5 Best Padded Shorts For Skateboarding in 2024 – Reviewed by Experts

Skateboarding is a game that is an amalgamation of balance, precision, and artistic expression, so whether you play on the ramps or are a cruise lover, you need protection and abrasion-resistant dressing. Regarding body safety, we should focus on the lower body because while riding the skateboard, the lower area of the body tends to get more injuries than the upper area.

For this, I use padded shorts, lower body wear with cushioning, and foam to protect the delicate body parts of the body along knee pads. It seems like padded shorts can cause disturbance while riding the skateboard, but as a matter of fact, they make our gaming more comfortable and ensure safety so one rides fearlessly.

But not every padded short is for you; some people require lightweight, while others want more cushioning. Come with me to explore the best padded shorts for skateboarding and choose one according to your body.

Best Padded Shorts For Skateboarding – Our Top Picks

1. Triple Eight Bumsaver Skate

Tipple eight bum saver padded shorts for skateboarding


  • Removable foams
  • Mesh design
  • Soft fabric
  • Comfortable fit

Skateboarding is a skill in which one should focus on the board and ramp, but sometimes it ends up in horrific accidents. In some cases, people lose the crucial bones of their bodies and cannot walk for the rest of their lives, but it occurs when we do not protect ourselves and follow our passion mindlessly. However, I have something that can protect you from such accidents: the Triple Eight Bumsaver Skate, a padded short, and another name for comfort.

There are a lot of interesting features in these padded shorts, but the feature I like the most about them is the mesh design and its incredibly protective foams. First, the mesh design short has a specific mesh panel near the inner thighs and crotch for more airflow, and the fabric is moisture-wicking. Secondly, the protective foams are 10m thick EVA-injected foams, which are not only protective but also impact-resistant.

Some people complain that they feel uncomfortable and embarrassed in padded shorts because of the padded shorts’ body revealing foams. According to users, they feel embarrassed in public. But this one is different; padded shorts can be covered with wear such as jeans or chinos, and feel free to jump, roll, and cruise the board. The slogan of these padded shorts is “Cover your butt without making a scene,” therefore, do not think much about the foam exposure and buy it as soon as possible.

  • Good locking
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to wash
  • Sizing problem

A good skateboarder can show his skills with confidence, and these shorts are the key to unlocking confidence. One can use it for all levels of skateboarding, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, as the body is versatile. Now go and purchase this one of the best padded shorts for skateboarding and explore the rest of its features.

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2. LIUHUO Hip Pad Protector Padded Shorts

LIUHUO Hip Pad Protector Padded Shorts


  • Extendable
  • Anto-fall
  • Multi-zone padding
  • Breathable

Padded shorts are amazing in terms of safety and provide unrivaled performance, but most of them are not good-looking and reveal body parts. But I have something that can help you: the LIUHUO Hip Pad Protector Padded Shorts, known for its thick foams and perfect sizing with non-revealing features. Starting from design, the padded shorts are suitable for women and have eye-catching colors with smooth fabric.

Because padded shorts have thick foams, people avoid wearing them in summer; they cause sweating and allergies. On the other hand, these padded shorts are breathable, allow perfect airflow, and have sweat-absorbing fabric. In case you use it in summer, the padded shorts fabric can soak the moisture and provide you with a smooth, silky, serene upper layer.

People often complain about the sizing and width of the waist, but this one has a different class. Because the body is extendable and provides anti-fall protection, no matter whether you wear it for cruising skateboard or kickflips, the shorts never cause a feeling of disturbance; instead, they will enhance comfort. Lastly, the shorts have multi-zone foam to provide better airflow and increase cushioning to avoid lower body injuries.

  • High cushioning
  • Washable
  • Anti-allergy fabric
  • Only for women

It is not important how you flip the board, but the thing that matters is in case you fall on the ramp, there should be something that can protect you. So, never compromise in terms of health and protection; otherwise, you will regret it. Purchase one of the best padded shorts for skateboarding and ensure your safety.

