Can You Get A DUI On A Skateboard? Skateboarding Laws You Should Know

Many skaters ask me to answer can you get a DUI on a skateboard? I always focus on the things that don’t rush into when you are drunk. The drunken drivers create lots of messy stuff on the road, whether they drive a car or a skateboard. In most cases, people get charged with public intoxication by the Police.

However, you should keep your mind clear that your vehicle license or insurance won’t be affected by the mentioned charges. After detailed research about the related laws in major countries, we concluded that you might get a DUI charge if you possess an electric skateboard. Similarly, the DUI law implies it is on you if you have a motorized skateboard.

Can You Get A DUI On A Skateboard?

Well, the simple and to-the-point answer to this question is “NO”. However, getting a DUI on a skateboard may depend upon your state, province, or local law enforcement institutions as it is a dangerous sport/activity and you can easily get hurt special when you are a beginner. When we talk in general, Police don’t generate DUI for a skateboard, but it also depends upon the area you are riding.

Skateboard as an Automobile?

A vehicle can move, propel, and be drawn along a highway with proper engine power. However, a human-powered device that doesn’t use motors or a device that tracks or rails with human energy or power is not considered a vehicle.

With that differentiation, you can make clear that a skateboard will never get a DUI because of vehicle rule limitations. However, possessing a skateboard with a motor or one powered by electricity may put you in a DUI.

A skateboard’s use isn’t governed by regulations of the Vehicle Code. Nevertheless, don’t think that you aren’t liable for serious consequences. Operating your skateboard under the influence of alcohol or drugs may also lead you to face public intoxication charges or other severe results.

Skateboarding as a Dangerous Sport?

The skateboard is a non-restrictive device with no controllable stand or handles. Thus, riding your board on rough or bumpy terrain can result in serious injuries. Over 65,000 injured individuals are admitted to emergency rooms yearly due to skating.

The most hazardous conditions are when you’re skating while intoxicated by alcohol. In this scenario, you may not be able to maintain your balance, and you won’t be able to navigate the streets or get rid of pedestals. Therefore, it’s highly likely that you will suffer serious head, knee, elbows, or facial injuries if struck with a sharp object.

Illegal Skateboarding

There are several illegal skateboard practices most of the youth love nowadays.

Drinking in Public

Skateboarding is an enjoyable sport for kids, youngsters, and numerous adults. If your skateboard is electric and you’re drinking, or under the influence, you could be accused of DUI on your skateboard. The reason is that motorized vehicles are subject to DUI.

Riding in a Restricted Area

Laws are different for every state regarding restricted area skateboard riding. However, if you are riding skateboards in restricted areas and are arrested by Police, things can worsen. You could be detained for a few hours or demand fines according to state laws.

Additionally, roads are often damaged, rough, bumpy, and under construction in restricted zones. If you drive through these areas, you could fall off your balance or be struck by obstacles. So, we recommend you to stay safe by not riding in these areas and avoid breaking the law.

Electric or Motor Skateboard

Skateboarding is a great sport for every age person. However, if the skateboard you use is electric and you’re drunk or under the influence, you could be accused of DUI. You should clear your mind clear that motorized vehicles are subject to DUI. To avoid getting stuck in the situation by not using an electric skateboard.

Penalties in DUI

Penalties may be different for different countries and states. However, we have generalized the penalties after getting data from different states of America. We have concluded the penalties as three tiers. License suspension, Fines, and Prison time are the major three categories of penalties.

License Suspension

License suspension is a type of penalty you may face for a DUI. If you break the rules regularly, your vehicle license may be suspended for several periods. The period can be long, from months to years, depending on the frequency. We have generalized the data from different states of America and formed an average value of penalties. The period for suspension is given below;

  • If you get a DUI for the first time, your license may get canceled for 6 months.
  • If you break the rule and face a DUI for the second time, the suspension period may exceed two years.
  • Similarly, the third time of the offense may lead your license to get canceled for three years.

The penalties and suspension time are calculated based on Californian law, but major states follow similar rules their state. Anything more than three to four years may lead you to face a lifetime vehicle license suspension under the DUI.


Like the Vehicle License suspension, financial fines are another form of DUI. Fines also differ from the other DUIs from state to state. However, a proper valuation of average fines is hard, but there are different readings to determine the minimum level. First DUI usually ranges from $750 to $1800, depending on the accident intensity. However, over the first accident, the amount may go way high.

Prison Time

Prison time is the extensive form of the DUI penalty, and you can face jail if the damages become severe. States have centralized but different punishments for the offense. The first DUI offense is categorized as a misdemeanor in most states. The first offense can lead you to face from 5 days to a maximum of six months in jail.

Additionally, the second and third times of the normal offense may lead you to a minimum of 10 days and 60 days, respectively. However, the honorable judge determines the maximum period, but that shouldn’t increase the 1-year mark.

After that, the third category comes with a person who injures someone or kills someone on the road. The punishment for the offense can lead you to face several years in jail. However, State law determines the offense and its penalties.

Other Consequences

You may face some other consequences besides DUI. You can lose your insurance contract. Similarly, the insurance company would increase the price of your insurance. Besides this, you may lose your driving-related job after the penalty. The victim may also sue you for the injuries and other financial losses.

Don’t Panic If You Are Detained

The act of skateboarding when you are under the influence is not a crime, but public intoxication can be. Public intoxication means the possibility of spending the night in prison.

However, this isn’t the only thing that differs between states. In certain states, you’ll be charged $300 but in other states, it leads you to prison time like driving in a car. However, the limitation remains with the motor or electric skateboards.

The penalties are equally serious with motorized and electric skateboards, and we have already discussed them in detail in this article. But, every state in the United States can write its laws and guidelines in the same situations. However, what should you do if you get caught by the Police? Here are our recommendations.

  • Don’t run if the Police call you to stop. Running from the spot creates doubts in the Cops’ minds.
  • Don’t panic and act like a normal person. We recommend you never to try the tricks in these situations. This is because Policemen have more experience tackling the situation and know the traits.
  • Answering the questions with confidence is the thing we recommend the most.
  • We recommend you answer the questions correctly because trying to dodge the cops may lead you to a severe issue.
  • If the Police ask for an alcohol test, don’t hesitate to give the samples. Similarly, if you are sure that you’re under the influence of any drug or alcohol-related substances, you should take the test and give it to the Police.


  • What penalty will I face for a DUI?

Although the penalties may differ from state to state, the common penalties for a DUI are Fines, Driving License suspension, and even prison time.

  • How much will I have to spend in jail for the first DUI?

As I have mentioned, the time differs from state to state, but you should keep a minimum of five days and a maximum of 6 months in prison for the first DUI.

  • Can I ride on a skateboard drunk?

We don’t recommend you for such things because Police stop the skaters in the restricted areas and impose different penalties if found drunk. The penalties vary from public intoxication to jail or fine. (Depending on your skateboard type)


Most of the skaters question, can you get a DUI on a skateboard? The answer becomes quite simple with the help of this article. The reason is that we played our role to gather the knowledge you should know about the DUI and the DUI on a skateboard. You might get a DUI on a skateboard but with the limitation of an electric one or one with a motor.


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