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Do you want to switch to roller skating from conventional skateboarding? Do you like trying new things out? That’s awesome! Because you are not acting strange. Many people are already doing them out there.

Roller skating is a lot more fun than skateboarding. It’s easier to learn and convenient to carry anywhere. Why not use the skateboard things on roller skates? Can you put skateboard wheels on roller skates? These are the commonly asked questions by new skate rollers. Let us tell you that you are not going wrong in any way. Rather, you have landed on the right page. Let me show you how.

Can You Put Skateboard Wheel on Roller Skates?

Generally speaking. Yes! You can put the skateboard wheels on roller skates. Roller skate wheels are much similar to skateboard wheels. Therefore, can be used in each other’s place. Many roller skates have the same bearings, diameter, and core spacing as that skateboard wheels.

Let me be very clear that doing this is not dangerous at all. However, you have to keep some aspects in mind. For example, checking the diameter and width of the wheel before putting them on. Using the wrong wheels is no less than a headache. Usually, 55mm-65mm diameter and 30mm-35mm wide wheels can be worth well for roller skates. Before getting into the procedure, let’s get a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages of using skateboard wheels.

  • The skateboard wheels on roller skates can save some money. You can do both with the same wheels on.
  • You can get a good variety of skateboard wheels. Using the skateboard wheels, you can customize your roller skates. You can get them in different colors, sizes, and shapes.
  • Skateboard wheels are much strong and more durable than roller skate wheels. Therefore, these can be helpful to ride on concrete. They will not wear out easily.
  • Skateboard wheels can withstand many tricks. If you want to do tricks with roller skates, then using skateboard wheels on them is a pretty good idea.
  • Skateboard wheels are usually wider and heavier. This adds to the total weight of the roller skates. Making it far more difficult than it actually is. Therefore using skateboard wheels on roller skates is not necessarily fine every time.
  • You can feel the loss of control. Those who are not used to skateboarding will find it a bit uncomfortable. Roller skate wheels are there for a reason.
  • People complain about the gripping issue with skateboard wheels. Roller wheels offer more grip in particular. Using skateboard wheels can cause you instability sometimes.

Now you know that using skateboard wheels in place of roller skate wheels can be both a good and bad idea. Every good thing comes with some negatives. However, you can still use them if you learn to deal with grips and stability. Let us not waste a minute and look at the installation process.

Installation Process

  1. Check the Diameter and Width

The foremost step toward the installation process is to check whether the wheels are suitable for your roller skates or not. As I have mentioned earlier, the diameter and width matter. If the diameter fits the range of 55-65mm, then you are perfectly fine to go. The same goes for the width.

  1. The Bearing Check

The bearings can be a little problem. Not all bearings can fit your rollers in general. There are two different diameters of the roller’s axle. The 8mm are just like a normal axle, and any skateboard bearing can fit in them. On the other hand, the 7mm axle needs a specific bearing, built only for them. Therefore, check those bearings they are important.

  1. Remove the Wheels

Finally, you are stepping into the main part. Try a screwdriver to loosen the nuts and gently pop them out. Be careful, we don’t want you to end up hurting yourself.

  1. Put Bearings on the Wheels

Next, you need to put the bearings on the wheels. You can use a bearing presser to put them inside the wheel. Otherwise, you can use your hands as well. Note that there are two bearings required per wheel. So in total, you need 16 bearings for a pair of roller skates.

Double-check the correct installation of bearings inside the wheel. You will feel turbulence if they are not properly inserted.

  1. Place Wheels on Axle

Place the wheels on the axle and then check again. They should be smoothly rotating around the axle. Proper fitting is important. Put the washer first, and then put the wheels on. Finally, tighten the nut on the outer edge.

To decently fix the wheels, tighten the nut such that you can’t move the wheels anymore. Then rotate the nut in a counterclockwise direction to a quarter or 90 degrees. Then you will be freely moving the wheels

  1. A Test Drive

Before going on an actual ride, give a test drive with the wheels on. The wheels should not be too tight or too loose. Keep checking until you feel perfectly comfortable with them. This was it.

That was all about the installation process. Now you have a general idea about what it is like to use the skateboard wheels, and how to do it. However, that’s not it. You should know what the key differences between them are. Let us move on to the next section to find that out.

Differences in skateboard and Roller Skate’s wheels

  1. The first difference is the bearing placement. Skateboard bearings are set in the center of the wheels. However, the bearings of roller skates are set on the side of the wheels.
  2. The second is the diameter of the wheels. The wheels of a skateboard are generally 75mm to 110mm wide. The roller skate wheels on the other hand are 72mm to 80mm in diameter.
  3. Even though the axle of both the skateboard and the roller skates is the same, the wheels have different sizes.