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3. McDavid MD7414 Padded Shorts

McDavid MD7414



  • Material polyester
  • Adjustable strap
  • Cup pockets
  • 6- thread flatlock technology

I got a knee injury when I started skateboarding; it is still with me and causes disturbance while performing flips, ollies, or frontside 180 skating tricks. After that injury, I started using the McDavid MD7414, which changed my skateboarding experience. Today, I enjoy the status of skateboard expert because of the MD7414; it made my journey to success easy and helped me prevent catastrophes like I had in the past.

If you are also eager to become an advanced-level skateboarder, then protect your body with the help of this one of the best padded shorts for skateboarding. It has thick foam cushioning on the sensitive areas such as the thighs and knee. Additionally, the shorts are made of durable material and fine fabric that has abrasion-resistant abilities.

In case you fall, the fabric will protect your skin from scratches and will provide you with a silky and sleek surface. Another reason I prefer these padded shorts over others is that one does not need to cover it with pants or casual shorts. Additionally, it has two cup-shaped pockets with maximum storage capacity; you can carry small skateboard wheels or Allen keys with you.

  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Unisex
  • Pads are not hard shell

I have been skateboarding for years, and in this long duration, I have used various kinds of padded shorts, but using McDavid MD7414 is a different experience. It will not only revolutionize your sports life but also have an attractive design with eye-catching colors. The best is in front of you, so do not go astray and pick up my third recommendation, the McDavid MD7414.

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4. Bafada Protective Padded Impact Shorts

Bafada Protective Padded Impact Shorts


  • 3D protection
  • EVA Injected foam
  • Deep cushioning pads
  • Elasticized waistband

My second last recommendation is the Bafada Protective Padded Impacts Shorts with full protection. The reason why I am mentioning it in my list is that they are made of non-tearable material with 2 to 3 years of service life. If you take proper care of the padded shorts, they may stay with you for a longer duration, 4 to 5 years.

Before purchasing this piece of art, I was searching for something affordable and eye-catching. Because graceful padded shorts are expensive, therefore purchasing one on a low budget was pretty challenging. Then, my coach recommended Bafada Padded Shorts; they are not only appealing but affordable for people with low-budget expectations.

Some local and inexpensive padded shorts are good for protecting the body, but they are not washable, which creates a problem. Such padded shorts are a waste of money because if you use them 2 to 3 times, and in the end, the user has to discard them. But Bafada Protective Padded shorts are otherwise; they are made of composite material in which spandex is in a prominent amount; that’s why the padded shorts provide more service life and better skin protection.

  • Universal fit
  • Outstanding protection
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Poor stitching

If a game is a bit dangerous for safety, it does not mean that we should leave it; however, we should take measures to protect ourselves from those dangers. Padded shorts are these measures one should acquire for skateboarding; otherwise, pains and injuries will never leave you. Start using these best padded shorts for skateboarding and riding confidently.

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5. Hillbilly Impact Shorts

Hillbilly Impact Shorts


  • Low profile style
  • Anatomical padding
  • Ergonomic body
  • Plastic tail protection for bone

The last padded shorts on my list are the Hillbilly Impacts Shorts with a mesh fabric and EVA foam. The shorts are specially designed to protect their users from impacts and decrease the chances of bone fracture. To perform this task, it has mesh fabric with a silky and smooth surface that offers a heavenly experience when you wear it; moreover, the EVA foams are incredibly soft to eliminate all kinds of impacts.

Then comes its low profile style that is useful for both the front and back of your lower body as well as prevents thigh injuries. Anatomical padding means the shorts have specific area padding which are sensitive, such as buttocks or thighs. In addition, the shorts have an ergonomic body design for perfect fit to enhance the comfort of the user.

The shorts have straps for tightening or loosening the waist; in my opinion, one should wear a bit of snug-fit shorts because they allow you to move independently while running a skateboard and prevent irritation. Whereas other padded shorts are thick with big foams, which trigger sweating and allergy on the lower body, such shorts block the airflow with pads, and the body releases excessive sweat, which irritates. However, it has a breathable body with sweat-absorbing abilities to prevent moisture, frustration, and allergy.

