5 Best Skateboards For Dogs In 2024 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Skating is a challenging sport for newbies, and with that said, imagine how difficult it would be for your dog. But the right skateboard will reduce their struggle and help them skate unrealistically and proficiently. The best skateboards for dogs are for breeds, weight, dimensions, and other considerable factors, and of course, not all are the same. Hence, you need to think about what would be suitable for your four-legged companion.

Introduce your furry friends to the skateboards that are made for dogs. These are cruisers with soft wheels and stable decks. These skateboards come with different dynamics that help four-legged skaters enjoy a comfortable and safe ride on different pavements. I know that finding a suitable option for your pet would be challenging, especially when you’re doing it for the first time. That’s why I have recommended some best skating boards for dogs below to mitigate your effort.

Best Skateboards For Dogs

1. Kryptonics Stubby Skateboard For Dogs

Kryptonics Stubby skateboard for dogs

The Kryptonics Stubby skateboard is the first product on this list that is considered topmost for dogs because of its thickness. It comes with a 19-inch wide deck that is made of hardcore seven-ply maple wood, which is not only strong and sturdy but is equally resilient to most external factors. The best thing about wooden decks is that they are durable, rustproof, waterproof, and maneuverable.

At the base of the Kryptonics Stubby skateboard, there are a couple of polyurethane wheels that are super lightweight and smooth. The PU wheels are headers in the skating industry for delivering the smoothest and most comfortable rides. Braking or stopping the deck is not an easy job for dogs, but the PU wheels will make the task easier. The wheels and deck are connected by high-quality metallic trucks and carbon steel ABEC bearings, which boast excellence in terms of performance, durability, and high stability.

The wideness of the Kryptonics Stubby skateboard doesn’t mean bulkiness. Let me correct you! This skateboard is pretty compact, lightweight, and maneuverable, which makes it a great choice. The deck of this skateboard is wide enough that it can accommodate a four-legged skater effortlessly. This skateboard is not heavy and is assembled precisely. Overall, the Kryptonics Stubby skateboard is durable, stable, and easily manageable for pets.

Sky’s the limit with the Kryptonics Stubby skateboard because it is perfect for all dog breeds. It is designed to support more than 110 lbs. weight and deliver the most convenient and comfortable riding experience ever. Its design, construction, stability, and overall usability make it a perfect option for dogs.

  • Branded
  • Wide deck
  • Great build quality
  • Promising weight-holding capacity
  • Scratch-able top coating

The Kryptonics Stubby skateboard is the foremost product for your pet because of its wide deck, high maneuverability, lightweight profile, durable deck, and promising weight-carrying capacity. However, the top coating will rub off if your dog scratches the deck with its paws.

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2. Popsport Skateboard For Dogs

Popsport mini skateboard for dogs

The Popsport is another topmost skateboard that has a 19-inch deck, which is wide enough for your dog to ride on without compromising comfort. The best thing about this deck is its construction quality as it is made of 7-ply maple wood that is surrounded by hard-core grip tape that increases the stiffness and makes the deck more resistant and durable. Overall, the deck of Popsport skateboard will keep your dog’s paws as snug as a bug in a rug.

When buying a skateboard for dogs, you have to notice the weight-carrying capacity and tally it with the weight of your dog. That’s very important; otherwise, a skateboard that cannot hold your dog firmly is pointless, right? In this sequence, the Popsport is my top recommendation for big dogs like German Shepherds or Bernese Mountain dogs because it can carry more than 440 lbs.

Skateboards are of various kinds like longboards, cruisers, mini boards, electric boards, and conventional skateboards, where the cruisers are best suited for dogs. This is because cruiser skateboards like Popsport have directional shapes, responsive trucks, and smooth and soft wheels that make riding effortlessly comfortable and reliable. This skateboard is also good for light flips, tricks, and transitions. If your dog has a good know-how of skating, the Popsport cruiser board will be perfect.

While considering the ergonomic design of the Popsport skateboard, I must say that it can be handled by all level four-legged skaters easily: beginners, or pros. It is very easygoing and can be run on most surfaces. The best thing about the Popsport skateboard is that it is a complete skateboard and comes fully assembled. It means you don’t have to buy anything separately or spend additional time, money, or effort on finding and assembling trucks, bearings, kingpins, or other parts for your dog’s skateboard.

  • Versatile
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Affordable
  • High-weight holding capacity
  • Limited variants

The thing that makes Popsport an inclusion in the list of best skateboards for dogs is its incredible weight-carrying capacity. Alongside that, it is made of high-quality materials and has a durable and stable riding deck, smooth wheels, and more, which will ultimately benefit and make skating easier for your dog.

