8 Best Surf Skateboards in 2024: Tested & Reviewed By Experts

Skateboard surfing is a sports cum leisure activity where the rider has to maintain his body position, stability, and speed moving forward. It needs continuous practice first on land before jumping into the water waves. In this review article, you will get detailed information about the best surf skateboards that are available on the market.

Different types of skateboards are available according to the level of riders: beginners, medium, and pro. It would be challenging to recognize which surf skateboard suits you if you are also a beginner. Don’t worry; my team has done comprehensive research for you. To date, we tested over 50 surf skateboards and filtered a list of the 8 most durable surf skateboards. So let’s dive right into it and read the reviews.

Best Surf Skateboards in 2024

1. Boilgon Carver Skateboard

Boilgon Carver surf skateboard

Boilgon is one of the best brands in surf skating. It is a featured product for beginners who have difficulty balancing their bodies. It comes with a 29-inch long body steadiest board I have. Its deck is not long enough, but its 17-inch wheelbase is wide enough to retain me stable. Moreover, this attribute also helps me to balance my body during carving.

The other feature that I like most about Boilgon skateboard is its trucks. The pair of trucks have the potential for 110-degree rotation with which I can take sharp turns and easy pumping. This skateboard is equally helpful for all ages. You can train a six-year-old child through this skateboard. Along with this, the Boilgon skateboard can also be used by a heavyweight person, and it has a 220 lbs capacity to carry a person.

Another factor I like about this skateboard is its assembled packaging style in which various parts are firmly mounted. It only weighs 6 lbs, a charming feature for young riders who cannot carry heavyweight skateboards of other brands.

  • An excellent option for carving and sharp turning.
  • Equally useful for beginners and professionals
  • It is equipped with a custom ride; you can easily loosen or tighten trucks to attain your desired riding style.
  • It is made of a bit thin material, and the graphics are not attractive

I mark it as the top-rated skateboard for beginners. It is the steadiest board to maintain your balance and enable you to turn and pump. It is the best trainer skateboard choice for all ages regardless of weight. Moreover, it is flexible, dynamic, and user-friendly.


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2. Carver Surf Skateboard for Beginners

ZYPBF Cruiser Skateboard

Carver is the pioneer brand having a place in the global skateboard ranking in making skateboards for the novice. It is the oldest brand in the market, having a name in high-quality decks and surf truck manufacturing.

This brand has two features of products because many newbies like it very much. It has two carver trucks, the C7, and the CX.

Now I will explain my different experiences using these skateboard trucks.

C7 Carver Stakeboard  

C7 trucks have more adjustability than other trucks. It provides an easy pumping and smooth turn experience. The Carver C7 system best suits those with zero experience in skateboarding, fitted with an adjustable spring and rotatory arm that makes the fluid flow quickly and your surfing experience enjoyable.

  • C7 is perfect for beginners to take the start
  • The truck of c7 provides stability for the novice
  • Its truck is reliable in the bowl
  • Non-noticeable cons are there


CX Carver Skateboard 

CX Carver skateboard is for those having little experience in skateboard surfing. The cx carver system has bushes and a small radius which help take sharp turns and maintain stability while surfing.

However, It is a bit rigid system with a problematic rotation angle, but it is manageable and needs more practice to become a pro for advanced-level skateboarding.

  • It is appropriate for absolute beginners
  • It is perfect for those who want maximum stability
  • No downside is present in the skateboard yet

In short, it is one of the best-rated carver surf skateboards for beginners and learners. It is the first brand that introduced the boarding experience to riders. It is packed with two types of trucks – the CX and the C7. Also, it is the best two-in-one solution for an aggressive and smooth surfing style.

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3. Yow Surf Skate skateboard

Yow Complete Surf Skateboard

Yow skateboard is one of the best-selling surf skate for beginners in skateboard surfing. It has a loose truck coil spring adapter. Because of that, you can make your body movement steadiest and retain stability like on a shortboard. So, it is ranked as one of the best trainer state boards.

According to my experience with Yow skateboarding, I would like to share that if you are pretty new to surfboarding, it is a bit challenging for you to retain stability with Yow surfing in parks and needs more practice for pumping.