  • Hand wash
  • Long service life
  • Comfy experience
  • Only for men

Some padded shorts are only for winter because if you use them in summer, they leave allergy marks because of heat and sweating. This one is for all seasons as it has mesh fabric with silky experience and cozy pads for winter. Anyhow, the best padded shorts for skateboarding are in front of you; purchase them as soon as possible because they are selling like hotdogs.

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Buying Guide

People who do not focus on the factors and features of the best padded shorts for skateboarding should possess and purchase unsuitable wear. It not only wastes your money but also risks your safety, so instead of using padded shorts mindlessly, first, investigate the features one should see in it. Here are the must-have features of padded shorts in detail.


The most important role play in the padded shorts is the pads; they should have a thick body with a soft and comfy material. The pads should not resist the airflow and provide a cozy sensation in winter or cold times. The pads should have impact-absorbing and shock-resisting abilities to prevent injuries and scratches on the skin.

Furthermore, the pads in the shorts should provide more coverage; in my opinion, one should use the shorts from the belly to the knee so your maximum lower body area is prevented from accidents. The last is the padding on specific areas, such as the buttocks or knees, where chances of injury can change situations into major life-threatening risks.


The best shorts are made of breathable fabric to eliminate the barriers to airflow resistance. Basically, if the fabric is not breathable, it causes excessive sweating and skin allergy. Therefore, one should use breathable shorts to avoid such problems and play without hesitation.


One should focus on the motion of the body while wearing the padded shorts because some of them have too thick pads, which cause disturbance during motion. The best padded lower body wear should provide maximum flexibility and enhance body motion so one can ride the skateboard independently.


This factor is also essential for best padded shorts because if the fabric is non-washable, one cannot use shorts more than 2 to 3 times. It will waste money, and in case they wash such padded shorts, the material may tear apart. That’s why one should always purchase washable shorts so he can use them for years.


The padded shorts should have a versatile design with reliable material; it is for all kinds of users, male and female, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced level skateboarders. The reliable shorts are for all conditions in summer or winter; they provide the same performance.


How should padded shorts fit?

Padded shorts should not be too tight or extra loose fitting; otherwise, one cannot skateboard while wearing such shorts. The perfect size for the waist is a bit snug fitting that neither leaves marks on your skin nor causes trouble while running the skateboard.

What are padded shorts used for?

The padded shorts are used for sports such as bike racing, skateboarding, snowboarding, football, basketball, and so on. They are also useful for other activities such as running, hiking, and weightlifting. People who suffer from lower body injuries or pains use padded shorts for safety and assistance.

What are impact protection shorts for skating?

The impact protection shorts are to prevent injuries in case of falling on the ground while running the skateboard. It keeps your thighs, buttocks, and hips safe in case of accidents and calamities. One should always wear skateboard padded shorts for impact resistance before going to the skating ramp.

Is it better to skate in pants or shorts?

It is up to you whether you use a skateboard in pants or shorts. If you use pants, they provide more protection from belly to feet. Plus, pants are abrasion-resistant, but they are not flexible and cause excessive sweating. One can move freely and have less sweating in shorts, but shorts may be dangerous.

What kind of shorts do skaters wear?

There are no specific dress code instructions for the skaters, so skaters can wear according to their personal choice. Well, the majority of the skaters wear baggy or knee-length shorts. Padded shorts can be worn under the baggy shorts.

Final Words

Skateboarding is one of the emerging sports in the United States, and within a few years, it will be the most popular street game. The reason why it is emerging this much faster is because it is more entertaining and risky for the skater.

If you want to stay fit and fine while skateboarding, then follow the safety measures and never ignore the importance of padded shorts for skateboarding, as they are lifesaving wear designed for dangerous sports like skateboarding. A slight mistake can cause great trouble, and some bucks worth of padded shorts can eliminate chances of that great trouble. So do not overthink and purchase one of the best padded shorts for skateboarding from the list provided above; if you are still confused, see my two favorite shorts;

  1. Triple Eight Bumsaver Skate, has a mesh fabric with a smooth surface and allows you to remove pads to install new ones; the shorts provide a universal fit.
  2. McDavid MD7414, offers a long service life and is made of soft material polyester, which is washable; it possesses a strap to adjust waist size as well as two cup pockets with a maximum storage limit.

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