and prefer comfortable and smooth rides. Considering that you should opt for a skateboard that suits more of your style. In this sequence, the Retrospec skateboard is designed for comfortable, relaxed, and straight rides like roaming around the park, beach, mountains, or uncrowded places.

The Retrospec skateboard is another maple wood board that will deliver a smooth, sturdy, and stable experience. It is bounded with high-quality polyurethane wheels that keep the board on track and save you from accidental falls. In comparison to all other materials, PU wheels are preferred because they are resistant to water, corrosion, dust, dirt, etc. Also, these wheels required minimum maintenance.

While the wheels and deck are connected to each other via aluminum trucks and carbon steel kingpins. There is no need to get into the mechanics or details; just know that the Retrospec skateboard is excellently constructed and comes in a fully assembled state. You don’t need to struggle or spend extra.

In addition, the Retrospec skateboard is a phenomenal option if you find kicking and pushing boards challenging. This is because it has a symmetrical design that needs zero effort overall. It would be right to say that you don’t even need to practice a lot to get used to this skateboard because it is easygoing and user-friendly.

  • Unique design
  • Versatile
  • User-friendly
  • Not for speed lovers

The Retrospec skateboard is the best choice to improve your skateboarding skills. It comes in a unique design that purposely makes sliding, pushing, and kicking effortless.

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6. SKITCH Skateboard

Skitch SkateboardThere is no need to buy different skateboards when you can get this versatile SKITCH skateboard that is suitable for all kinds of skaters and all age groups. Yes, this same skateboard is perfect for you as well as your kid or niece, or anyone. All thanks to its unique and special design that is easy to carry along. Let’s discuss the in-depth review of this skateboard.

The SKITCH skateboard is a perfect item for bigger riders because it is assembled with high-quality bearings. For your information, the quality of bearings and nuts matters the most as these are like the backbone of the skateboard, and considering this, there is no competitor to SKITCH. In addition, it has a wooden deck and PU wheels that in combination delivers the smoothest and most comfortable rides.

Your weight is no longer an issue to buy the topmost skateboard with the SKITCH skateboard as it can hold more than 200 pounds easily. It is made of premium quality materials and gives the most reliable experience. However, SKITCH is not a popular brand but that doesn’t mean any compromise as the company is offering money-back exchange and warranty offers on most of their items including this skateboard.

  • Versatile
  • Great quality
  • Guaranteed
  • Not a popular brand

The SKITCH skateboard is perfect for all-level skateboarders, especially beginners. It is an adjustable and user-friendly item that comes in a fully assembled state.

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Buying Guide

Sometimes, it is difficult to find a suitable option, especially when you’re not up to the so-called standards made by society. But don’t fool yourself and never let people and these ruthless standards stop you from anything. You can skate like a pro even if you’re an overweight skater, and here is how you can buy the right skateboard. I recommend wearing padded shorts to keep yourself safe during the ride.

Weight Carrying Capacity

As far as the best skateboards for heavy riders are concerned, the first thing that you need to consider is the weight-holding capacity. The deck should be strong enough that it can hold up to 200 pounds. In this blog, I have lined up multiple products that can even carry more than 220 lbs. weight without any problem.

Deck Material

The deck is the surface where you will be standing, so it demands your prior attention. Mostly, the best skateboards for heavy riders come with a Canadian maple wood deck which is strong enough to support good weight and provide a stable and reliable ride throughout. Make sure to not opt for a flimsy or unstable deck as it will indulge you in accidental happenings.


The deck of the skateboard is supported by a set of wheels, and their quality, size, and texture all are considered to buy the topmost product. In short, the PU wheels are my favorite because they are lightweight, maneuverable, waterproof, rustproof, and smooth. In addition, the wheels are of two kinds: soft wheels and hard wheels, while for big riders the hard wheels are preferred.


Trucks are the components of a skateboard that connect the wheels to the deck. The trucks should be of high-quality materials because these are exposed to external conditions. Among all, I found the aluminum alloy trucks perfect because they are precise, lightweight, rustproof, and strong.


Nevertheless, if you are a beginner or pro skater, don’t opt for a non-assembled or half-assembled skateboard as these are hassling, effort-demanding, and pricier. Get rid of such hectic events and get a fully assembled skateboard instead which is an easier and quicker option available. The fully assembled skateboards are like ready-to-wear clothes; just buy them and ride on them.


What skateboard should I get for my weight?

If your weight is somewhere around 50 lbs., go for mini skateboards, while if you weigh 100 lbs., get a mid-sized skateboard. In addition, the full-size skateboards that are 8.5” in dimension are designed for riders who weigh 150 lbs. or more.

What makes the skateboard perfect for heavy riders?

The first thing is the quality of materials, especially the deck where the rider will be standing throughout the ride. The best skateboards for heavy riders are the ones that are built of outstandingly sturdiest and strong materials like Canadian maple wood. Secondly, these skateboards must have a wide-weight carrying capacity i.e., 220 lbs.

Is it harder to ride a skateboard for heavy riders?

Skateboarding is easier to learn as compared to other sports activities, and the best part is it involves exploration and fun. It will not be difficult for heavy riders to ride a skateboard if they find one according to their body proportions; for that reason, it is important to be aware of what is perfect for you and what is not.

The Bottom Line

Your weight is not an issue anymore! You can roam around streets, hills, parks, and wherever you want on the best skateboards for heavy riders that can hold more than 220 pounds weight effortlessly. All thanks to their strong and sturdy construction and high-class resilience. If you’re interested, these are the showstoppers from today’s blog:

  • WhiteFang Skateboard for its solid construction, high durability, and promising stability.
  • [CCS] Skateboard because it is versatile, excellently built, and available in multiple colors.
  • BELEEV Skateboard as it is easygoing, long-lasting, and comes fully assembled.

That’s not all! You have to be specific about your expertise like beginner, intermediate, or professional, and recognize your type; whether you’re a freestyle skater, street skater, or some other. In this blog, I have shared my go-to products as a heavy skater that have made boarding easier for me. I hope this will help you too.


Hi, I'm Mazahir. I love traveling, sports and adventure. I’m constantly trying to learn new skills and specifically skateboarding skills. And reviewing skateboarding products is one of my favorite hobbies. You can follow me to get connected and if you have any questions.