Moreover yow skateboard comes in two versions, s4, and s5, each with unique features. The S4 is used for entirely new surfing learners with a low-pressure riding capacity. The S5 has a rigid turning ability and is appropriate for high-pressure fluid and powerful riders.

  • Attractive board designs with an artistic look
  • No need for assembling .it has a pre-built skateboard equipped with the necessary parts
  • Due to a loose truck adapter, Less control of the upper body during sharp turns

Yow skateboard is yet another best surf skateboard for performance surfing. It has a loose truck adapter that allows you to make quick turns and pretty feelings like on a shortboard. So, the yow skateboard is the best for practicing the sharpest turns during surfing.

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4. Slide Surf Skateboard

Slide Surfskate

Slide skateboard is versatile in features and diversified in its working. It is a quality skateboard powered by a well-performing surf truck.

One of its distinct features is its versatility in daily surfing, carving on waves, whatever type of surfboard like a single fin, hybrid, and fishtail.

It comes at a reasonable price compared to other skateboards with similar specifications and performance.

If we look at the slide skateboard concerning performance, it is worth describing that the slide skateboard works on low riding and is pumpable more efficiently than any other surf skate on the market. Thus, the slide is a favorite option for the novice as It provides an opportunity to learn carving and pumping on waves to make the newbies professional.

The slide surf skateboard is appropriate for pool riding, wave surfing, fluid carving, and pumping. The skateboard’s attributes are due to its stable and adjustable control.

  • Affordable ranges
  • The best option for those who want to start surfing is taking to the bowl
  • It has various selling shapes
  • It provides extra stability
  • A little heavier than other skateboards
  • The deck size is a bit long, 33″, and not fit to get squirrely on broader fields

Slide skateboards are famous for training purposes and are durable in efficiency. In short, it is one of the best surf skateboards for beginners on the market, equipped with all the capabilities that a rider needs to surf and develop our skills gradually with time.

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5. Hamboard Long Deck Skateboard

Hamboard Long Deck Surfskate

This skateboard has long decks and looks like a longboard. The advantage of a longboard is that you can attain pumpable stability of your body and feet while surfing on a wave. It is my favorite skateboard. I have used it for training since my first day.

Another feature I like the most about the Ham board is its spring-fitted trucks that provide a wonderful experience of fluid flowing while surfing. Spring torsion has been established in such a way as to make your surfing safe on the large deck to less feel any disequilibrium during Surfing practice.

The design of the built-in HST truck has a 200 mm RKP along with a 28-degree turn to sustain the pressure during sharp turns and quick carves. Moreover, this truck system has a hanger, base plate, pivot cup, and strong and sturdy spring torsion mechanism.

One of the prominent features of the Hamboard skateboard is its quick turning and fantastic moving while surfing on the wave and even in classic surfing.

  • It has a firm foot grip even if you are bare feet
  • HST acts both as a front and back truck
  • It is a Longboard fit for a surf trainer
  • The deck has no noticeable tail for pavement, so it creates an obstacle in turning around and speeds up the surfing process.
  • The stability and balancing factor may be affected by the increase in speed.

If you have some experience with a longboard and want to practice skateboarding, Hamboard is a classic surf brand. It is the best surf skateboard for beginners, with a deck larger than other skateboards to maintain stability during surfing. It is also fitted with the spring torsion truck system, giving similar feelings of riding as on large boards. Thus, Hamboard is the best choice for those who want smooth turning and classic surf carving.

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6. Jucker Hawaii Skateboard

Jucker Hawaii Original Longboard

Jucker Hawaii surf skateboard is one of the top brands I prefer for surfing practice. This skateboard features those who are enthusiastic about taking quick and sharp turns. This skateboard is strong enough to be powered by a rugged surf truck. The rugged is a complete surf truck exactly present in carver CX to push and pump your board more comfortably from a static position to pick up speed like surf-style carving.

One of its best features that are usually lacking in all other skateboards mentioned above is stability. The Jucker Hawaii skateboard doesn’t lose at high speed. Due to this attractive feature, most trainers opt for this skateboard for learning purposes.