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3. Eggboards The Original Skateboard

Eggboards Mini Longboard

The Eggboards skateboard is another front-line product in today’s market under the category of best skateboards for dogs for many reasons; let’s discuss. When buying a skateboard for your furry friend, the build quality is something you shouldn’t skip. This is because it determines multiple other factors like durability, strength, traction, stability, and so forth. Likewise, the Eggboards skateboard is made of bamboo material that is extremely strong and stable and will prevent your dog from accidental happenings.

The bamboo Eggboards skateboard is best suited for dogs who just started learning to skate. But why is that so? This is because the skateboard is lightweight and maneuverable which makes handling easier and quicker for dogs. It is not difficult to roam around different surfaces using this skateboard, and the best part is that this board doesn’t need an ample amount of effort and time. Even if your dog is new to skating, it will learn to skate with this top-class deck within a few days.

Skateboards are not just meant to be parked in your garage, they are a way of commuting and can be transported along with you in a car’s trunk. You can get the skateboard along with you and help your pet roam around different sites. But that is only possible with lightweight and portable skateboards like Eggboards which can be commuted easily.

A wobbling skateboard is unsafe for furry skaters, especially the ones who are learning. Avoid such risks in the first place because any accidental happening will result in fear for a lifetime in your dog and consequently, it might never skate again. Likewise, it is superior to get a skateboard that is assembled nicely and delivers a smooth, comfortable, and stable riding experience. Safety always comes first and luckily Eggboards understands this so they launched this highly stable skateboard that has reduced the risk of accidental happenings to zero.

  • Travel-friendly
  • Highly stable
  • Long-lasting
  • Not for rough use

The Eggboards skateboard is every pet’s favorite because it is lightweight, highly stable, and portable. Dogs can travel along with this skateboard everywhere. It is also travel-friendly, so leave it in your car’s trunk, so that your furry friend will explore the recreational sites, beaches, mountains, and more.

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4. Magneto Kicktail Skateboard

Magneto Longboard Skateboard

The Magneto skateboard is among the best skateboards for dogs because it is 44 inches in size. It is one of the widest skateboards in today’s market that gives plenty of surfaces where your dog can stand comfortably and enjoy the ride. Not only that, but the deck is made of superior quality materials that stand stiff against external impact-causing factors including harsh weather conditions, and make the skateboard suitable for various environments.

You can’t buy separate skateboards for commuting, cruising, street skating, beach skating, or more for your dog. In this sequence, a versatile skateboard like Magneto Kicktail makes sense and is suitable for various kinds of skating. This skateboard is designed by furry skaters and is inspired by the culture of skating in California. It comes with a surfing design and is composed of natural materials that not only look decent but also are very resilient and durable.

The Magneto Kicktail skateboard comes with 78 A soft wheels which are best suited for cruising. There are two kinds of wheels, mainly hard wheels, and soft wheels, where the hard wheels are for comfortable, smooth, and straight rides. Conversely, the soft wheels are lightweight and maneuverable and are designed for cruising, low to medium flips and tricks, and other stunts. As far as skateboards for dogs are concerned, there is no better choice than soft wheel cruisers like the Magneto Kicktail skateboard.

Skateboards are not something to be added to your pet’s monthly grocery list; not only because of money but also because it takes time and effort for your furry partner to get used to a skateboard. In this sequence, you should get a durable skateboard like Magneto Kicktail for your dog which lasts for a long time. Alongside that, it is suggested to take good care of the skateboard and always store it in a clean and dry place to elongate its shelf life.

  • Made by professional skaters
  • Versatile
  • Durable and strong
  • Not for learners

The Magneto Kicktail skateboard is made of high-quality materials and it is perfect for cruising. It is based on soft wheels that are lightweight, maneuverable, and fast running. The brand is owned by professional skaters who get inspiration from the California skating culture and have designed the best series for dogs.

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5. Magneto Bamboo Skateboards

Magneto Bamboo Skateboard

straightforward design. It is super easy to handle and ride, even for learner pets, which makes it a perfect pick. While that doesn’t mean any limitations, even if your dog has good know-how of skating, it can ride this skateboard. The best thing about this skateboard is that it requires minimum maintenance.

The Magneto skateboard follows composite construction as it is made of multiple materials including bamboo and carbon fiber. Both of these materials are extraordinarily lightweight and mobile, which is the reason why the Magneto skateboard runs so fast, especially on smooth surfaces. Dogs will not need to put a lot of effort into this deck because it is light and easygoing. Also, the Magneto skateboard is travel-friendly; you can carry it in the car easily and make your furry companion enjoy recreational sites, beaches, or hill stations.

