Can You Skate In Converse? Debunking The Myth

Many skateboarders have shifted their interest to converse in recent years. Nevertheless, the fact that people think it’s different from Nike is hysterical. Since Converse has been a subsidiary of Nike for almost ten decades, which made shoes for skating in particular. Converse is an American company that designs, manufactures, and distributes shoes specifically for skating.

Therefore, there’s no doubt that you can skate in Converse. It’s not surprising that these are among the best shoes considered for the gym, sports, and skateboarding. So don’t get pressured by the opposing views. However, some people believe that Converse is not the best choice for skating. In this article, you will find out if can you skate in Converse or not.

Can You Skate in Converse?

My answer to this question is “YES” You can skate wearing Converse. I feel comfortable in Converse while not only skating but also running. The reason I shifted myself from joggers to Converse is its flat rubber sole. I was worried about the ventilation at first, but those two little holes on the sides are the savior. So, I would suggest grabbing a pair of Converse for skating without any doubt. Today I will clear all the ambiguities about skating in Converse. Keep up the spirit and move forward with this article.

What Makes Converse Good for Skating

Why skateboarders love to wear Converse is apparent by its style. The Converse is the perfect choice for skateboarding because it fulfills the skating requirements. Let me show you the other reasons why you can skate in Converse.

Foot Position

The fact that Converse has a flat sole makes it a perfect choice for skating. Skaters are always searching for something flat, so they can have their feet positioned properly with the board. I love to feel the skateboard and Converse helps me do so. The thin surface can make you sense the movement of the deck. Hence, you can align yourself with a skateboard well. That is a perfect way to identify your moves. Skateboarding is much more fun in Converse. I have found several reviews in favor of this leveled soul. I would say that people love it for having a such soul.

Reduces Ground Reaction Force

The extra cushioning provided by Converse diminishes the ground reaction. When you are doing the carving, you are pushing yourself against the wall. That is when the wall is applying a reverse force on you. The foam absorbs the extra force and your feet don’t get tired at all. Additionally, the bumpy and uneven rides of skateboarding do not come directly in contact with the feet so you stay balanced. You don’t hop with the lumpy surface. One can say that the cushioning also acts as a shock absorbent. It doesn’t let those ups and downs reach your body. That’s what makes it particular for skateboarding.

Grips the Toes and Feet

There’s more about the converse. A properly fitting shoe can make skateboarding way easier than you think. The less cushioning and flat sole provide decent space for your toes to fit in. Skaters are happy with the amount of grip it gives to the toe. Some of the Converse shoes such as Converse CONS have a rubber toe cover, giving extra protection to that area.

Imagine while skating, your feet feel congested. No one would want that of course. Holding to the ground requires a precisely fit shoe, and the Converse is the best example of it.

Ankle Support

Without mentioning the ankle support, the discussion can’t be completed. Converse has three styles as usual.

  • The low top
  • Mid-top
  • High top

Each of these has its specialty. Most skaters go for the high-top Converse. The reason is that it supports additional support to your ankle. Losing control and falling is the fundamental necessity of learning skateboarding. I am sure nobody likes to bruise his ankle. Similarly, the low and mid-top are also useful while doing tricks. It is for those who feel congested on high-top. This gives an open and airy touch to skating.

So yeah, you can skate in Converse. I am a huge fan of this feature of Converse shoes. Love how it empowers skating. It vibes like a motivation to learn skating.

Flexible Rubber Soul

In Addition to the above phenomenal feature, we can’t ignore the feature of the flexible rubber sole. The durability and flexibility make it a part of skating. The manufacturers have joined their heads together to bring out the idea of using the rubber sole. This makes it unique and special for skating.

There are many reviews about the softness of Converse. Moreover, this protects from bruises and torn-offs while skating. Skating becomes easy and convenient with Converse.

In short, it is lightweight, durable, and long-lasting which makes it a perfect match for skating.

Converse are made for skating and therefore many skaters rely on them. The increasing trend indicates how many people are big fans of it. Therefore, if you are thinking of switching to Converse, you must try it.

With positives come negatives. Some people out there dislike something about the Converse. Let’s not close our eyes to it and give it a read.

Dislikes on Converse

The most common comment about Converse is that the rubbers rip off after some tricks. They start to wear down earlier than one can expect. Some have also complained about the toes of the shoes ripping off.

Converse can be expensive. Especially considering its life, some people are not happy with its performance. They expect the life to last a few years, but regret, that the shoe life is not more than a few months.

The flat sole also annoys some people. They find it grinding. The pressure of the whole body is on the feet. While skating, when every move is pressing your feet, the flat soul may not be a good idea. Especially the old ones and heavy people don’t like this part.


  • Is Converse a skate brand?

Converse was previously a subsidiary of Nike, which was specifically built for skating. The brand produces skating shoes that are famous worldwide.

  • What makes a shoe a skate shoe?

The standard for skate shoes is to have a good grip, softness, and reliability. Flat soles are preferred for a better experience of skating. Converse shoes are the best fit for skating.

  • Why does Converse have holes on the sides?

Those holes are there to provide some ventilation to the foot. Especially making it more breathable when you wear it sock-less. In addition, these holes also help in lacing the shoe such that it gives more grip.

Final Thoughts

Everyone doesn’t need to have the same point of view about the converse. No one can deny the fact that Converse is specifically designed for skating. The Converse is widely trusted for skating across the world. The brand has everything in particular that a skateboarder may need. There can be different views about shoes. However, a majority support the convenience it provides for skating.


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