Another feature I like about this skateboard is its usage for distance pumping. Its strong front bushing presents the same style of surfing that a surfer can experience at the start of learning surfing.

  • Suitable both for beginners and pro riders
  • Soft wheels and high-quality, sturdy bearings for a smooth ride.
  • A durable deck with charming designs.
  • It has a good-quality deck, wheels, and trucks for a smooth ride.
  • Excellent value for money
  • it is not for those having no passion for sliding

The Jucker Hawaii is one the best surf skateboard for beginners who want to learn turns smoothly. It is the best skateboard for those who want to take the start sharp turns. They are good for controlled surfing, practicing bodyweight distribution, maintaining stability and back foot turning, and many more.

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7. Flow Deck Skateboard

Flow Surf Skate

It is one of the best surf skateboards with matchless versatility and an adjustable truck. The spring portion provides you with an easy ride. It is helpful for surf skateboard riders of all capability levels and ages.

Moreover, this sea-inspired skateboard provides a relishing surfing experience even on any landscape. One of its charming features is model swell 33, which has an expansive Deck to maintain your body position.

With the help of its long classic cruiser, you can retain stability at a higher speed. Also, flow deck truck technology makes pumping and carving smooth.

  • Flawless manufacturing provides you with smooth riding and pumping
  • It has an efficient fluid turn capacity
  • Affordable skateboard with remarkable durability
  • Few complaints about its components not being assembled.

The flow deck skateboard is the perfect and best surf skateboard for beginners who want to imitate the feeling of riding on the waves. It has a reliable truck spring system used for pumping and carving. Due to the two components of spring and trucks, it is a better choice for long time performance.

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8. Loaded Carver Skateboard

Loaded Surf Skateboard

 The loaded carver skateboard provides great forces to make your surfing experience wonderful. The joined forces of laded carver are commonly known as the loaded carver Bolsa. The surf skateboard is the best choice for surf training and free ride freestyle in parks, streets, and bowls for surf commuting.

The Bolsa is packed together with the necessary tools for surfing. These necessities are the best for carving, surf training, and pumping. It is equipped with high-quality and advanced technology-loaded carver trucks, wheels, and decks to make your riding experience freestyle. However, the professional and hardcore surfers feel some difficulty in loaded way curves as it reduces the free movement of feet. So, if you are a beginner and want to love pumping, carving, sliding, and hopping, this is the best option to opt for the loaded carver skateboard.

  • 31″ long and suitable for surfers of all levels
  • It has a perfect nose kick for tricks and a right kicktail
  • The deck shape is compatible with the Carver surf truck from concave to kicktail and nose.
  • The best option for deep-style carving, surf commuting, pumping, and easy sliding.
  • Not suitable for aggressive carving because of the thin deck width.

Last, the loaded Carver skateboard is the best surf skateboard for freestyle riding. It is specifically designed for beginners who want to learn sharp turns in freestyle.

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Surf Skateboard Buying Guide

There are a lot of features to keep in mind while buying a surfing skateboard. It is challenging for beginners to select the best surfing skateboard for themselves.

Just elegant colors and designs are not enough to buy a skateboard. It requires comprehensive research and thinks the primary tool for effective surfing.

The market has various types of skateboards for each level of riding. It is a challenging task for newbies who want to practice surfing .they are unaware of the focused features of skateboarding and need special knowledge and information about the skateboard that is compatible with their passion at the initial level. I have compiled a list of the most necessary factors you must know before buying a skateboard for surfing, making this choice process easy. Let’s have a look around.

Truck System

The truck system is a vital feature to remember while purchasing a skateboard. It has different types, accessories, and tightness levels. Let’s discuss each briefly: 

  • Types of the Truck System 

There are two types of truck systems. One is spring-based, and the other is bushing-based trucks. A spring-type truck is most effective and responsive than a bushing type. For a beginner, the spring type is well-suited.

  • Essential Accessories

The trucks Surf skateboards are available with attachments necessary for the rider to take turns sharply and precisely.

Its living example is a waterborne adapter, making a perfect surfing board with a turning radius of 360 degrees to move in any direction the rider wants.