However, the only drawback is that the bamboo skateboards are not for rough use as the edges start cracking. Therefore, it is recommended for dogs who won’t scratch or hit the deck with their paws. If you get this Magneto skateboard, please take good care of it and always store it in a clean and dry place; keep it away from moisture and dampening conditions to elevate its shelf life.

  • Branded
  • Excellent customer service
  • Looks decent
  • Composite construction
  • Wood starts cracking from the edges

The Magneto skateboard is best suited for dogs who want to learn skating. This is because it is extremely lightweight, maneuverable, and portable.

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Skateboards For Dogs Buying Guide

Skateboards for dogs buyer guide

Holding Capacity

When buying a skateboard for dogs, you have to notice the weight-holding capacity and match it with the weight of your dog. That’s the crucial and non-skippable thing; otherwise, a skateboard that cannot hold your dog firmly is not a reliable option. You can find the weight holding capacity of each product in its description section and for more details please feel free to contact the manufacturer. In my opinion, the Popsport skateboard is best for bigger dogs like Shepherd because it can hold more than 440 lbs.


Secondly, the deck is a significant component of the skateboard as this is where your dog will be standing throughout the ride. To check the deck, you need to see the material choice as it determines multiple other factors like durability, strength, traction, stability, and so forth. In this sequence, I prefer skateboards with bamboo decks because these decks are not only robust but lightweight and mobile and won’t require significant effort by dogs to run. The maple wood decks are also reliable for their stability and durability.


The base of the skateboard is supported by wheels on which the deck runs. In this sense, you need to check the type and material of the skateboard wheels. I found the polyurethane wheels excellent for dogs because they are super lightweight and smooth. The PU wheels are headers in the race of best skateboard wheels for dogs for delivering the smoothest and most comfortable rides, and the best thing about these wheels is that they are easier for brakes. Even if your dog has just started learning skating, he will easily stop the deck with PU wheels.


The skateboard has many components like a deck, wheels, trucks, bearings, kingpins, and more, and the product comes in both conditions: fully assembled or separate parts. Among both, the complete skateboard that comes fully assembled is no less than a relief because it will not let you buy anything separately or spend additional time, money, or effort on finding and assembling parts of the skateboard. A complete skateboard is a ready-to-ride option for your dog.


An unstable or wobbling skateboard is unsafe for dogs. Prevent your pet from accidental happenings, and always get a skateboard that is assembled nicely and delivers a smooth, comfortable, and stable riding experience to your furry friend. Safety comes first! Get the best skateboard for dogs that understand this phrase and offer excellent stability with minimum risk of accidental happenings.


What should I consider when buying the best skateboards for dogs?

When buying the best skateboards for dogs, you need to check the build quality, safety, stability, assemblage, and many other factors. As a basic idea, the skateboard with a wide deck, soft wheels, and kicktail design is best suited for dogs because it will not require an ample amount of effort to run, will stop easily, and offers a smooth and comfortable ride to your four-legged friend.

Which brand is best in the skating industry?

Bravo is the top-notch brand for selling skateboards in the market for introducing PU wheels, wooden decks, and innovative and advanced skating boards that will make skating smooth, effortless, quick, and reliable. The PU wheels are best suited for dogs, and the addition of a lightweight deck over these wheels makes the experience overall reliable and safe for your pet. That’s why I prefer Bravo skateboards when buying one for my dog.

Is it difficult to assemble the skateboard at home?

Yes! It is hard to assemble the parts of a skateboard precisely at home and even a small mistake can enroll you and your dog into unsafe or accidental happenings. To get rid of that, always get a ready-to-ride skateboard for your dog that comes fully assembled.

The Bottom Line

When buying the best skateboard for dogs, the surface area of the deck is the basic idea that comes to mind as your four-legged friend can’t ride comfortably on a narrow deck. So you should get wider skateboards. But it’s not that straightforward, you have to choose between different materials, styles, types of wheels, brands, and more. Here is a summary of my favorite products:

  • Kryptonics Stubby skateboard because it is branded, wide, offers promising weight holding capacity and is made of high-quality materials.
  • Popsport skateboard because it is versatile, comes fully assembled, is affordable, and has a lightweight profile.
  • Eggboards skateboard because it is travel-friendly, highly stable, and long-lasting.

That’s all for the best skateboards for dogs! In short, never compromise on the quality, stability, and safety when buying the skating board for your pet, and always tally your pet’s weight with the carrying capacity of the skateboard. Cruisers with kicktail design, PU wheels, and lightweight deck that comes fully assembled, in a nutshell, are great for furry skaters.


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