You must be clear about the usage of skateboard wheels on a roller skate. There is another commonly asked question that I can’t leave unanswered. It goes like this; can you put longboard wheels on a skateboard? Let’s see if it is possible or not.

Can You Put Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard?

The short answer is yes. You can use the longboard wheels on a casual skateboard if they are lesser than or equal to 70mm in diameter. Using a half-inch riser pad is also required in some cases. The wheels failing to fulfill these conditions can cause wheel bite and won’t work perfectly.

Just like the roller wheels, let us see what are the positives and negatives of using longboard wheels on a skateboard.


  1. Great for Cruising

Longboards and their wheels are specifically designed for cruising. Having wheels of a longboard on a skateboard, you can take advantage of a longboard on a general skateboard. For example, covering long distances and cruising around the city.


  1. Harder and Strong

The longboards can work on rough surfaces well. Therefore, cruising on the rough concrete asphalts feels a lot smoother. The wheels also act as shock absorbers because of their soft nature.


  1. Holds the Speed

Using longboard wheels will require a little effort to gain speed. Once set, they will hold the momentum well and you will be able to cover long distances without pushing. Resulting in less effort and more fun.



  1. Increased Height

A normal skateboard requires riser pads to install the longboard wheels. This increases the height. It is harder to maintain balance on lifted wheels. Therefore, you will have to spend a good time balancing yourself. Additionally, lifted-up wheels will diminish some of the tricks such as flip tricks.

  1. Wheel-bite

Wheel bite is a common problem with longboard wheels on a skateboard. Even if you manage to escape the wheel bites in normal conditions, it is going to happen during turns. You can learn to kick turn to reduce this problem.

  1. Hard Time Doing Tricks

With increased height, even doing an Ollie will be difficult. Power slides and flip tricks are also challenging in this condition. Therefore, it is not suitable to change the wheels every time.

This is the time to know about the installation process. It is a little different from putting skateboard wheels on roller skates. I will add here the necessary details.

Installation Process

  1. Removing the Trucks

Since we need to add the riser pad, we have to remove the trucks from the board. For this, use a 3/8 socket or the required skate tool. Put the screwdriver’s head on the bolt present on the upper side (the grip tape) of the board. Unscrew the nut of the truck. Do this for all the nuts of the truck and remove them.

  1. Add the Riser Pads

Replace the existing hardware with half-inch riser pads, and 1.5inches bolts. Insert the bolts from the grip-tape side, and attach the riser pad to it. This height is generally sufficient for 70mm diameter wheels.

  1. Attach the Trucks

Put the trucks over the bolts and added riser pads. Add the nuts to tighten up the bolts. Make sure to properly screw it up such that it does not move from its place. The stability of trucks is necessary.

  1. Attach the Wheels

The last step is to put the wheels on the axle. Before that, make sure to insert the bearings inside the wheels. Add bearings to all the wheels. Put the wheels on the axle and tighten up the bolts. Add washers where required. This completes the process.

You are good to go for a test drive. Make sure that the wheels are inserted properly. They should not be too loose and too tight to ride. Before you go out to cruise in the city, give it a ride inside the house. Usually, the wheelbase is not much high and causes the wheel bite. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you while riding in town. Check for the clearance too. Enough clearance is necessary for sliding. In a try or two, you will have a clear idea about its works.


  • Can you put any wheels on the roller skates?

Generally no. you cannot use any wheels on a skateboard. Every roller wheels are different in size, shape, and dia. If the criteria match then you can use those wheels on roller skates.

  • Can you put cruising wheels on a skateboard?

Yes! cruiser wheels can be used on a skateboard. If the diameter and width match your skateboard standards, it is a good idea.

  • Are skateboard and longboard wheels the same?

Longboard wheels are softer and wider than normal skateboard wheels. wheels not more than 70mm in diameter can be placed on skateboards.

Final Words

Trying different wheels on your skateboard or roller skates can add various advantages to your skating. Having skateboard wheels on roller skates, you can cruise on concrete and do tricks. Similarly, using longboard wheels on skateboards, you can enjoy a long time cruising in the town.

In the article, we got our answer to “can you put skateboard wheels on roller skates”. In fact, it was adventurous to find out that you can put them on. At the same time, the downsides are not hidden from you anymore. So grab on the skateboard wheels and try them on your roller skates. Don’t be shy to rock and roll around the city.


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