  • Tightness Level

The tightness level of a truck on a skateboard is adjustable and under control. To make your ride more stable, you can adjust the tightness according to your expertise, from beginners to pro surfers.

Deck System

The Deck system is versatile and differentiated based on size, weight, wheelbase, and shape. Let’s discuss it one by one:

  • Weight Bearing Capacity

The weight-handling capacity of a deck depends on its composition. Many skateboards can bear heavy weight, up to 220 lbs. Depending on your weight, the materials used for a strong deck include Canadian maple wood, bamboo veneer, and walnut veneer.

  • Size

The perfect size of the deck makes your surf skating sustaining and durable. These come in different sizes depending on the rider’s expertise, age, and height. The choice of a suitable deck mainly depends on the rider’s height.

If your height is 175 to 193cm, you can opt for a deck of 32 to 35 inches long. Similarly, if you stand 150 to 182 cm, you can use the deck from 27 to 32 inches. But typically, the average standard size for beginners is to choose to be 32 inches.

In the same way, the width of the deck also matters a lot in surf rides. I suggest looking for a deck with enough space to stand and cover your feet thoroughly. The average deck width chosen by most skateboarders is 8 inches, making them look easy, secure, and comfortable while skateboarding.

  • Shape 

The shape of the deck matters a lot in the choice of a skateboard. Always remember that the form of the deck is compatible with your surfing style. Before choosing a deck, acknowledge the level of your skateboard surfing.

If you feel comfortable with a longboard, go with the large-size decks. In the same way, if you are fond of sharp turns, fish-shaped must be your priority.

  • Wheelbase

The stability and precision of your skateboard depend on the wheelbase. If your deck has short wheels, you can make right turns but are problematic instability. In contrast, if you choose a longer wheelbase, you can attain more stability but a wrong and wide turning angle.

Wheels Selection

Always choose soft wheels if you want stability in skateboard surfing. If you select hard wheels, you may attain the fast speed required for sliding, but you cannot gain the strength necessary for newbies.


If you want meticulous precision in sharp turns and gain maximum speed to make your surfing thrilling, you need to use a quality bearing set. To your satisfaction, these are available in various cores like ABEC5, ABEC 7, ABEC 9, or ABEC 11.


What are good skateboards for beginners?

Yes, there are plenty of good surf skateboards available for beginners. However, there are some key factors to consider before selecting a skateboard. These factors comprised the rider’s age, size, level, and riding style. If these factors meet the new rider’s requirements, the surf skateboard is excellent and compatible with beginners.

How do surf skateboards help with surfing?

Surf skateboards do help with surfing based on some attributes that are absent in ordinary boards. Those features are present in the form of decks and trucks. When they work together, they imitate the feeling of riding a wave board on water waves. However, the surf skateboard is present on the earth.

What are the criteria for choosing the skateboard size?

The perfect size of the skateboard depends on your riding style. If you take sharp turns and cutbacks, go with a 28 to 35-inch deck length. In the same way, if you like big turns, move towards the deck length of 30 inches or above.

Another attribute to consider checking skateboard size is your height. If you are tall to 150 to 181 cm, pick 27 to 32 inches deck length. Similarly, if you are from 175 to 203cm, the perfect size for your deck will range from 32 to 39 inches.

Are all skateboards the same size?

Most skateboards are the same in length, but the major difference lies in the width of the skateboards.


This briefly described review about the best surf skateboard is very helpful for beginners. It facilitates your choosing the right product. Now you can customize your skateboard experience according to your requirements and expertise. It will also make your leisure activity engaging. Among the best surf skateboard for beginners mentioned above, the best ones that I would strongly recommend are the following:

  • Smooth star skateboard
  • Carver skateboard
  • Yow skateboard

Selecting the best surf skateboards will be easy enough if you know exactly the requirements you want according to your surfing style. So, first, go through the essential attributes you need, then make a wise decision for yourself as it will save your hard-earned money and surfing experience.


Hi, I'm Mazahir. I love traveling, sports and adventure. I’m constantly trying to learn new skills and specifically skateboarding skills. And reviewing skateboarding products is one of my favorite hobbies. You can follow me to get connected and if you have any questions.